Monday, November 29, 2010

CM PRESS # 332


Hey, that's profiling and it's also racism, er, breedism.  If you're going to treat Pit bulls this way, then you have to treat all other dogs the same way. Remember, all dogs bleed red blood.

And, remember, if you let people know that you think different breeds of dogs are different from other breeds, these people might conclude that different varieties of flowers are different from other flowers and this might also lead them to think that different races of people are different from other races.

Why, they might start thinking that genes matter.
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List shows 35 % of homes for sale in Costa Mesa are distressed.
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No Mention of Legal Status of People Living in Garage With No Bathroom

Here are the relevant facts from the above linked story: The people in this story are Latino. They don't speak English. They live in a garage with no bathroom. They have no work.  They are being propped up by a Church from a different area.

Sounds like Costa Mesa, but this story is from Santa Ana.

We don't think anyone likes to hear about hungry children living in such circumstances, but the world is full of similar situations. 

If you and your family fell on hard times, you'd probably also need help. But wouldn't you try to move to  where you could be self-reliant again?  Would you stay in a garage with no bathroom?  If you were from another country, wouldn't you maybe move back there where you would be among family and friends who might be able to help you?

Look, this is the way it is throughout nature.  If a water hole dries up, the animals that use it will move to a new water hole; unless someone delivers water every day to the old water hole.  By artificially propping up those using the old water hole by delivering water every day, the natural corrective actions that are required when things change (and things always change) aren't taken and there are negative consequences for other animals.

Underpinning our traditional American way of life is the often unspoken belief that we must all be responsible for ourselves.  This means we must take care of ourselves, we must be self-reliant, we must do our best for ourselves.  When you have most of the population following this belief, the country as a whole prospers. There are few slackers. Everyone is pulling their own weight.

And, yes, there are those who do try to be responsible for themselves who have some bad breaks and need help.  But, in a society based on the traditional American way of life, with the belief in being responsible for oneself, the percentages of those needing help are relatively low. 

But, when you have a large part of the population not having those beliefs, you see what we're seeing in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana and in many other places: a growing welfare state and a growing local government that is expected to do everything for everyone.

To be clear, most of us are, by nature, kind and compassionate.  But, shouldn't we focus our kindness and compassion on our own people who have fallen on hard times instead of on people who come here from other countries and who often then game the system and play on our heartstrings and demand that we take care of them?
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Iran claims U.S. and Israel behind this killing and another attack that led to injuries. Unlike bombers who blow themselves up, the bombs used in these two attacks were placed on cars by motorcyclists who then escaped.
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  1. Your point about pit bulls is well taken brother. Size makes a difference, genetics make a difference, politics make a difference, money makes a difference, handicaps make a difference, and on and on. Human beings within the same race differ. There is no such thing as one size fitting all. That's why the word 'racist' is so meaningless and ignorant.


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