Thursday, November 4, 2010

CM PRESS # 307


On October 27, the Costa Mesa Fire Fighters P.A.C. I.D. # 930647 spent   $1,087.50 on "street signs," opposing Jim Righeimer. Click on the first 496 below.

Also on October 27, the Costa Mesa Police Officers Association IEC, I.D. # 1322533 spent $12, 122.72 for a "Mailer," supporting Wendy Leece. Click on the second 496 below.

And, again on October 27, Costa Mesa First I.D. # 1332564 spent $ 1,300 on signs for Wendy Leece.   Click on the third 496 below.

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IN WENDY, WE DON'T TRUST--Not anymore.

Look, suppose I come to you and ask you for something.  You then say, sure, you'll give me what I want but I have to promise to do or not do something.   I do so promise.Then, when it seems I'm going to break my promise to you, you call me on the phone and remind me of my promise.  Next, I run to the Daily Pilot and whine that I'm being intimidated.

Folks, that's the essential story of Wendy Leece breaking her promise to the GOP.

Some of us believe that if you give your word on something, you keep it.  Wendy apparently doesn't believe in that way. She would rather make a big public show about putting "In God We Trust" on a wall in city hall and getting her picture in the paper.

Oh, and just to be clear, the fact that Wendy's promise was to the local GOP isn't relevant.  What is relevant is that she went back on her word. 

What else will she promise and then not do?

In addition, some Improvers think that Wendy is working against the improvement of the Westside.  Not only does she apparently support some of the charities on the Westside that are acting as magnets for illegal aliens, but she received a donation from one of the industrial firms that has been fighting the overlay from the start.
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She thinks the negative campaign waged by the cop union took the cake for negative campaigning.

She's right.  Now, many citizens of Costa Mesa don't trust the cops and they also don't trust Wendy Leece.

We're going to post some more campaign disclosures about Leece and the cops later today.  Lots of money seems to have been spent on behalf of Wendy the day after she voted to give our city away to the unions.
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...that even after all the mud and all the money thrown against him, Jim Righeimer still got more votes than anyone else running for the City Council this year.  He got 987 more votes than incumbent Wendy Leece and 1597 more votes than Chris McEvoy. The election wasn't even close.

So, the out of town unions wasted more than $150,000 trying to defeat Righeimer.

Imagine what that $ 150,000 could have done for the kids of Costa Mesa instead of being wasted on mudslinging.

Don't these out of town union types and their local groupies and suckups keep telling us how much they care for Costa Mesa?  Of course, if you're half-bright, you know that's baloney and you don't buy that PR crap for a minute.  It just doesn't comport with human nature.
The truth is that the out of town union types don't care any more about the kids or people in this city than Costa Mesans care about the kids or people in some city in which we don't live.  

It's just human nature to care more about the city in which you and your family live than a city in which you just work.

California Law

In California, cities can't require employees to live in the city for which they work.  We think this is a lousy law.

In Boston, ALL employees of Boston are required to live in Boston.  This ensures that the employees actually have to live in the same conditions as the people that pay them.  Needless to say, Boston's city employees really do care about the people of Boston. It's in their self-interest to do so.

Boston also regularly checks to make sure city employees aren't using phony addresses in the city or that any have secretly moved away.  If any out of towners are discovered working for the city, they are fired.
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Katrina Foley is apparently considering trying to stay on the City Council and also serve on the School Board. LINK

She also runs her own business and is involved in various other things.

She also has young children.

The last time we checked, Ms. Foley  has the same number of hours in each day as the rest of us.

We wonder if some day Ms. Foley is going to look back at her then grown children and realize she put too much time in things that really weren't as important as spending time with her kids.

And, we wonder if the citizens of Costa Mesa will get fed up with Ms. Foley trying to divide her time between the City Council and the School Board (if she tries to serve on both) and having to recuse herself from many votes on both bodies because of conflicts.

Frankly, we think Foley already does a lousy, half-assed job just on the City Council. We don't think she's fully prepared much of the time, isn't clear on the real impact of many of the things that come before the Council and wastes a lot of our time pushing her pre-packaged, ultra-liberal city wrecking agenda.

What's with you Foley?  Are you so insecure that you need to feel important (you're not, so get used to it) by trying to do too much?  And is the too much you're doing, really just unimportant busy work in the longer view of things?
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Those are our opinions.  Thanks for reading them.

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  1. 2 great articles for your readers that they must read to understand this election- 1 by Bill Lobdell in the Pilot and the other by Barbara Venezia in the OC Register. Check them out.



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