Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CM PRESS # 313

Semper Fi! 
2nd Marine Division
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This is a good addition to the Courtyards and might help create the type of synergy that many of us would like to see in that gateway area to the Westside.

Now, if the Courtyards would just get rid of those speedbumps....
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We went to Lions Park today around noon. We saw about 50, presumably homeless people, in the large open shelter, receiving what looked like Spanish rice on small paper plates. Everything seemed orderly and we didn't see any trash being thrown around.

One thing we did note, and we've been seeing more of this lately, is that many homeless people had apparently arrived on bicycles.

Most of the bicycles we saw had backpacks, sleeping bags and other items tied to them. We don't know if this is a new phenomenon or not, but we did find it interesting. We immediately thought of how some in local government are pushing to spend tons of money on new bike trails in the city.  We're sure the homeless folks will thank them.

(Note: Above is a stock photo, and is not of any bikes we saw today.  The bike in the stock photo is actually packed a little more intensely than the ones we saw, but it would fit right in.)
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I was called a white supremacist again the other day by one of the usual low I.Q. lefties whose mouth is bigger than his brain and who apparently doesn't understand that words have meanings. 

Usually I don't bother with bigots like this, but since I was already thinking of writing a national column on the subject, I'll put a shorter version of it here:-

A white supremacist is one who believes in white supremacy. This is defined by Wikipedia as: White supremacy is the belief, and promotion of the belief, that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds.

I checked many definitions of the term and the above is fairly representative. None of the definitions I've seen, including the one above, fit what I believe.

Thus, by definition, I can't be a white supremacist.

Thinking one type of organism or one type of human is across the board "superior" to others is not in accord with reality and with the way life adapts and evolves. Superior? At what? 

But this begs the question about what I do believe. Here it is in brief (to keep from boring you, I'll keep this mercifully short--but be aware that I've written books and hundreds of columns about these things):

GENERALLY: I believe in the ways of existence.

THIS MEANS (in part): I believe in what is called cosmic evolution. That is, that change is the only constant in the universe including on Earth. This includes changes in organisms, including humans.

EVEN MORE SPECIFICALLY: I believe that DNA (and the genes that are part of DNA) is the major determinant of the way life "IS," on Earth and that all life on Earth evolved from the forces that formed that first molecule of DNA which has expanded, changed, mutated, branched off, evolved all life on Earth.  This is a natural process and  is never ending as DNA automatically and endlessly "tries" to fill all of existence with itself.

If you've ever scratched your head when you've seen science articles about humans being this or that percentage the same as apes, or rats, or flies, or even bananas, you needn't wonder about it. The reason we share so much with all other living organisms is because we all came from  that first molecule of DNA that crossed the threshold from so-called non-living matter to living matter.

DNA is DNA no matter what organism it is in. The only difference is in the shuffle of the billions of combinations of the four chemicals that make up DNA.

Now, should any readers  not already be completely bored with what I believe, and want more information on how I see the above playing out in various ways, you can always buy my books (available on and elsewhere) or read my many columns that are all over the Internet.

I've written many thousands of words that flow naturally from the above brief statements of my beliefs.

Again, I think what I believe would bore most people who read the CM PRESS, so I'm not really pushing anyone to read my stuff.

But, I write to be read. If I didn't, I'd just keep a private diary.

Anytime someone takes a position on anything, there will be those who will disagree and there will be haters and bigots who will crawl out from under their rocks to spew their hatred with personal attacks. 

We have a few of those haters and bigots in Costa Mesa.  You'll often recognize a few of them as the serial name callers--a pathetic, effete and impotent lot--posting comments at the DAILY PILOT.  They're like the Comic Book guy on the Simpsons; but not as bright or as good looking. 
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Link to article about the liberal gene

In CM PRESS # 311 we wrote about the increasing number of homeless people (also illegal aliens) flocking to Costa Mesa as a result of the charity magnets that are giving them freebies and making them comfortable here.

Here's a comment we received from a reader about this:

Anonymous said...
Oh, my. You mean there are actually organizations that are giving out food to people who would otherwise go hungry? How terrible. The charities are not the problem. What do you think the real problem is?

November 10, 2010 4:47:00 AM PST
The CM PRESS answers Anonymous:  The world is full of hungry organisms of all types, including people.  It is in the nature of living things that they will go to where they can get food.

In human terms, an over concentration of free food and free services in an area is how skid rows and slums are born.

It is not the responsibility of the citizens of Costa Mesa to feed all the hungry humans on the planet and turn our city into a skid row. In the long run this helps no one and harms the citizens of the city.

Many citizens now can't use Lions Park or the downtown library as a result of misplaced compassion. The Westside is full of gangs, illegal aliens and crime, also largely because of misplaced compassion.

We have churches coming to Costa Mesa from South County to feed the ever growing number of people who want free food and we have many charities here giving out all sorts of free services. 

Maybe these fine out of town church people can get together with one of our own fine local church ladies--Wendy Leece--and transport the people who need these freebies down to South County.

[Photo above of people waiting for free food in a skid row--not in Costa Mesa--but similar to what you'll see at feeding stations in Costa Mesa.  Doubt it?  Go to Lions Park at feeding time.]
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  1. Martin, you would be shocked to know how many people in Costa Mesa agree with you on all counts today. People withhold their agreement for fear of ostracism. They like to read your blog, but fear making any kind of comments because there are so many outspoken lefties who think you are the Devil incarnate. Unlike others, I enjoy all points of view, but I really appreciate the courage you display in writing about otherwise taboo subjects. It proves you are braver than the "average bear".

    These same folks are really proud of their White heritage, just like Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and Native Americans are proud of their heritage. That doesn't make anybody a racist or a "white supremacist". People who think otherwise are the true bigots in our society. They are the ones who should be outcast.

    The homeless should not be fed in our city parks. Our parks are intended for the use of taxpaying families and children. I have no problem with charities feeding the homeless. However, they should be feeding them inside their churches, or in the gullies where they sleep. They should not be fed in public gathering places. Actually South County does sound like the best place of all because there is a lot of open space where such groups could gather. Doing a service for one group (the homeless), at the expense of another group (the taxpaying public), cancels out the whole idea of "helping others". The net effect equals zero!

    As for the bike trails you wrote about yesterday, they are a total waste of city funds. The percentage of the population using those trails are probably way less than a half of one percent of the city population. Why are we wasting so much money on so few people? That's an example of government inefficiency at it's finest. I would prefer to see those funds used to set up a homeless camp (but somewhere out in the boonies). That money would be better spent in helping others, and at the same time, cleaning up Lions Park. That would be a win-win situation for everybody concerned.

  2. Thank you for noting when you use a stock photo and going out of your way to place it in the proper context. It is the responsible thing to do and it is appreciated.


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