Monday, April 30, 2012

CM PRESS # 843


The result:  Two dead burglars.  Be sure to read the comments after the above linked article.

Semper Fi!
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MINISTER FARRAKHAN: "So to hell with you if we want to vote for a brother [Obama] because he is black, that's our business. It's an honor for us to vote for one of our own kind."

We couldn't agree more.

And, freedom means being able to make such choices based on any criteria one believes is important.

 This also applies to White people, among whom too many seem to have forgotten that we'd be better off with someone in the White House who is one of our own kind--so long as they aren't one of those pitiful Good Whites who have had their brains pithed to the point that they deny their own existence as a distinct people and who run from their own natural and most essential identity.
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Not Lions Park, but...

The City Council will discuss removing the picnic shelter at their regularly scheduled City Council meeting tomorrow night.  We expect that the Council will vote to take this step.
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

CM PRESS # 842


We've seen comments recently from some of the usual lefties who claim that moves to improve Costa Mesa will result in our city becoming as sterile as Irvine.

We don't think so, and that's not something that we, or any of the Improvers who we know, want or support.

What most of us do want is to improve parts of the city that are chasing away upwardly mobile people.  To do this, we need to encourage changes in our downscale areas that will make them more attractive (but not sterile), that will lower crime, that will increase the student scores in the schools and which will make them magnets for upwardly mobile people.

In some cases, this means thinning out the functionally obsolete apartment buildings that are serving as safe havens for criminals.  We support doing this by having the city buying up some of these buildings on the open market--one here and one there--and replacing them with much needed parking or pocket parks.

We're 100% opposed to the Irvinization of Costa Mesa, but we're also 100% opposed to the Santa Anaization of our city. The reality is that if we don't work to improve the city, we're going to continue on a downward spiral which is what happens if you don't put forth effort.

It takes no effort to let a city become a  slum city.  All you have to do is do nothing.
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The major false idea afoot in our present Dark Age is that all human groups (aka races or subspecies of humans) are the same.

Because so many people have internalized this false idea to the point that they are unable, in their own minds, to even question this false idea, they come up with all sorts of excuses and rationales for human differences that never involve the real reason: genetic differences.

The fact is that different human races are as different from each other as are different breeds of dogs different from each other and as different varieties of  apples are different from each other.

With the above in mind, HERE'S another of the many columns that constantly pop up in the DAILY PILOT about the "failing schools" in the NMUSD. 

Note that the schools are not failing in Newport Beach.  Not a single one is failing. Yet, eleven schools in Costa Mesa are failing. Same district, different town.  Must be those sea breezes in Newport that makes the difference, right?  Or, maybe the NMUSD has sneakily put the best teachers in the best school buildings with the best books in Newport.

As soon as such articles appear, the usual characters come up with all the expected PC  false rationales to explain the differences between the schools in the two cities.

The one thing they usually don't mention is that most of the students in the Newport schools are White and most of the students in the Costa Mesa schools are Mexican- Hispanic. And, this is the real reason that Newport has no failing schools and Costa Mesa has eleven.

Now, human differences have to be seen with statistics rather than being based on individuals.  This is so, because there are individuals in every race/ethnicity who don't fit into the statistical pattern.  We should all know this, but those who refuse to recognize the statistical differences will point to, say, a White guy who can jump and play basketball as "proof" that it just takes proper training or better coaching to be a good basketball player.  Of course, they're wrong. That good White player is outside the usual statistics for Whites.

Be sure to read the letters following the DAILY PILOT column to see the nonsense from those who claim that the problem in Costa Mesa is the teachers or the administrators.  This is stupid.  The problem is the students.  It's a demographic problem, and Costa Mesa's schools are not going to get better student scores until the City of Costa Mesa starts attracting more upwardly mobile young White familes back to the city.

The truth is that the White students in Costa Mesa do as well  or as poorly as the White students in Newport Beach and everywhere else in the country.  Why is that?  Because that's the way nature has made them.

And, Mexican-Hispanic students in Costa Mesa are on a par with Mexican-Hispanic students across the nation.  Black students in Costa Mesa are on a par with Black students across the nation.  Asian students in Costa Mesa are on a par with Asian students across the nation.   

Nature doesn't conform to PC human ideas.
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Eight Arrested at CMPD Checkpoint Last Night

The CMPD ran a DUI/Drivers License checkpoint last night at Harbor Boulevard/Peterson Place between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. 

Here are the statistics:

2,434  Vehicles through the checkpoint
298     Vehicles Screened
7          DUI-Alcohol suspects arrested
1          DUI-Drug impaired suspect arrested
6          Drivers cited/arrested for operating a vehicle unlicensed or while suspended/revoked
3          Citations issued

One motorist was arrested for an outstanding warrant.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

CM PRESS # 841


Israel was afraid the story would harm relations with U.S. Christians.
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(And why in 2012, Hollywood has to go to Canada to find a "U.S. city" that looks the way many U.S. cities looked just a few years ago.)

Here's a statement full of lies that too many Americans believed when Senator Ted Kennedy said it back in 1965...

First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. [Lie #1] Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same….[Lie #2] Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset….[Lie #3] Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area,[Lie #4] or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia….[Lie #5] In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think….[Lie #6] The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants.[Lie #7] It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society.[Lie #8] It will not relax the standards of admission.[Lie #9] It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.[Lie #10]
-Senator Ted Kennedy, speaking to the Senate regarding the introduction of the Immigration Act of 1965 

Trust your eyes and use your common sense. Can you now see that Kennedy was lying? Ted is now dead, but these kinds of lies live on and are still being spread by lefties.
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Are cooler heads starting to prevail in Israel?

Last week, the head of Israel's military said that Ahmadinejad had been misquoted and that he hadn't said that Iran was going to destroy Israel.
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Yup.  We think it's good advice.

 Long time readers of the CM PRESS may remember that several years ago we wrote that Costa
Mesa should eliminate the Costa Mesa Sanitary District and the Mesa Consolidated Water District.

We felt then, and we feel now, that they're a waste of money. They're mini-governments with their own bureaucracies and these bureaucracies aren't needed.

In Costa Mesa, we have a City Council of five members that runs the city.  We also have a Sanitary District that has an elected body of five members.  Ditto the Water District.

The City Council could handle all three functions and we could eliminate the duplication of elected bodies and all the expense involved.
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by H. Millard (c) 2012

A few years ago, the U.S.Kennewick Man - clay reconstruction Secretary of the Interior  cheerily agreed to let five American Indian tribes have the remains of the Kennewick Man, so they could bury these remains in a proper Indian ritual.

The problem is that the Kennewick Man was probably a white guy and not an Indian. 

His skull isn't an Indian skull at all, but is the kind of skull that white people have. 

The problem is a PC one.  You see, the Indians want to believe that they were the first people on this continent. However, Kennewick Man--a regular paleface, honest Injun--was hanging around in America 9,000 years ago; long before any evil white people were supposed to have been here. 

The remains were found near the Columbia River in Washington state, and apparently there weren't even any Indians around there until about 3,000 years ago. So, 6,000 years before the Indians  showed up, there was at least one white guy already here.

The Kennewick Man is one of those inconvenient things that pop up every so often that cuts the legs out from various PC dogmatic truths. 

Suddenly, the Indians who have been claiming a moral high ground because "they were here first," have a rival. And, the rival may have been a white guy! "Oh, no, please don't let him have been a white guy," seems to have been the cry from the white haters in our nation. "Hurry and bury him, so the Indians can retain their moral high ground."

So, although scientists want to do more testing on the remains to prove the Kennewick Man's genetic origin, the white haters won't allow it.

An interesting thing about the Kennewick Man is that the reconstruction of his head, done from his skull, bears a striking resemblance to the actor Patrick Stewart who plays Capt. Piccard of the Starship Enterprise. In fact, the resemblance is so close that one is hard pressed to tell one from the other.

Perhaps we need to look at Stewart's family tree to see if any of his ancestors disappeared from Europe while on a boat trip about 9,000 years ago, and maybe the remains should be given to Stewart to bury in Europe in a proper pre-Christian European ritual.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

CM PRESS # 840

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Here's a press release we just received from the City.

Peter Naghavi, the city’s Economic Development Director/Deputy Chief Executive Officer, will also oversee Development Services beginning May 7.

Naghavi’s new title will be Economic and Development Services Director/Deputy CEO.

Khanh Nguyen, who served as interim Development Services Director for the past year, had recently requested to serve again as the City’s Building Official.

“I want to thank Khanh for serving during a challenging time and for his extra efforts in guiding the Development Services Department,” said Tom Hatch, the City’s Chief Executive Officer.

By eliminating the Development Services Director position, the city will save more than $225,000 annually.

Naghavi, who will receive no additional salary, will concentrate on several key initiations, including:

  • Increased focus on economic development;
  • Internal recruitment for assistant Development Services director;
  • Updating the City’s General Plan;
  • Overseeing several large development projects in the works;
  • Planning for the significant financial impact to the City due to state raids on redevelopment funding;
  • Overseeing stepped up Code Enforcement and appropriately regulating drug and alcohol rehab facilities;
 You may recall that some time ago, the CM PRESS suggested that Naghavi should be given several jobs to save money.  

We made that suggestion after watching Naghavi for several years.  The guy seems to work all the time and it was difficult for us to go anyplace in the City and not bump into Naghavi overseeing something or other.

Hell, if you have a workaholic on staff--keep him happy by keeping him busy.

Naghavi also has a long institutional memory and  knows where all the fuse boxes are located.  
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Chilling article about Obama's enemies list.
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 Al-Sadr is the guy we told you to keep an eye on in Iraq. He's described in the above linked article as a powerful cleric. He may be, but, he still hasn't obtained the rank of Ayatollah. 

 However, notice in the photos with the above article that he's dressed exactly as an Ayatollah or even a Grand Ayatollah and that he's doing things that usually come with those ranks. 

 Note also that the article says al-Sadr has been spending his time in Islamic studies in Iran. 

 Our guess from these hints is that al-Sadr's elevation to Ayatollah may be imminent.

 It seems that al-Sadr's visit to Kurdistan is to build support for his positions and himself, and this must be causing some heart burn among the puppets that the U.S. has installed in Iraq. 

 When al-Sadr becomes an Ayatollah, he'll really give the puppets problems. This is so, because he'll still be young and full of the activism of youth, unlike most Ayatollahs who are older and less inclined to do risky things. And, of course, al-Sadr is no friend of the policies that the U.S. has been pushing over the past decade in the region.

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by H. Millard (c) 2012

There's been much talk in the press lately about the Argentine Ant. Now, if you live in California anywhere from San Francisco to San Diego you're familiar with this little dark-brown ant. They're everywhere. (In fact, one is walking across my desk as I type this). 

Recently, there's been some research on the Argentine Ant by researchers who wanted to know the secret of their dominance of the ant world all along the west coast. 

Must have something to do with their diversity, right? Wrong! Surprise! It appears that all the billions and billions of Argentine Ants in California are part of one large colony of ants and are all closely related. Being part of one closely related family, they don't fight much with their kin and turn their attention to wiping out other ants they come in contact with. 

Part of the research on these ants involved doing field research in Argentina where they originated. Surprise again! When they went to Argentina, the researchers had a hard time even finding any Argentine Ants. When they did find some, and did their lab work, the researchers discovered that in Argentina the Argentine Ants are much more diverse (different races, so to speak) and that they fight among themselves as a result of the diversity. This is what keeps their population low in that country. 

After one major ultra-liberal California newspaper ran a long article on the ants, a letter appeared in the newspaper from a liberal reader, who apparently didn't closely read the article and/or didn't understand what he read or perhaps he was simply so full of diversity propaganda that is constantly put out by the Blenders that his critical thinking functions are impaired. In his letter, the liberal gushes about how people should study the Argentine Ant and "be wise." Why, gush, gush, if we worked together, "we could thrive." Just like the ant. 

This liberal, no doubt, has a false picture in his mind of  diverse Argentine Ants in California all sitting around in a circle hugging each other, singing Kumbaya, and celebrating their "wonderful diversity." 

Diversity? Nonsense. So closely related to each other are the Argentine Ants in California that scientists theorize that they are all the descendants of just a very few members.

In other words, they are extremely inbred. The ironic thing about the liberal newspaper printing this liberal letter is in the fact that no one at the newspaper apparently caught on to the fact that the real lesson of the Argentine Ant is that diversity, at least for them, is bad and that the success of the Argentine Ant is an argument for racial separation and exclusivity, not for diversity. 

Perhaps a little digression is in order here since there is much misinformation about this term "inbred," and the liberals like to intimate that many whites (especially those in the South) are inbred and are fit only for playing the banjo on the porch.

Close breeding does not, by itself, cause genetic defects such as feeble mindedness. Such defects occur only if the closely related parents each have one copy of the defective gene. This single copy of the defective gene in each parent is usually suppressed and is not active. Then, if  those two defective genes--one from the father and one from the mother--end up in a new child, they are often expressed in the child. On the other hand, if the closely related parents have superior genes, these will also often be expressed in the offspring. 

Close breeding doesn't necessarily lead to a moron. It can also lead to a genius.

In the case of the Argentine Ants in California, the inbreeding has been a positive for the survival of the colony. They all get along and this has given them a survival advantage over other types of ants. 

But of course, it's different with humans, right? Not so fast. Turn now to other news on the diversity/blending front where we read that black inmates in jails in Los Angeles are demanding that they be allowed to be segregated from Latino inmates. It seems that when blacks, who are fewer in number in the jails, are put in dorms with a ratio of something like 60% Latino and 40% black that the Latinos attack and try to kill the blacks. 

Nature has many lessons for man, if only we understand what we see.

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Those are my opinions and I stand behind them.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CM PRESS # 839


Screening requests are opportunities for developers to  bring preliminary development  proposals before the City Council and the public for comments and to see if such a project is looked at favorably before too much money is put into the proposal.  It's also an opportunity for the Council and the public to suggest changes to the project.
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Boxing... Wladimir Klitschko fights Tony Thompson on June 7, and Povetkin meets Rahman on June 14. Povetkin didn't look good in his last fight against Marco Huck, so he has a lot to prove on June 14. Wladimir (he's the younger Klitschko brother, shouldn't have much trouble with Thompson).
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Fiction (sort of)

by H. Millard (c) 2012

I got a call last week from Big Bob who had witnessed some recent
police action against a Hispanic guy on the lam from the cops.
“It was weird man. It looked like the guy was daring the cops
to  kill  him, and he even came at them with some kind of
curved  carpet  knife,” said Big Bob.

     “So, did the cops kill him?” I asked.

     “Nah. This is California and the guy was an illegal alien. You
can’t  commit suicide by cop in California if you’re an illegal alien.
Hell, you can’t even get arrested in California if you’re an illegal
alien. The cops say that they're not the ICE, and it's not their job to
check  I.D. Anyway, the cops  drove by in a police car and shot
the guy  with a non-lethal  turkey.”

     “A turkey?”

     “Yeah. They’ve got these guns that shoot turkeys.”

     “You really mean bean bags,” I said.

     “No, I mean turkeys. See, the local cops give out free turkeys
 to  suspected illegal aliens during Thanksgiving, so I figure these
 turkeys  were part of the freebies, being as how it's close to

     "The  local cops were just kind of doing what the feds are
 doing in  Afghanistan–they hit the guy with the food to let him
know that  they  really like him and want him to be well fed, but
 they also kind  of damaged him at the same time, to let him
know that he should  stop acting illegally.”

     “Yeah, but how does he do that? He is illegal,” I said.

     “You don’t get it. They don’t mind that he IS illegal. Hey,
 they're  not the ICE. They just don’t want him to ACT in an
 illegal manner.”

     “Well, the turkeys were dead, right?”

     “Yeah. Except for one. The guy must have been on drugs
or something, because he was impervious to the dead turkeys.
When the dead turkeys just kept bouncing off the guy and didn’t
 stop him, the cops turned to something more lethal.

      "They loaded a live round in the gun–a really nasty
Tom--and  they shot it at him. KERPLOOEY! GOBBLE,

     "Anyway, this dirty bird landed on the guy’s head and
dug in.The guy ran around  in circles with this thing on his
 head for several minutes while he was waving his arms
in the air and screaming in Spanish. He couldn't  get it off.
He looked like an Indian Chief doing a  war dance. Then
he  finally fell down in a cloud of feathers and the cops
moved in. They captured the Police Turkey and the guy.

      “Man, turkeys aren’t very culturally sensitive. I bet he
sues them for not using chickens,” I said.

     “What do you mean?”asked Bob.

     “You ever hear of a turkey taco? Turkeys are American. A
 turkey  was even going to be our national bird before someone
decided the  Bald Eagle was more photogenic. Shooting the
Mexican guy with an  American turkey wasn't PC. But,
you know, maybe the cops weren't trying to insult the guy, but
show him how much they love illegal aliens in this city. I
guess  they figure that it's their  job to make him feel
comfortable and welcome here now that he's  broken
our laws and snuck into  the country.
Anyway, what did  they do with the guy after they
did the drive by turkeying?”

      “They gave him a ride to a local citizen supported day
worker job center. I saw him pick up a gum wrapper in the gutter
and  use that as his I.D. with the center's employees.”

     “And the job center accepted that as legitimate I.D.?”

     “Sure. They don’t really check I.D. They just pretend they
check to avoid any liability. They wink and say the employers
 are supposed to check the I.D., and that they're not the ICE.
Then the employers wink and say they're not the ICE either and
so they don't check ID. The last time I saw the guy, he was riding
off in the back of an employers truck.”

     Wouldn’t you know it. A few days later, I ran into
Jack the Rug who has a carpet installation business. Some
carpet stores have  Jack and his crew do the installation
 for customers.

     Jack recently moved out of the old neighborhood to tony
 Newport Beach and he now has a wall all around his
neighborhood  and a guard at the front gate.

     He was able to move because he makes a lot of money
by not paying  his illegal alien help very much. Jack said he figures
he’s doing the day workers he hires a favor, because they’re all
 illegal aliens who he picks up at the day worker job center.

     “These guys don’t need much money,” Jack once told me.
 "There's a whole symbiotic crooked money machine that's grown
 up based on illegal aliens. It's now become THE establishment.
 It's a well oiled machine with a bunch of cogs that all work
 together to keep things running smoothly, and this thing just
hums  along. Listen to me. Don't be a sap. Let me tell you how
this system  works  so you can make some money from it.

     "One cog is the day worker job center that attracts illegal
aliens  to the old neighborhood.

    " Another cog is the employers who hire the illegal alien day
workers under the table.

    "Then there's the charities cog set up to give illegals free
food,  free medical and dental care even free clothes, to
supplement their  incomes so they can sell their labor on the cheap
 to the employers.This is mostly paid for by taxpayers who are, in
 effect, subsidizing my workers so I don't have to pay them so much,
but the taxpayers aren't usually aware of it.

     "The charities benefit by having ever more needy clients, so they
can ask for more money from the city.  With more money, the
 charity big wigs get higher salaries.

    "Another cog is slumlords who let illegal aliens live twelve to a
 room in converted garages and tiny apartments in the old
 neighborhood near the job center.

     "Another cog is the politicians who give tax money to the
charities  and who look the other way when the slumlords pack
 illegal aliens  into tiny living quarters. The politicans benefit by
 getting support from the other cogs in the machine when it's
 time for election.”

     "Yeah, but what about citizens?" I asked. "Doesn't this lead
 to a corrupt Third World culture? It sounds like everyone is
looking the other way about violations of law, and everyone is
getting some kind  of payoff at the expense of citizens."

     "Don't worry about it," said Jack, "we're all making out
 like  bandits.  It's true the schools are now in the toilet
because  the  illegals have filled  them with their kids and all the
 white  kids are now in  private schools,  and it's true the crime
 rate  has risen and we now have Hispanic gangs all over the
 place and graffiti and abandoned shopping carts, but  it's not my
 job to do anything about it. That's the responsibility of the
 ICE. Besides, I moved further away from the problems."

      "Geez, Jack," I said, "what about your former neighbors
 who  are stuck behind and who can't move? Many of them
still believe that America is a nation of laws and they're still
working within the  rules of America as it used to be. They
believe the laws should be  upheld and that they should
do the responsible and right thing."

      "That ain't my problem, muchacho. If they're too dumb
to figure it out and work the system, the hell with 'em. Hell,
 it isn't just California. Most politicians are part of the scam
with all their talk about  legalizing  illegal aliens. Their payoff
 is Hispanic votes."

     "Well, wouldn't it just be better to enforce our immigration
laws, and then people like you and me wouldn't have to keep
moving further away from the encroaching Third World?" I

      "Look, I didn't make this system. I'm just using it like
everyone  else who isn't a sap. If the ICE wants to grab these
people, then let 'em. But, until they do, I'm going to keep hiring
 these day  workers. Hell, not only can I get them for a song, but
they don't  complain  to the authorities, because they're afraid of
 being  deported."

      "Hell, Jack," I said, "it sounds like Third World corruption
 has  become the new way of life in the U.S. and that those who
 are  getting screwed are the good, decent, salt of the Earth
citizens who still believe in traditional American values." Jack just
 looked at me as though I was an idiot, and then he said he had to
get over to the day worker Job Center to hire some more

      Anyway, a couple of days later, Jack called to tell me he
 hired a new guy from the day worker job center. “ He’s got a
 strange name for a Mexican,” said Jack: “‘Juicy Fruit.’ I swear.
That's what the slip from the day worker job center says is his

    "I guess he’s okay, though, and it's not my responsibility to
check I.D. Hell, I'm not the ICE. That's  their job. You should
see  the weird scars  Juicy has on his head and face. I asked him
what made them, and  he said  ‘Gringo pollo loco,’ and "ill eagle,"
 as he acted out frantically pulling something off his head.

     "So, I'm thinking Juicy is saying 'illegal' and he's really
 saying 'ill eagle,'  like he's trying to tell me he had a sick bird on
 his head and he thought the turkey was an eagle.

     "What do you make of that?”

      “We're living in weird times,” I said, and hung up the

#  #  #

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CM PRESS # 838


Above linked article says there have been "race-related issues" at the school in the past and that school officials felt this dress could cause a problem.

"Race-related issues," means some Black students might not like the dress.  So, the rights of this White girl were trampled on by school officials to placate some Black students.

What do you bet if a Black girl wore a "kill the crackers" dress or something similar that there would have been no problem and that everyone would correctly say that this is a free expression issue?

The larger issue here is that in order to never offend any minorities, America is forcing Whites to give up their rights.

Will America survive as the land of the free while trying to be all things to all people and offending no one?

It's doubtful.
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Cops, as usual, can't seem to find a hate crime in the attack.

Suppose 20 White men beat up a lone Black man sitting on his porch; do you think the cops might find a hate crime in this case?
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You know that 10 acre parcel on Monrovia in Costa Mesa that is close enough to Newport Beach  for our geezers to toss their Geritol bottles over the border to their geezers?  Well, as you read this, the developer is setting up an event tent (or could it be Cherokees?) on site, probably for a big ground breaking PR splash.

We didn't get an invitation, so we guess that's what it's about.  The no parking signs around the site let us know that whatever is going on will be happening up until 3 pm today.

We'll probably see photos of the usual Costa Mesa political poseurs in the Daily Pilot tomorrow about this event.

Apparently, the development is going to be marketed as luxury apartments to senior citizens and will be called Vivante.  Anyway, we went to the Vivante Living website  HERE and looked  for anything that mentions Costa Mesa as the location of the new luxury senior housing.

We couldn't find anything that says it's in Tiamesa, er, Costajuana, ah, Costa Mesa. Not a word.

Mostly, we read that the leasing office is in Newport Beach and we read about lots of things in Newport Beach along with some things in Costa Mesa, but, again, we couldn't find any information that the site is actually in Costa Mesa.

Probably just an oversight.  Sort of like the oversight of South Coast Metro forgetting to mention that it is also in Costa Mesa. And, probably like that oversight of Nike saying it was in Newport Beach, when it was actually in Triangle Square which, of course, is in Costa Mesa.

Even though Costa Mesa isn't mentioned, we think this project will be great for the Westside Bluffs and Costa Mesa generally and may help spur the transition of the Westside.

Directly across the street from this project on Monrovia are some single story industrial buildings, and we expect that some may start converting to retail uses to serve the needs of the seniors who will lease in Vivante.  This is a good thing.

Coastline College

A little further down on Monrovia, and actually on the Newport Beach side of the border, the Coastline College building is taking shape, and we're impressed with the architecture which is modern and just unusual enough to create some visual interest in that area. Our guess is that Coastline is not hiding the fact that they're in Newport Beach.

Is it time to fold Costa Mesa into Newport Beach?

We've written about this many times over the years.  With upscale projects wanting to hide the name Costa Mesa, shouldn't we really give some thought to seeing if we can become part of Newport Beach?
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Not an Indian

by H. Millard (c) 2012

"Hey Bro, ya wanna git jiggy wif one o' my Injun rugs?" said the Black man selling Indian rugs in Oklahoma.

Maybe such a scene never really happened. But, it might have. No matter. One imagines that such a scene or similar ones were in the minds of the 76% of the Cherokee Nation who voted not long ago to strip non-Cherokees of membership in the tribe.

This story actually starts back in 1838 in North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia when the feds forced the Cherokees to migrate to Oklahoma.  When the Cherokees left their traditional lands, some took their black slaves with them. 

Then, when slavery was abolished, the blacks were given citizenship in the Cherokee nation.

Today, there are almost 3,000 descendents of these freed slaves living with the Cherokees in Oklahoma.

If the vote stands to limit membership in the tribe to those with Cherokee blood, it will be primarily these descendents of black slaves who will be booted out of the tribe, but others including some whites and some members of other Indian tribes will also be affected.
Cherokees, no less than any other distinct peoples, are what they are because of their genes.

And, it seems the Cherokees understand this.

If pure blood male and female Cherokees mate--23 Cherokee chromosomes from the male and 23 from the female join together. At that moment of joining--when there are 46 chromosomes together, the life process starts its trajectory that will result in the birth of a new full blooded, genuine Cherokee.

Mating within your group--like with like--is the way all distinct peoples keep from going extinct.  There's no other way to do it.

Of course, over the past 100 or so years, there has been a lot of intermarriage among Cherokees, just as among other distinct peoples, as the blending philosophy of this age has caused people to not see themselves or their people as being unique and worth preserving.

It's not difficult to see how a people goes extinct through the bedroom genocide of mating outside the group.

A pureblood Cherokee mates with a black or a white or an Asian and the child produced is only half Cherokee i.e. the new child has 23 Cherokee chromosomes and 23 non-Cherokee Chromosomes. Then, if that child grows up and mates with a non-Cherokee, the child born is only one quarter Cherokee. If that child also mates with a non-Cherokee the next child is only one eighth Cherokee.  Then it becomes one sixteenth and so on.  Of course, it's a bit more complicated than that, but that's the rough idea.

Soon, you have a tribe of "Indians" who, depending on how the mating went, may look like Scandinavians or African-Americans or whatever but not much like genuine Cherokees. 
Despite feathers, also not an

The blond, blue eyed Scandinavian Cherokees may put feathers on their heads, but they sure as hell aren't Cherokees no matter what they call themselves. Their genes have been too watered down.

If you don't look Cherokee, you're not Cherokee. Same with all other peoples. Trust your eyes.

So, what's to be done to save the Cherokees from extinction?  

The Cherokees, themselves, have to want to save themselves.  No one else is going to do it for them.  This vote, to oust the descendants of former slaves, if it stands, could be a big step away from extinction.

Of course, to really stave off extinction, the Cherokees have to have their consciousness raised even higher as to who is a Cherokee and who isn't.  If the right level of consciousness is achieved, social taboos against breeding outside the group should foster some reproductive isolation.

And, with reproductive isolation will come a folding back in of those members of the tribe who may have mixed blood, so that the mixed blood will begin reversing itself in a sort of distillation process. 

What the Cherokees are trying to do is to go back to a period before miscegenation and alien genes were inserted into their tribe and start from there.  In other words, they want to go back to a time before the fork in the road that led to their tribe now having many non-Cherokees as members.

With their vote on expelling non-Cherokees from the tribe, the Cherokees said that only those who can show that they are blood descendents of those who were on the Cherokee rolls back in about 1898 can be members of the tribe. 

Now, obviously, the genes of  some who are descended from those on the old Cherokee rolls may have been watered down in some lines over the past hundred or so years, but if the Cherokees hold firm with their vote even though they are being called racists, and if they stand up to the pressure of the blenders, then they may be able to revive themselves as a distinct people. 

In 2000, the Seminoles did something similar to what the Cherokees are now trying to do, but then the feds cut off federal money that the Seminoles had been receiving and the Seminoles caved in.  In effect, the Seminoles accepted money to commit their own genocide. 

Will the Cherokees sell their genes for money?  Time will tell. 

You may not hear many Cherokees talking about this in the terms I've used here, but, if you cut through the sagebrush, this really is about self-identification, self-determination and survival as a distinct people and not going extinct.

And, there are lessons here for all distinct peoples who want to survive the blending that is being forced on humanity.
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Those are my opinions and I stand behind them.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CM PRESS # 837


This guy can beat Obama.
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Black woman under arrest used a shoe to beat the White tourist.
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Debunking more lies.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

CM PRESS # 836


Video. Note how the Black suspect avoids leaving his fingerprints.
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Not enough to win, but strong enough to force the two leaders facing a run off  to come with hats in hands offering things that the far right wants.

If things work out for the far right, they may get serious curbs on immigration and some seats at the table in a new government. They've already gained a ton of credibility and the main stream politicians on the left and middle right are now saying nice things about the far right instead of calling them names.

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Story should have been changed from Mars to a far distant world. Disney should have realized that SciFi fans wouldn't buy Mars as a location.
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Corrupt Karzai doesn't like Rohrabacher looking into where all the U.S. money is going and how much of it might be going into Karzai's pockets.
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Bryan Coggins is back again tonight with another small lot development for the Westside.  This latest request  is to build six units at 2070 Maple Ave. (See Public Hearings, Item 4, for more details).

Coggins is one of the first developers to take advantage of the relaxed standards put in place with the Westside Plans.

These relaxed standards give extra incentives to developers to build on the Westside and begin the transformation of the area.

The hope  of many Improvers is that small lot developers won't just concentrate on buying up single family residential properties that exist in residential areas of the Westside and then build several units on the lots (which can cause street parking problems), but that these developers will begin developing lofts in the industrial area of the Westside bluffs.

As we said at the last Planning Commission meeting, the units that Mr. Coggins' builds look very much like lofts on the outside but are then built out on the inside with a number of rooms.  Our point was that it shouldn't take too much effort or expense to redesign what looks like Coggins' standard model buildings into lofts and plop them down in the industrial area.

We wonder if the Planning Commission and the City Council might eventually make suggestions similar to ours to developers.  We think there's money to be made by those who are ready and able to put in lofts on the bluffs.

We think the City should do a better job in letting developers know that there is dual zoning on the Westside bluffs that allows both industrial and residential uses and that residential uses are encouraged.
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Want Obama to butt out of religion and say they're willing to go to jail to preserve religious freedom.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

CM PRESS # 835

CORRECTION:  Apparently you can read The Current on line HERE.
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by H. Millard (c) 2012

"Rush Limbaugh, one of life's losers, died of natural causes today." 
"Because he was childless and is only survived by his cat and the millions of dollars that he made as a radio talk show host, he might as well not have lived at all. He'll be forgotten before his body rots."

No, Limbaugh didn't really die today. He's still alive, but at the same time, in a survival of the fittest sense, he died inside a long time ago.  He died when he decided to not have children (assuming it was a conscious decision).  Sure, he's still on the radio and he's still making money, but is that life's purpose?

Is that what it's all about, Mr. Limbaugh?

Are we just here to push a philosophy or our world views? Is there more?  Is there something much more basic that exists within all life?  Is there something real that is not dependent on things that we make or do as humans? What is the purpose and meaning of life, if there is a purpose and a meaning?

Some say our purpose is to serve God or do God's will.  Even if this is true, it can't be proven.  Believe if you will; because belief can give comfort and is important to our human psychology, but know that belief doesn't make something true. Believe, but hedge your bets with what you can prove.

Is there purpose and meaning that is independent of our beliefs and which is built into us?

The answer is yes. 

The purpose and meaning of existence is to expand. From one, many--in the image of the one--you.

In terms of life, this means that we are to multiply our genes and make more of them. We multiply our genes by having children in our image.  The more children we have in our image the more have we expanded. If you have children who look like you, then your genes have multiplied.  Evolutionary success, survival of the fittest, and natural selection all just mean that your genes survive you; that you have reproduced.

If you have no children (as is the case with Limbaugh), then you have failed in life no matter what else you have accomplished. If you mate in such a way that your children  do not end up with 46 chromosomes of your general genotype and phenotype, then you have also failed. 

So far in his life, Limbaugh has failed the survival of the fittest test of existence. No matter how much he may think that he's a success, he's a failure in the larger and long term sense.  He's the end of his line. Kaput. The last of the Rush Limbaughs. Extinct.

Self-genocide is the slow suicide of those who don't understand existence.  Remember, "fittest" means that one's genes survive. You can be a beautiful specimen--brilliant mind, great physique, extremely attractive--but if you have not passed on your genes, you are not fit,  you are a dead end.

Now, Limbaugh has a brother who has children, so Limbaugh may think that the Limbaugh genes will survive.  And, some of them will. But, they're not Rush's genes. We're all just a little different than our siblings. And, our children, who are the product of our genes and the mates we have selected, are also just a little different. 

There are millions of possibilities in the great shuffle of life as we mate and have children. Even when our children have the major phenotype characteristics (our outward appearance) that we have: skin color, hair color and texture, eye color, body build, etc. they are slightly different from us.  We live within them to the degree that they are like us, but they are still just a little different genetically. We gave them 23 chromosomes that we carry, and our mates gave them 23.  The more our mates look like us, the more our children will be like us.

But Limbaugh's lack of understanding about the purpose and meaning of life--his, perhaps subconscious, anti-life attitude--often pops up not only in his oft stated desire to not have children, but also in his cavalier attitude about the deaths of all those who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

As far as the U.S. military personnel who have died are concerned, Limbaugh dismisses them by saying that they're all volunteers.  And, then, apparently realizing how cold this sounds, he often follows up with some sop about how they're heroes who have died for our freedom and how he honors them.  Sure he does. Hey, Limbaugh, how many Limbaughs are dying in these stupid, meaningless non-wars that are really wars? 

But I digress @#%$^#$ (yes, I'm swearing about the loss of life in meaningless wars).

To repeat:  We are given this gift of life so that we may make more people in our own image.  That is what nature and nature's God demands.  But, this expansion that I write of doesn't even begin with life.

It begins at the beginning and it exists throughout existence starting right at the sub-atomic level.  Creation is a spark that burns up the darkness of non-existence.  Each child born in our image is existence screaming out against non-existence. You don't have to accept these assertions on blind belief.  Just look at nature.  These words are written in nature and are plain to see by those with eyes to see. They're in every subatomic particle and wave that exists.
Duggar family 2005
Turn now to a man and woman who understand life--Bob and Michelle Duggar of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Their story about having 19 children is well known.  They have been given life and they have passed it on.  They are the important people. They are expanding and multiplying. These are life's winners.

Those who don't reproduce are life's losers. They are not fit.  Remember, survival of the fittest doesn't mean that one can make millions of dollars or talk on the radio or that one is strong or fast or good looking. It means the reproductive success of a particular genotype (our inner blueprint) and phenotype (our outward appearance, i.e. the manifestation of our inner blueprint) in a given environment. The more genes you pass on, the more fit you are. The fewer genes you pass on, the less fit you are.

Every one of us now alive is the product of the fittest parents. They produced us; that means they were the fittest of their generation.

 But, if we, in our turn at life, now fail to reproduce, we will be defined as unfit. And, since we will be dead ends of a particular family line, all our ancestors leading to us, will also be redefined as unfit in this present day.

The way things are going right now, the Duggar genes will dance all over the grave of the Rush Limbaugh genes.  The Duggars have chosen life and being.  Limbaugh has chosen death and non-being.

Of course, Limbaugh can have a change of heart.  Males can reproduce very late in life.  One would guess that he has pretty good genes that should be put into the gene pool and that his lack of wanting children is more a result of conditioning than a result of a defective genetic program. Of course, I could be wrong.  But, if  Limbaugh does decide to have children, he should have no problem attracting 20's something females to bear the next generation of Rush Limbaughs.

Hey, Limbaugh, imagine the consternation among liberals if there were 19 more Rush Limbaughs running around the place with half their brains tied behind their backs.

Meanwhile, some of the usual anti-life and anti-white scumbags have been calling the Duggars names and expressing outrage because, in their view, we have too many people on the planet.  Such people can do us all a favor by not having any children of their own. Bye, bye. Don't let the morgue door hit you on your way out of existence.

In addition, some self-indulgent white yuppies--you know the type: expensive haircuts, sweaters tied over their shoulders, metal frame glasses--are saying that those who have too many children put a burden on society. Nonsense. Society should praise the breeders.  God bless the Duggars and let them have many more children.  They are showing the way to survive on this dark planet. 

If the Duggar children follow the ways of their parents and have many children, we may all have Duggars someplace in our family trees in the future, just as more than half of all European descended people now have Charlemagne in their family trees.

And, all of us Duggars of the next century may look in our history books at a footnote about a forgotten radio personality of the twenty-first century named Rush Limbaugh who was the last of his line. Yup.  No more Limbaughs. Just old faded photos.  All gone. Got Darwined out of existence. Didn't know how to survive.

Nature is no respecter of human sensitivities and works inexorably with very simple rules. Reproduce or go extinct, is one of those rules. Remember, if you're a Christian, I didn't invent the phrase: "Go forth and multiply," and long before this appeared in the Bible this was written into the DNA code and is found in all living organisms.

#  #  #

Those are my opinions.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

CM PRESS # 834

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Adult Black and underage Black attacked the lone White teen, used racial hate terms, and beat and robbed him.

Given those facts in the above sentence, the usual MO of police departments is to just charge the Black with the robbery and perhaps assault and battery, while pretending that racial hatred didn't play a part in the crime.

Maybe White folks are starting to wake up and are getting fed up with the double standard.  We can hope.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

CM PRESS # 833


At the last City Council meeting, the usual Go Slow types trotted out their latest none too bright attempt to come up with a slogan or catch phrase as we move deeper into the election season.

The claim made by many of the speakers was that Jim Righimer is using the Big Lie technique to fool people.

What is that Big Lie that Righeimer is telling everyone?  Ah, er, the correct answer is that he isn't using a Big Lie at all.

Righeimer is saying  (my words now) that we're paying too much in salaries and benefits and we may be able to do better by shopping for the best deal.  There's no Big Lie in that.  It's the simple truth, and most thinking people know it.

Sorry, Go Slow types, that slogan has no legs.  Say, maybe you can pull a big A frame sign around the city.
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Here's the press release we just received:

Costa Mesa to receive $4.4 million for traffic improvements if Banning Ranch project is approved

COSTA MESA, CALIF.—The City of Costa Mesa will receive approximately $4.4 million for traffic improvements if the Banning Ranch project is approved by the Newport Beach City Council and California Coastal Commission.

The proposed project in West Newport Beach is currently before the Newport Beach Planning Commission. Costa Mesa has no jurisdiction over the property.

If the 402-acre project is approved and implemented, developers of the project would pay Costa Mesa $4.4 million to mitigate congestion at six or seven Costa Mesa intersections identified in the development’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) as being impacted by additional traffic. This amount is significantly more than the traffic mitigation fees of approximately $1.7 million that would be generated for a similar-sized project in Costa Mesa.

The Costa Mesa intersections identified in the EIR are:

  • Newport Boulevard and 19th Street;
  • Newport and Harbor boulevards;
  • Newport Boulevard and 18th Street;
  • Newport Boulevard and 17th Street;
  • Superior Avenue and 17th Street;
  • Pomona Avenue and 17th Street;
  • 19th Street and Monrovia Ave. will be removed from the list once the 19th Street bridge has been officially removed from the county’s transportation master plan.

“In order to assure we have adequate funds from Banning Ranch to complete the needed mitigations at the six or seven intersections, it was prudent to negotiate these costs before the final approval of the project,” said Peter Naghavi, deputy chief executive officer and economic development director. “The best process is to discuss these issues with Banning Ranch so the City would be in a better position if in fact the project is approved.”

A staff report on the traffic mitigation measures and their funding is tentatively scheduled to be on the Costa Mesa City Council agenda on May 15.

Bill Lobdell  I  Director of Communications  I  949.887.2541

#                              #                                               #

Surprised?  We aren't. 

There needs to be justice for White victims of Black criminals.  Maybe President Romney will help even the scales of justice.
#                               #                                           #
Just like responsible politicians in Costa Mesa (that does not include Wendy Leece) and many other cities.
#                            #                                      #
Disgusting sign used by out of
town union members in last

1. The good Councilmembers are not evil, as some other bloggers want you to believe.  They are our neighbors who we have elected to part time positions on the City Council.

 In their capacity on the Council they owe a fiduciary duty (that means a duty of trust) to the citizens of Costa Mesa. This means they should try to do what is best for the CITIZENS of Costa Mesa.  It does not mean that they should screw citizens to  benefit employees as have some previous Councilmembers and which some of the frequent speakers at City Council meetings want the present Councilmembers to do.

2.  Most City employees don't live in Costa Mesa and can't vote here.  Their spouses don't shop in our markets and their kids don't go to our schools.  These out of town employees punch a time clock and go home to their own cities at the end of their shifts, leaving us here to live with the conditions that they may have helped or not helped.

Yet, these people who we pay, but who choose not to live with us and who don't live as we live, try to elect City Council members who will do their bidding by pumping thousands of dollars into the political coffers of politicians who will go along with these employees to get along.

3.  Most City employees belong to unions, but because "union" has a bad tinge to it in many circles they say they belong to "associations."  Well, folks, I belong to the Screen Actors Guild, and I hear other Guild members say we're not in a union, we're in a guild.  This is silly.  SAG is effectively a union and the employee associations in Costa Mesa are also effectively unions. They quack like ducks....

One thing some of these Costa Mesa employee association members and supporters claim, in an attempt to confuse you, is that they're not in a union because the employee associations are voluntary.  Well, compulsion to join is not part of the definition of a union.  When I worked for the New York Times in NYC, I had to join the union. That's because NY is not a right to work state.  California, on the other hand, is a right to work state, so you are not forced to join a union when you take a particular job, but you can voluntarily join one if there is one available.

4. The good City Councilmembers, it seems to me, are trying to shrink local government and get it on more of a business footing.  This means, in part, that they want to save money and shop for services and goods, just as each of us does in our private lives, instead of just paying the highest price.

5. Do we think the good Councilmembers are making all the right decisions?  Nope.  We think they've made some mistakes and we call them on what we consider to be such mistakes from time to time.  But, we think, on balance, that they're doing a pretty good job and that they shouldn't be the subject of all the hate that is coming from out of town union employees and their local lefty friends in the city.
#                            #                                  #

Not Geoff West (not Tom
Johnson either)
Geoff West and his pal GoSlow

Unfortunately, it appears that The Current isn't on-line, so you'll have to pick it up in a free news rack "all over town," or find it folded inside your OC REGISTER.

In his column, Johnson writes about unoriginal lefty local blogger Geoff West who seems to have a one page thesaurus that he works from.

 It's all "screeds" and "good old boys" and similar terms from this character West who seems to lack generative power. And, West always seems on the verge of hysteria over the most mundane things that the good Councilmembers propose.  It's the stuff of Chicken Little.

Most Improvers tell us that they don't read West's blog because he has nothing to say and just tries to obstruct any genuine improvement in the city.

In comments we see in the Daily Pilot, we note that West gets praise from the usual few low I.Q. fan boys and fan girls who  don't want Costa Mesa to be run more efficiently and who don't want the present good Councilmembers to shut down the citizen funded Golden Goose that allows City employees to make much more money and have greater benefits than the majority of Costa Mesans.

We accidentally clicked on his blog recently, and noted that West seems to have copied the style of the CM PRESS. Ho hum.

Oh, Johnson also obliquely mentions He Who Must Not Be Named in his column.
#                          #                                           #
# # #

MY SPEECH IS GOOD, YOURS IS EVIL (Bigots want to censor the internet)
by H. Millard (c) 2012

Not long ago, according to news reports, a Jewish group announced that it was teaming up with various internet providers to censor and stop the publication of what the group doesn't want people to see or read. 

We've seen the same thing from Christian groups also, but the major difference is that the Christian groups mostly want to censor free speech rights relating to sexual matters, while the Jewish group is after political and philosophical speech.

The Jewish group often labels these things that they don't want people to see or read: "bigotry, hate, racist, anti-Semitic." Now, if the call to censor free speech was aimed exclusively at on-line threats, this would be one thing, but chillingly, the call is to censor virtually any free speech that the Jewish group doesn't like, and this is accomplished through the simple device of labeling any speech it doesn't like with one of the aforementioned boogey man words. 

Those who set themselves up as Lords of Speech and who try to restrict free speech, need to be reminded that petty tyrants throughout history have always used some fine sounding phrases and words to deny civil rights to others, and to censor speech that the petty tyrants didn't like. 

Consider the history of the Talmud, a book revered by Jews, as just one example of what happens when the small-minded among us have their way. Over the centuries, the Talmud was censored, re-written, burned, and banned, because various petty tyrants believed it was "anti-Christian," or "evil" or sanctioned "baby sacrifices," or any of a host of other "hateful, bigoted, racist" things. 

Because the Talmud was so labeled, mobs in various nations were worked up into a frenzy at different times, and the result was often violent acts against Jews, based, not on a fair reading of the Talmud---which, remember, was banned and couldn't be read---but upon the characterizations of what it said by those who put the hateful characterizations on it. 

Perhaps, if the people were able to read the Talmud they would have come to different conclusions as to its content and much of the violence directed at Jews, would have been prevented. Perhaps there might not  have been a Holocaust. 

The place for ideas, whether we like them or not, is right out there in front of us where they can compete with other ideas.

The founders of this nation realized that, and gave us, not the l0th or l2th or 14th Amendment to protect free speech. Instead, they put our protections for free speech right in the very first amendment. All our other freedoms depend on this.

It is the First Amendment which is the wellspring of our democracy. It is from the First Amendment that all freedoms flow. Without the right to free speech and expression, no other freedoms are genuine. 

One of the methods used by petty tyrants in their quest to keep speech that they don't like stiffled, is to take a worst case example, say, something like "Kill all_____(fill in the blank)," label it "hate speech" and then lump all other speech they don't like under this worst case example. 

All freedom-loving citizens should resist all calls at censorship, and particularly those that call for censoring political and philosophical speech, which is what seems to be happening with this call to censor the internet. 

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CM PRESS # 132

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