Thursday, November 18, 2010

CM PRESS # 321

Genes are us.
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We really need (for the umpteenth time) to clear up three things that we hear all the time in Costa Mesa.

"Costa Mesa has failing schools."  No, it doesn't.  Costa Mesa's school buildings, school teachers, school facilities are every bit as good as the schools in the Newport Beach part of the district. 

What we have in Costa Mesa are too many failing students.  It is the students who take the tests, and we have too many who score low. It is these student test scores that determine the quality ranking of a school. 

And, it is upwardly mobile parents who look at such scores and who drive right by Costa Mesa in horror, so they can buy homes in cities with higher scores.

But, notwithstanding the above,we believe the schools are starting to improve and that's largely because of a general improvement in the city that is causing upwardly mobile people to move here again. It's not a land rush yet, but with more improvement it may become that.

And, surprise! We actually think Katrina Foley may help with improvement once she's over at the school board.  Remember, Foley has young kids in the schools. 

So, if for no other reason than her self-interest in seeing her kids succeed in life, we believe Foley will be tireless in trying to make Costa Mesa schools better.  Of course, she may have to deprogram herself from some liberal shibboleths to make some real improvements.

Hey, it's possible. Once you try all the liberal nostrums based on false liberal theories, and they fail, and if you're a logical and goal oriented thinker, you're left with the things that do work even if they make some people uncomfortable.  We'll whisper one word here: demographics. 

"Costa Mesa has the best police and fire departments in the state." How does anyone know this? They don't. Maybe these departments are the best, but no one really knows one way or the other. And, what determines "best?  Those saying that our two departments are the best are often the usual uniform groupies who would be saying the same thing if they lived in any other city. This is just a sub-species of the jingoistic, "be true to your school" type of statement.

"Costa Mesa's Crime Rate is going down because of the police."  Probably partially true, but the real reason is that many citizens have been working to improve the city. With the improvements that have already happened,  the city is becoming more desirable to young upwardly mobile families. The Eastside has become so much better  than it once was, that it blends seamlessly into Newport Beach.  The still needs work. But the Improvers are on the case. We'll whisper that word again:  demographics.
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At Tuesday night's City Council meeting, the CM PRESS told Katrina Foley that she needn't worry that once she's gone from the City Council that her liberal views would no longer be represented; Wendy Leece and Gary Monahan would carry the ball for her.

After we made that comment, Leece sniffed that she's not  liberal and not conservative but is just for Costa Mesa. 

Baloney! What a load of pigeon crap. [Hold that thought about pigeons] Leece saying that, is about as honest as her giving her promise to not vote on a contract, then running to the Daily Pilot to whine that someone reminded her of her promise, and then voting for the contract.

Leece (along with Monahan) voted against the best interests of the citizens of Costa Mesa and for the best interests of some of the out of town union employees who are supposed to work for us but who, in some cases, treat citizens of this city as their private bank and as their serfs.

We also told you that Leece got financial support in the just past election from a Westside industrialist who fought against putting in an overlay to improve the Westside.

And, we showed you the financial reports indicating that on the very day after Leece voted to sell out the citizens to the unions, that the unions gave big bucks to an Independent Expenditure Committee that then used some of that money to buy signs to try to defeat Jim Righeimer and elect Leece and McEvoy.

Leece also appears to have a soft spot for some of the charities that are acting as magnets drawing illegal aliens and homeless people to the Westside.

What more do you need to hear?

If you disagree, tell us why and how you think Leece is helping Costa Mesa be a better place for you to raise your kids and how she's helping you and your family? 

Now, don't give us theoretical or broad kumbaya answers about world peace and the brotherhood of man.  Tell us how your lot, as a citizen of Costa Mesa, has been improved by giving union employees most of your tax money instead of using that money for infrastructure repairs and other needed things in Costa Mesa. 

Tell us how your lot has been improved by charities attracting and feeding the homeless and making illegal aliens feel wanted in Costa Mesa.  Has your home appreciated as a result of Costa Mesa heading towards becoming a permanent slum and a skid row?

Tell us how your kids are better off by attending local schools that show student scores slipping to third world levels.

And, as you think about this, you might want to visit Lions Park and the adjacent library to see what happens when our city officials, such as Leece, say one thing and do another.

And, you might want to visit West 19th Street to see the Soup Kitchen, the homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks and alleys and the general downscale nature of what should be, but isn't, a great street for citizens of this city.

Of course, there is an alternative explanation as to why Leece is saying one thing and doing another that does not involve being dishonest: she may simply not understand the complexities involved and may not realize that what she's often doing is counter to improving Costa Mesa.

She may be incapable of seeing the big picture.  She may think that every issue that comes before the City Council is in some sort of vacuum and doesn't bump up against other issues in such a way that the whole is failing.

We return again to our oft used analogy.  If you show "compassion" for that lone pigeon and feed it, you'll soon have a flock of pigeons.  And, as you go merrily and smugly on your way "trusting in God," your neighbors will be fending off the pigeons who are pooping all over the friggin' place.

Now, if you're Wendy Leece and if you're the one who feeds the pigeons, you might then tell everyone that you are doing the best for Costa Mesa because you helped the pigeons.

[Meanwhile, the Greek Chorus of citizens can be heard singing: "Wendy, how about caring for the citizens of this city instead of for the pigeons."]
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Link to American Patrol Report   (Content moves fast at American Patrol link, so you may have to scroll down to get to story).
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  1. Costa Mesa used to be a FABULOUS place to live.

    Over the past 40 years, or so, it has been become a divided city. The have nots, the street people, the drug addicts, and the illegals mostly live on the west side.

    The public employee unions have sucked all the blood out of the city's veins, and the town has virtually become a police state. Now the city is on the verge of bankruptcy due to unsustainable salaries and pensions.

    Today, taxpayers are being forced to foot bills for which they receive absolutely no benefit. We seem to be working for everybody but ourselves.

    We need a city council that will work for the taxpayers living in Costa Mesa. Leece and Monahan obviously work only for themselves. Their reign of terror has got to stop! It's time for some sanity on the dais.

    Please move on to the school board Katrina, and give somebody else a chance.

  2. Leece = Sell out. nuff said.

  3. Your school argument makes no sense. Start paying attention to the snobbery of the school board, which ignores our CM schools and lavishes attention on Newport. Attend a meeting and watch this sham in action.

  4. The crime rate is going not going down. There are just fewer crimes are being reported because some of the illegal residents are afraid of being deported if they speak to the police. Check it out.

  5. To Anonymous 6:18:00--Please tell us how snobbery and lavishing attention on Newport Schools keeps Costa Mesa's average student scores so low.

  6. From 6:18:00 - Do your own research. Attend the meetings.

  7. To Anonymous 6:18:00. Actually we do attend the meetings. But you haven't answered our question. The fact is that the NMUSD is not responsible for the low student test scores in Costa Mesa schools and especially on the Westside. If we took all the students out of Newport schools and put them in Westside Costa Mesa schools, Westside Costa Mesa schools would score high. Why do you think that would happen? Or,are you in such denial, that you think that wouldn't happen?



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