Mr Sessler, you sir are either an idiot or ignorant. Costa Mesa has become a breeding ground for crime. This city is known as 'Little Stanton' by the Orange County Sheriffs Department. Crime is out of control and there is no end in sight. I feel sorry for the residents who live in your city. I hope you stay in Costa Mesa and are able to 'enjoy' what you are promoting. Good luck with that.

Mr. Johnson has a point, to a point, but he paints with too broad a brush.  
It is the slums in Costa Mesa that are the breeding grounds for crime and we the citizens of Costa Mesa need to ask the city council to start removing the slums.  And,of course, we have charities and pathological altruists trying to get some Mother Teresa wings who are constantly erecting magnets for a criminal element that add to the mix.

Thanks to the Righeimer Council, some of the slum conditions are being removed (but not as many of them as the CM PRESS would like to see).
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