Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CM PRESS # 651

Rival Tribune Company (that owns the LA TIMES and the Daily Pilot) has been in Chapter11 since December 2008.

Not a good time for newspapers.

We're still convinced that strictly local newspapers, if they're done right, have a chance of surviving.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

CM PRESS # 650


Are you getting pissed off yet about all this violent crime we're seeing in Costa Mesa?

Almost all of it has a nexus with illegal aliens in one way or another. All the work of CRAC and WROC and all the work getting improvement minded people elected to the City Council doesn't seem to be helping the Westside very much does it?

So, Westsiders, why aren't you complaining? Why aren't you at City Council meetings? Why aren't you writing letters? Do you want your kids in danger? Do you like living in a slum?

Are you happy with schools over there that are at Third World levels?

We have three Councilmembers who either lived on the Westside (Mansoor) or who live there now (Bever, Leece). All three got elected because of the support of Improvers.

And, in case you forgot, Improvers started organizing to improve the Westside.
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

CM PRESS # 649

ALIPAC said the report cited the Southern Poverty Law Center as a resource.

"When many of us read these Missouri Documents we felt that the false connections, pseudo research, and political attacks found in these documents could have been penned by the SPLC and ADL," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "We were shocked to see credible law enforcement agencies disseminating the same kind of over the top political propaganda distributed by these groups."
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It'll be more. Trust us. LINK
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Friday, March 27, 2009

CM PRESS # 648

6% of workforce. Also last print day for Christian Science Monitor--daily Internet from now on.
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From Breitbart TV with videos.
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I'm out on the Westside the other day, and who do I run into but Stumpy Al. "Hey, Al," I say. "Don't call me that, man. I told youse before to call me Stumpy." "Well, I was just trying to be polite and not call attention to your, er... problem." "What problem? says stumpy as he hobbles over to me and stands right in front of my face breathing the smell of one buck wine all over me.

"Never mind, man," I say. "Man, you've been drinking that red wine again. See, your nose is all red. That's what that stuff does. Ya gotta switch to white wine."

"Look," says Stumpy, "don't go tellin' me 'bout wine like you're some kind of corner sewer or somethin'...."Connoisseur," I say. "That's what I said," says Stumpy.

"Stop gettin' me all distracted, man. I been up on them bluffs again watching them Newporters down there on our beach actin' like they owns the place. See, it's spring and them hoity toity types is out in them string bikinis jigglin' all around on our sand down there. It's like they've raised an army of Paris Hiltonites to keep us off the sand. A friggin' jigglin' wall of hotties.

"I'm tellin' ya man, we gotta do somethin'. That beach down there rightfully belongs to Costa Mesa. How come we get cut off between Huntington Beach and Newport Beach? Huh? Look at a friggin' map. Costa Mesa should go all the way to the ocean along the Santa Ana River over almost to Superior. But, it don't. Nope. We get cut off from our tiny part of the beach and ocean. It's a friggin' conspiracy, man. We got all the surf board makers and surfin' clothin' makers up here on the Westside Bluffs, but we ain't got no friggin' sand or ocean. All we can do is lie in the grass with our binoculars watchin' the beach off in the distance.

"Them Newporters stole the beach from us. Probably got insiders in Costa Mesa City Hall, man. We been robbed."

"So, what do you want me to do about it?" I ask.

"Tell people, man. Tell them the truth. That's our beach. That's our window on the ocean."

"Ah, okay."
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Pee...er...Brady Rhoades over at the almost daily Daily Pilot is the latest in that cabal of lefties to attack Mayor Mansoor and Councilmembers Bever, Leece and Monahan for not drinking the Kool-Aid at the Obama worship service last week. Read all about it right here.

And, Pee...er...Brady goes to new lows for a guy running a mainstream newspaper as he cites mostly anonymous posters who say they're not happy that Mansoor and company didn't buy into the adulation.

Don't get us wrong. We think there are times and places for anonymous reports and posts. But, when they're used by a mainstream newspaper to bolster the position taken by that newspaper...well...it's Pee Wee's Playhouse time.

Say, Pee...er...Brady, how about revealing the names of the anonymous posters? Maybe, you or other employees of the Pilot are these anonymous posters. Or maybe they're from that boot licking coward.
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A couple of weeks ago, a Missouri Highway Patrol report full of garbage linking various third party politicians such as Ron Paul and others with so-called domestic terrorism was made public.

You can read it here.

If you're a white male, you're a suspect. If you support a third party, you're a suspect. If you have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car, you're a suspect. If you carry a copy of the U.S. Constitution with you, you're a suspect (we kid you not). If you want our borders made secure, you're a suspect.

Then, the uproar began, and this past week some conservative/libertarian groups issued a travel advisory on Missouri--the sort of thing you see in the press about not visiting Mexico.

Now Missouri has retracted the stupid report (here), and an investigation is underway to find out who was behind the hate mongering garbage.

The CM PRESS has seen this sort of bigoted left-wing garbage before and we've seen it right here in Costa Mesa and coming right from some in the Costa Mesa Police Department, as we reported in CM PRESS # 644.

There are some phony, so-called anti-hate, left wing front organizations with hateful agendas that crank this stuff out and put it into the hands of some fellow traveller cops, who then try to get this crap official recognition in their departments.

Some of these phony so-called anti-hate groups have also physically infiltrated police departments and have some hate-filled cops "working" for them.

A high ranking cop in San Francisco got in big trouble several years ago when it was discovered that he was using his police job to feed information on peaceful citizens to a left-wing, so-called anti-hate group. The cop fled the country before he could be arrested.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

CM PRESS # 647

If you're white, you're to blame...again. Surprised? No doubt this makes self-hating white libs and lefties happy.
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CHANGES AT THE CM PRESS: We've been experimenting with different ways to use this blog format to its best advantage.

What we think works best with the way the CM PRESS is evolving, is to continue publishing a lead story at the top each morning, as we have in the past, but then to let that lead story scroll down as we put new, often shorter pieces above it throughout the day even if they are less important.

So, new stuff at the top from now on and a continuous addition of new material during the day--AT THE TOP--as time permits, and as interesting items move across our desk.

Be sure to check back often and be sure to hit refresh each time to get the latest news and opinions.
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Here's a link to a press release from the CMPD issued on 3/11/09 on an outstanding armed robbery suspect. We think this is pretty good. You will note that it gives a description of the outstanding suspect: Male Hispanic, etc.

And, here's a link to a press release from the CMPD issued 0n 3/24/09 on an outstanding attempt murder suspect. You will note that it gives no description of the suspect. In fact, this suspect is Hispanic.

Since both of these violent suspects are still on the loose, we would like to see the public get as much identification information as possible.

By the way, if you go to the press releases, you will find photos of the suspects. The problem is that not everyone goes to the press releases.
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JOE BELL (apparently, his mother wasn't in favor of abortion) DEMONSTRATES WHY LIBS GET NO RESPECT

Joe Bell gives a pretty good demonstration in his column (here), over at the almost daily Daily Pilot today, about why liberals and lefties get so little respect from people with principles.

The libs and lefties have no solid principles. They believe in situational ethics.

Seems Joe has, predictably, jumped on the bandwagon whining about the fact that Mayor Mansoor, and Councilmembers Bever and Leece didn't show up to worship Obama.

Monahan wasn't there either, but apparently he gets a pass because it was St. Patrick's week and his joint does big business during that time of year--no surprise in that. St. Patrick's day (and week) is kind of a holiday like Christmas, but for professional drinkers.

The only Councilmember who did show up, says Joe, was ultra-liberal Flopsy Katrina Foley. Well, of course she showed up, Joe, there were cameras there and there was a big liberal spender as the headliner. What was not to like? Right, Joe?

Here's part of what Joe wrote about why he believes Mansoor and company should have shown up even though they don't agree with Obama's policies and why, in Joe's view, the three were being childish:

"These people( Mansoor, et al.)," writes Joe, "seem unable to separate the presidency from the man holding that job....That separation makes it possible to heartily dislike the president while respecting fully what this title represents. Grown-ups are able to do that...."

So, grown-up Joe is saying, to put this in more generic terms: If you don't agree with someone holding a high public office, you should still show up and give him your respect because of his title.

Well, Joe, you're bright enough to know what's coming next, and here it is: Suppose, Joe, you were a Costa Mesa City Councilmember and Pol Pot came to Costa Mesa--would you be there? And, how about Stalin?

These guys, Pol Pot and Stalin each held "high public office," which in Joe's mind (Joe Bell, now, not Joe Stalin. Yes, we know it's confusing.) is the only qualification needed to have local politicians show up and give these big shots some credibility.

Well, screw that Joe.

Now, don't get us wrong here. We're not saying that Obama is like Pol Pot or Stalin.

What we are saying is that Joe's logic is screwy--try to focus lefties--we're talking about Joe's logic here, not Obama. It's lefty and liberal logic which isn't any logic at all. It's inconsistent.

You see, Joe, an ethical politician doesn't show up to give credibility to a president whose policies he doesn't agree with on a very fundamental level and when the trajectory of those policies seems pretty clear.

No doubt, Joe will now be in a tizzy because a Catholic Bishop is not going to show up at Notre Dame when Joe's clay footed idol Obama speaks there.

The Bishop can't stomach Obama's support of abortion.

Perhaps Joe can write clearly about his position on abortion. A quick read of what he's written sounds as though he's in favor of it. But, as with many libs, Joe tries to parse words. Come on Joe, tell us. Do you believe a woman has an almost unfettered right to abort her baby just because she doesn't want a child, or not?
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The CMPD is looking for 21-year-old Roman Soto who is suspected of breaking into a residence across from Pomona School and stabbing a man Tuesday morning. Soto is described as a possible gang member. Hispanic violent street criminal in Costa Mesa and also a suspected gang member? Who'd a thunk it? If you have any tips, call the CMPD at (714) 754-5252 (you can remain anonymous).
UPDATE: Follow this LINK for the CMPD press release and a photo of the stabber--who may still be running around in Costa Mesa. The stabbee is expected to survive.
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Now, it's bloggers who have to watch the newspapers to keep them honest.
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Offering yet another round of buy-outs. Paper is losing big bucks.
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O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens pulling concealed carry permits.
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They're also suing those who tried to deny them their constitutional rights.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CM PRESS # 646

Mexican criminals making city unsafe for citizens.
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Cops say the only reason for the attack was race.
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...Bahari Olatunji from the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement was handing out fliers for a march and vigil Wednesday in Mixon's honor.
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I've had this minor thought over the years that doesn't rise to the level of a paranoid fantasy, because I don't really know if it's true or not. Well, okay, I admit it. It's probably not true. But, someplace in the back of my mind--in dreamland--I sometimes wonder if Robert DeNiro was the guy who broke down my door, even with all its special locks, and stole my cheap two buck clock from my seventh floor walk-up in Manhattan and didn't take the $20 bill that I had sitting right next to the clock. Now I ask you: "Who the hell would walk up seven flights, break down a door and steal a cheap clock and nothing else and not even touch the twenty bucks that was right next to the clock?" Doesn't make sense. My eyes narrow to a squint. Doesn't make sense except maybe to that most peculiar type of human being...a dreaded method actor. Gadzooks! That's it. It might make sense to a method actor, and maybe to a really good one. One, say, who totally immerses himself in a role. And, maybe one who was never in the Marines but who wants to play a character who was in the Marines. Hmmmm?

Let me ramble.

Not long after I was out of the Marines, I jumped on a Greyhound bus and moved to New York City--a place I had never been before and where I didn't know a living soul.

After a while there, I got lucky and was able to move out of the rented room in the Hooker, Mugger and Druggie Hotel a block from Times Square, where I had been living, after I found a cheap rent controlled seventh floor walk-up just off Third Avenue in the 20's which wasn't too far from the lower East Side and Greenwich Village--well, not too far if you're used to five mile runs in the Marine Corps. Now, the way rent control worked was that the landlord could only raise the rent a small percentage each time someone moved out of an apartment. And, the last guy who had the seventh floor walk-up had been living there since the '40's or 50's and he had died shortly before my arrival in New York. Didn't have the strength left to walk down seven flights and die, so he left this mortal coil in the apartment. Because he had been there so long, my rent was low. Which was good since I didn't have much money.

There was a line of people trying to get the place. I think I won out because I told the landlord that I'd take it as is and I said I'd either use or throw out the dead guy's stuff. Just give me a key and forget about it. Go back to watching your TV and drinking your beer. "Nah, I don't care if there was a stiff in here. None of us gets out of here alive." Also, the landlord may have figured that I wouldn't hang around and vegetate like the last guy. Then, as soon as I scrammed he could raise the rent again. That was the law.

The walk-up was tiny. The shower was set up on blocks right next to the stove in the kitchen, which I liked because I could cook and shower at the same time. Burned less calories that way. Efficiency of action. Well oiled machine. No wasted motions. And, it had what passed for a tiny living room and a bedroom. Since it was on the top floor of the building, I had easy access to the roof--tar paper beach--in New York terms, where I could go and watch the lighting hit the Empire State Building uptown from my place. When I'd enter the apartment, I was always respectful of the cockroaches and would turn the light on for a minute and make some coughing sounds. That way they could all hide. They could pretend they weren't there, and I could pretend I didn't know they were there. I once made the mistake of not turning on the light before I got fully into the place, and when I did turn it on the usually plain walls looked like cockroach wallpaper. I only made that mistake once. We had a cum se cum sa arrangement, the roaches and I. They didn't bother me and I didn't bother them. We practiced diversity without adversity. Each to his own.

Anyway, I soon started taking acting classes at Stella Adler's Acting Studio, and auditioned for plays. Luck was still with me and I was getting cast in more plays than I could actually do, so I was able to pick and choose.

One of the plays I chose to do was an off-off-off-off Broadway thing to be staged at Bastiano's Cellar Studio in Greenwich Village. No one in the play was well known at that time. Some became better known as the years passed. Some didn't. I'm in the latter category.

If you've ever heard Lou Reed's song Walk on the Wild Side, you already know the names of some of the people involved with the play.

"Holly came from Miami F.L.A."--That was Holly Woodlawn who was in the play.

"Candy came from out on the island"--Candy Darling also in the play.

"Jackie...thought she was James Dean for a day"--Jackie Curtis wrote the play and also appeared in it.

The play also had that 75% Irish and 25% Italian guy named Robert DeNiro, and 50% Irish and 50% French Canadian guy--me. Corned beef and pasta and Corned beef and Creton.

Where DeNiro grew up in Little Italy in New York, everyone was Italian or part Italian and part something else. Where I grew up near Boston, everyone seemed to be Irish or French Canadian or some mix of both. Now, this stuff may look a little like a digression, and it is, unles you think in existential terms--but I wanted to put that in about DeNiro because I know he has a new film coming out, this year, I think, in which he plays an Irish-American gangster from Boston--might be based on Whitey Bulger and his pal Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi. These are also the guys that Jack Nicholson's film The Dearly Departed was loosely based on. So now, if you see the film, you won't be scratching your head and wondering how a guy who is known partly for playing Italian hoods can be believable as an Irish hood. And, you can nudge the person next to you and show your knowledge of this subject. "Shut up you friggin' morons,we're watching a movie over here." Well, do your nudging quietly.

And, I put that stuff in about me just for the hell of it and because I'm writing this and if you ever saw my piece in a newspaper up in the Haight-Ashbury about Jack Kerouac who was raised a few miles from where I was raised, you might get the French-Canadian-Irish thing and the Italian-Irish thing and understand how this kind of stuff has subtle meanings in our lives whether we consciously know about such things or not. Genes 'R' Us.

Anyway, part of the...

JOLTING FLASHBACK: I'm out on the Camp Lejeune rifle firing range qualifying with my rifle that I've been sleeping with for the past few weeks and which I can field strip, put back together in complete darkness, lock and load and fire a round, before you can lace up and tie your boots in bright light. I'm one of about fifty Marines lying in prone positions on a wet muddy grass berm facing targets way down range. Twenty-five of us are on the right side of the tower and twenty-five on the left side with the range master standing in a 20 foot tall wooden tower in the middle. The range master calls out over a loud speaker: "ATTENTION ON THE FIRING LINE...ALL READY ON THE RIGHT (slight pause as he silently reads something that has has just been handed to him)...the president of the United States has just been assassinated in Dallas...ALL READY ON THE LEFT...ALL READY ON THE FIRING LINE...MARINES, COMMENCE FIRING." Fifty Marines hold their breath as one, fifty Marines slowly squeeze the triggers on fifty rifles. Fifty rounds fly down range from the grassy berm to the targets. All hit home. Every Marine is a rifleman. Every Marine knows how to shoot.

...training at Stella Adler's Acting Studio--since she taught method acting--was to become the character you're playing. That means you dress like him, you own things he's owned, you live like him, you become the character in every way possible. And, you also keep notebooks where you jot down the characteristics of people you run into as you go about your daily life. As I already mentioned, I was a student there. So was DeNiro. Both of us at the same time. I think he went days, though, while I went nights because I had to earn a living, while he was still living with his parents in Little Italy.

DIGRESSION: When DeNiro played Jake LaMotta (Jake's still alive, by the way, and what a fighter.) in Raging Bull, he was reported to have worn exactly the same type of underwear, socks, etc. as Jake and to have moved in with LaMotta for a time before appearing on screen. That's what method actors do.

So that's how I met Robert DeNiro, who was a nobody at the time. I didn't run into him again until one late winter day just before spring when the steam was still rising from the manholes. I was walking through the Village and DeNiro came out of a small store and we bumped into each other. I didn't recognize him, but he recognized me. "Hey man, how ya doin," he says. "Okay, says I, do I know you?" "Yeah, it's me Bobby DeNiro. Remember, we did Glamour together." "Oh, yeah, yeah, so what ya been up to?" "Not much," he replies, "I just did a low budget flick up in Brooklyn." "Yeah? Good," I say. "And you?" he asks. "I'm in a play over at the 14th Street Theatre," I say. "Yeah? Great. Well see ya around." "Yeah, take care, man."

FAST FORWARD: A few years later I go to see the movie Taxi Driver. There was DeNiro wearing clothes like I used to wear when we were doing the play together and there he was playing an ex-Marine. And, his apartment in the movie? It looked like mine, only larger. Hmmm. I make a mental note to go back and see that movie again sometime to see if my two buck clock might be in that movie apartment someplace. And, hey, did any of my underwear or socks go missing also?

[NOTE: No, I don't really think DeNiro stole my clock. Geez. But, I'm not really sure about the socks. Just kidding. See, this is a bit of fiction--poetic license--thrown in with some true events.]
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CM PRESS # 645


Some readers wonder why we continue to provide a link to the almost daily Daily Pilot, given how liberal the paper is.

In fact, many Improvers say they no longer read the Pilot either in its paper form or on the Internet and they say they get their local information from the CM PRESS.

We understand why many don't read the Pilot anymore. It's not exactly on the same page as most of us as far as improving Costa Mesa.

However, we'll continue linking to the paper for the time being because we like having a hyper local daily newspaper in Costa Mesa, and especially one that ties our city with our somewhat prettier sister city, Newport Beach.

Such a tie is a plus for Costa Mesa and can only benefit our city.

So, we want the almost daily Daily Pilot to stay in business and we figure the traffic from our site won't hurt.

This doesn't mean that we won't jibe the paper or its editors and writers about various matters of public concern and it doesn't mean that we won't do it in ways we consider to be interesting or humorous.

As we've written before: The folks at the Daily Pilot can't bore people into reading the newspaper. And, for our part, we can't bore people into reading the CM PRESS.

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Don Lamm, Costa Mesa's Development Services Director, is expected to be named the new City Manager of Westminster and to begin his new gig in May.

Given Lamm's background with major commercial developments, his appointment is an interesting choice for Westminster and may indicate that city is serious about moving forward with some needed changes.

Some at the CM PRESS have experience with Westminster real estate going back to the fall of Saigon. Here are a few off the cuff suggestions for Mr. Lamm:

1. Get rid of that stupid Civic Center special zoning and faux English look. It doesn't work in our climate and the Queen is never going to visit the place.

2. Give some attention to the area around Euclid and Westminster Blvd. This should be a hot location, but at present it is under utilized by the city.

3. Parking is still a problem on Bolsa and needs more creative solutions.

# # #


We've seen no new information on the body found in bushes at 810 Center Street yesterday.

# # #


A Hispanic man was arrested for pulling a knife on another man and chasing him down Center Street yesterday. The victim was able to get away without being stabbed or injured.

# # #


The City of Costa Mesa still hasn't released the latest figures on the revenue hole we're in, but as soon as the CM PRESS gets the information, we'll publish it.

We have two questions about this:

Is the shortfall going to be closer to $ 11 million or $20 million?

How will the City make it up?

# # #


Rumor has it that a local dimwit blogger is now trying to develop information sources for his silly blog and is kissing up to some Improvers.

Our guess is that the only thing this guy will get is misinformation. No one who understands what is really going on in the City likes the guy. Can't stand him.

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# # #


# # #


# # #


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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

CM PRESS # 644

OCR says no ID yet.
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The 174 year-old Ann Arbor News announced today that it's getting out of the stinky-inky dead tree business and going online.
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Seems a restaurant reviewer over at the almost daily Daily Pilot gave a bad review to local restaurant institution El Matador (here).

Then, Pee...er...Brady Rhoades tried to backpedal by writing in his blog (here) that he likes the grub over there and he'll keep eating it.

Pee...er...Brady also wants readers (and possible advertisers) to know that, golly gosh, the almost daily Daily Pilot is, in Pee...er...Brady's, words "hyper local." Pee...er...Brady didn't mention anything about tacos at El Matador...oh wait...

The hyper local comment is in Pee...er..Brady's blog about vaginal rejuvenation shots (we kid you not) (here)that is immediately below his back pedaling blog.

If our stunt double for Pee...er...Brady in the photo above hits something while going backwards, he may be in the market for those vaginal rejuvenation shots, and maybe some dresses.

As you perhaps know, hyper local Pee...er...Brady actually lives in Fullerton, not Costa Mesa. And as you may divine, Fullerton is not exactly hyper local to Costa Mesa. In fact, it's not even local. It's really kind of distant. Not really hyper distant, but still distant. Sort of sub-hyper distant. Of course, Fullerton is still in Orange County (barely), but it sure as hell isn't in Costa Mesa and doesn't have the ocean almost touching some of its friggin' land.

It's not as though Pee...er...Brady--once he punches the time clock and goes home to Fullerton--is likely to go over to El Matador for dinner.

If Pee...er...Rhoades actually lived in Costa Mesa--and were immersed in the hyper local scene--he might have caught the bad review before it was printed and thus not piss off a potential advertiser (actually, we think El Matador may be an advertiser already),and local residents--some of whom have been going to El Matador for more than forty years and who don't like their restaurant choice devalidated.
# # #


Were these cops unaware that different groups of people present different levels of danger?

LINK to Oakland Tribune article. [UPDATE: It appears that the Oakland Tribune may have now removed the story about taunting by people in the neighborhood.]

[UPDATE 2 FROM AMREN WEBSITE: [Editor’s Note: A website that has since been suspended for a violation of the terms of service published a few reactions the next day. “Extraordinary. Thank God for him,” wrote GhettoBraggingRights publisher Julius Perkins. “Lovelle Mixon: four stars, two thumbs up,” wrote “Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek” of Savannah, Georgia. And “Black Foot Soldier Masontae Limbrick” of Houston wrote, “In history’s ears he’ll ring.” And these were just three of the jubilant comments.]

LINK to The Color of Crime.

In The Color of Crime, which you can download for free, you'll find Department of Justice statistics that may help you survive as you play the percentages in life.

Among other things, you'll learn:

Crime Rates

Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.

The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

Interracial Crime

Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.

Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.

Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.


Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.
Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.


Between 1980 and 2003 the US incarceration rate more than tripled, from 139 to 482 per 100,000, and the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to 1.39 million.

Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than whites. Hispanics are three times more likely.


Most of the violent street crime and crimes involving weapons in Costa Mesa are committed by non-whites and primarily by Hispanics.

There are no white gangs in Costa Mesa.

Most of the gang members in Costa Mesa are Hispanic.

So, given The Color of Crime in Costa Mesa how do some in the CMPD proceed?

Well, as reported in previous editions of the CM PRESS, the CMPD has a few overly political and liberal officers on the force and their views are colored by liberal ideology, false assumptions, and skewed world views.

For example:

A couple of years ago, the CM PRESS used the California Public Records Act to view a presentation put on by the CMPD that Costa Mesa High School kids were forced to sit through.

What we saw was disturbing as it showed how out of touch some in the CMPD really are and the degree to which they are being propagandized(and maybe infiltrated)by outside liberal organizations.

The entire presentation, put on by a CMPD gang officer, talked about white gangs. The graphics were from a so-called anti-hate organization with an agenda.

Remember, there are no white gangs in Costa Mesa--this information comes directly from the CMPD--so why were kids forced to sit through such a presentation about the danger of white gangs? Pure left wing ideology and a lefty political agenda is the answer.

Then, even more recently, the CMPD prepared a report on gang violence in Costa Mesa that was presented to the City Council. The CM PRESS was there and we have a copy of the report.

The report clearly says there are no white gangs in Costa Mesa, but the only race/ethnicity mentioned in the report was "whites."

The words Latino, Hispanic, illegal aliens, immigrants weren't used once in the entire report even though all of the gangs in Costa Mesa are Hispanic.

In our view, the report was a clear attempt to white wash and gloss over the nature of the violent crime in our city and give the impression that our violent crime is an equal opportunity employer. It isn't.

If you buy the lefty PC line and think violent crime is an equal opportunity employer, then you're more likely to blunder into a dangerous situation not understanding the probabilities involved. If you do understand the probabilities, you may be a little more wary in some situations than in others.

We can't know for sure what was in the minds of the four dead cops in Oakland, but could it be that their brains were so full of PC nonsense that they treated the suspect the same way they might have treated a little old lady from Sweden?

Would they have been a little more on guard, and thus safer, if they had read The Color of Crime? Might they still be alive today, if they knew the facts about crime and played the percentages?

Newspapers complicit in hiding the truth and endangering the public
As we've reported many times before, liberal newspapers are often complicit in hiding the truth about violent crime by hiding racial/ethnic descriptions of violent criminals unless these criminals are white, and if they are white, the newspapers often make sure you know this fact.

# # #

Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

CM PRESS # 643


The editorial bored (misspelling intentional) at the almost daily Daily Pilot, that stinky inky piece of flotsam that calls itself a newspaper, are taking Mayor Mansoor and Councilmembers Bever, Leece and Monahan to task for not showing up to worship at the Obamathon Kool-Aid event the other day. LINK

And of course they praise their fellow traveller Flopsy Katrina Foley who did show up to genuflect.

Part of the stupid reasoning of the Pilot is that Costa Mesa needs to kiss up to the feds to get some of that federal money for "shovel ready" projects.

"Shovel ready" projects?

Who the hell does the Daily Pilot think is going to benefit from such projects?

As we've written before, that money isn't going to come to Costa Mesa to put unemployed citizens to work with shovels.

You're not going to see your unemployed fellow Costa Mesans suddently packing lunch pails each morning as they head over to dig a tunnel from 19th Street down to the Newport Beach border. In fact, you're not not going to see them get any jobs from this money.

The money will go to our bloated municipal government which will then give contracts to asphalt companies and construction companies who more than likely won't even be from Costa Mesa and who won't be hiring any Costa Mesans to do anything.

And, remember, "shovel" is just an expression. There will be few shovels. It'll be mostly heavy equipment that is needed and used, and this equipment uses trained professionals to operate.

The CM PRESS has looked at the list of shovel ready projects prepared by the City of Costa Mesa and we're here to tell you that not one of them will do the things we really need in this city.
They're all things such as resurfacing roads. Again, these are projects that aren't likely to employ Costa Mesans or use Costa Mesa firms.

Also, there's not a penny in the requests for fixing the 55/19th Street mess. Why? Because that's not considered shovel ready.

The projects Costa Mesa submitted are mostly not needed projects. They are "Gee, if we win the lottery and have extra money to throw around, let's do this," projects. Think pork barrel. Think keeping City Staff (who mostly don't live in Costa Mesa) secure in their jobs as they manage the pork.

So, who benefits financially? Not unemployed citizens of Costa Mesa.

The only thing Mansoor did wrong in this Obamathon Daily Pilot manufactured controversy was to talk to someone from the Daily Pilot.

Hey, Mr. Mayor, they're not your pals. They never will be.

# # #

Cop killer Lovelle Mixon also killed.
# # #
# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

CM PRESS # 642


Readers are asking the CM PRESS where the fiscal conservatives went who we thought we elected to the Costa Mesa City Council.

The answer is that once people get into office they often forget where they came from, what they promised, and what they're supposed to do. They become the puppets of staff and get too cozy with City employees. They then show up at City Council meetings and rubber stamp away millions of our dollars.

As far as City employee compensation, it becomes just one little raise and one little benefit after another doled out behind closed doors so citizens can't see the big spenders spending our money.

We may start publishing some of the salaries of Costa Mesa City employees. If we do so, you'll be absolutely amazed when you see that many regular employees--not managers or bigwigs--are making more than $200,000 per year. You'll also see that these employees don't contribute a penny to their own retirement plans,as you probably do where you work. Citizens of this city pay all the retirement benefits on top of the salaries of these employees.

One thing that has always bugged us is the fact that most City employees, including top department heads, don't even live in Costa Mesa. We pay them with our money, then they run to nicer cities where they live and circulate the money there. And, their kids? They're mostly not in the failing schools in Costa Mesa.

People care more for the city where they live than where they work.

Another thing that bugs us is when dimwits show up at City Council meetings and praise this or that City department head as the "best (fill in the blank) in the state." What a bunch of BS.

These jingoistic dimwits don't know who is the best or worst in the state. It's just plain stupid.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Friday, March 20, 2009

CM PRESS # 641


A light exists in spring
Not present on the year
At any other period.

When March is scarcely here
A color stands abroad
On solitary hills
That science cannot overtake,
But human nature feels.
--Emily Dickinson
# # #

At a time of new life, we wonder how that dead-ender who lives a meaningless life just waiting for the end feels. Here's a guy who is a dried up prune, who has done nothing in life and who has created nothing. He's a barren tree whose highest purpose is to fall and fertilize the earth.

Our guess is that nature has dulled this moron's senses as it has his brain so that he doesn't hear the birds singing outside his window. He doesn't see them building nests. He doesn't smell the perfumed air of new flowers. His world is barren and lacks life. The sap never rose in this character. He is full of winter and he has been made bitter by the realization, in his few lucid moments, that even his winters are numbered. His life has been for naught. There is no next generation for him. He is dust and decay and even more dust and decay awaits.
[NB: The Lonely Old Man is a fictional character from our fertile brain who we use as an archetype.]
# # #
# # #
You get it from your genes.
# # #

Brady Rhoades over at the almost daily Daily Pilot wrote this week that all is swell over there. LINK

The last person to write something like that at the DP was Tony Dodero. Then, he was gone.

Before Tony, Tom Johnson wrote a similar thing. Then, he was gone.

# # #

We didn't have actual photos of the gentlemen mentioned so we used the best images we could find as substitutes.
# # #
Illegal alien allowed to wander free--cops did nothing--kills two of the town's citizens.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

CM PRESS # 640


By Secret Insider. Secret Outsider contributed to this report.

There were approximately 2,000 people in the meeting at the OC Fairgrounds yesterday to see and hear President Obama. They seemed to be in two groups with a definite distinction between the two groups.

The first group had most of the Kool-Aid Obama Cultists and true believers who had camped out all night to get tickets and who then stood in line starting at 6:00 AM on Wednesday to get seats for a 4:00 PM show.

This group would have made perfect foils for a stage hypnotist. If Obama had said cluck like a chicken, this group would have probably gone into a mass trance and not only done that but probably would also have laid eggs.

The other half got their tickets through political connections of some sort or another and were more professional or perhaps even a little jaded and unimpressed by any politicians, even one who might be from their own party. These were the Seen-it-all-before folks.

Most of the ring side seats (but not all of them) were filled with the Obama Cultists. You could tell who they were because they cheered at everything said and had the look of those who wanted to be hypnotized.

Most of the Seen-it-all-before people sat in the back and occasionally clapped when they approved of particular points being made by Obama. I would guess that the audience was about evenly split between Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

There were not as many African Americans as I thought would be there, but there were more than you normally see in Costa Mesa. It was basically your white middle class audience with a sprinkling of Asians and English speaking Latinos.

I must say that the President, when speaking off the cuff, is much more like a friend you would meet in a bar for a drink than he appears on television. He acted like he had just joined you and your friends to discuss issues, but his prepared speech was a little on the “canned” side since I have heard him discuss most of the issues before.

It seemed like the people representing some kind of education interests outnumbered any other groups. Many of the attendees were wearing shirts that had the name of some type of community college or teacher's union. From the audience reaction, there were not very many vocal “pro” or “anti” illegal immigration attendees.

There were several high level people in Costa Mesa who attended the meeting. Peter Buffa and Peter Naghavi both had front row seats, while Tom Hatch and his wife, and Allan Roeder and his wife were seated further towards the back.

The one surprise was that Henry Segerstrom and his wife were seated very far in the back and did not seem very pleased with the seating arrangements. I heard later that they were not supposed to attend and showed up at the last minute, but I am not sure how reliable a source that is.

I would like to add that when Obama first came on stage, a large group of people went down to take pictures and I have seen more security at a rock concert. We were able to get within 50 feet of the President and take pictures.

I am glad that I stood in line for a couple of hours to get inside. It was a very casual and fun atmosphere, especially considering you were in very close proximity to the President.
# # #
On the path not taken--we imagine...

It's about 80 odd years ago, and a young Mrs. Bell shows up at a Planned Parenthood office saying she demands her right to choose.

And, being a nice liberal lady, her choice is to rid herself of those cells--those tissues with eyes and ears and tiny fingers and little feet--that are growing inside her. "Why, it can't be human, after all it's inside of me, she tells herself. It's like a cancer, just a lump of flesh and nothing more."

So, sadly, or happily, depending on your view of Joe Bell, there was no Joe Bell born that year, or the next year, or the year after that, or in any year.

However, just in case the above alternate reality didn't happen, you might want to check the Daily Pilot today to see if there's a column there by Joe Bell. LINK
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading the CM PRESS.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CM PRESS # 639


Senior Center

At public comments, the husband part of a husband and wife team of local activist residents told the Council that they're not pleased with the way an elderly senior citizen is being treated by the Costa Mesa Senior Corporation (CMSC).

He then read a harsh sounding letter sent by Katrina Foley's law firm to the elderly widow. You read that right. City Councilmember Katrina Foley's law firm represents the CMSC.

The CMSC is the same corporation that doesn't want city oversight and doesn't want Councilmember Wendy Leece to look at what's going on over there. It's also the same corporation that has some of Foley's political pals on the board.

The wife part of the team then read a letter from the elderly widow's attorney sent in response to the letter from Foley's firm.

What it means: Our guess is that the Council may take a serious look at the Senior Center. Remember, CMSC occupies a City owned building at 695 W. 19th Street for a buck a year, and also gets a pile of tax payer money each year.

Some citizens believe the City could run the place better and cheaper if it just took over the building and ran it with Parks and Recreation Dept. employees along with help from volunteer seniors.

And, in this last regard, many of our seniors don't want to just sit and watch the grass grow or join the latest conga line. They want to volunteer their time in meaningful pursuits such as helping other seniors.

If we understand things correctly, the senior widow mentioned above was a volunteer at the senior center but ran afoul of the corporation for some reason and she wasn't allowed to volunteer any longer.

Apparently, her volunteering was an extremely important part of her life such that by not allowing her to volunteer, she suffered a psychological shock as she was stripped of the meaning and purpose in her life. That's not the way we want our seniors treated.

The reason we have a Senior Center in Costa Mesa is to serve the seniors. It does not exist to serve the people running it.
# # #
Fireworks and phony overtime

Councilmember Leece clarified her position on fireworks in the City and said the widely reported proposed 20% "tax" on fireworks booth profits to pay for extra police and fire services during the 4th of July celebrations was only an example and could actually be from 1% to whatever it takes to defer City costs.

Ms. Leece's position is that the citizens of the City shouldn't shoulder the costs and that those actually taking in the money for the fireworks should.

There's a column in today's Daily Pilot from Planning Commissioner Stephen Mensinger (writing as a private citizen) taking Leece to task on the issue. LINK

Be sure to read Mensinger's column. He makes some good points, not so much on the fireworks themselves, but on the "phony overtime" being paid to some City employees. This gets to the heart of Ms. Leece's concerns about costs to citizens.

We can tell you that more than a few citizens aren't pleased with the phony overtime.

The CM PRESS has seen the records of how much each one of our employees makes, and we have to tell you we were pissed off when we saw the overtime that one arrogant jerk of an employee makes as he sits on his fat ass and sneers at citizens when they try to get service.

As we reported before, we have employees who make more than $ 60,000 per year just in

Maybe some of these employees wouldn't need overtime if they actually lived in Costa Mesa like the people who pay them, instead of in more expensive cities.

You just know that some of these employees are going to their department heads and saying things such as: "I just bought a new home in Newport Beach with an ocean view and I have a high mortgage payment. Can I have more overtime?"

And the reply: "Oh sure, just fill out all your paperwork when you're off your shift. And, take your time."

One of our experiences with lousy service and possible overtime

Not long ago, the CM PRESS tried to get the CMPD--that had ten officers standing around doing nothing but talking to each other after a local incident was finished--simply send one of the ten jawboning officers to give a warning to some people who were in their plain sight and who were violating a minor law that was screwing up the neighborhood.

It would have taken about three minutes to do this. And, the violators were within a short walking distance. The cops wouldn't even have had to drive. Hell, they could have shouted to the perps.

We asked for this service in the correct way by calling the CMPD at (714) 754-5252 in addition to actually pointing out the violation to an officer on the scene. The officer saw the violation. And, we even told the officer the CMMC section that was being violated in case she didn't know the law.

While it was a clear violation of the law, and citations could have been issued, all we were asking was that the cops educate and politely warn the violators about the law.

What did the Duty Officer on the other end of the phone at police headquarters tell us? He said, with phony and overly exaggerated smarmy politeness, that was really thinly disguised rudeness, that he wouldn't have any of his officers stop the violation.

He told us that all the officers would eventually go back to the station and our call would come up in the normal rotation. Then, someone would respond if an officer was available.

So, after the cops were all finished talking about their personal lives to each other (we actually overheard some of their conversations), they got back in their police cars and we watched them all leave the scene while the violation we reported continued.

As far as we know, no cops ever responded to our call.

How much overtime did those ten cops get for not doing anything? And, why is the CMPD keeping rude cops on the force who refuse to serve the public?

Well, we know part of the answer. We have a few unprofessional cops on the CMPD who are overly political and we have some who have contempt for citizens and activists--including contempt for some City Councilmembers.

Don't get us wrong. Most of our cops seem to be professional and seem honest. But there are some bad eggs in the department.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CM PRESS # 638

[Richard S. Millard b. 1817, Ireland/d. 1901, Massachusetts--RIP]
"May there be a generation of children on the children of your children."-Traditional Irish Toast
# # #


# # #

French physicist gets Templeton Prize.

# # #


Texas Cosmology Center established.
# # #


We saw heavy equipment working at the old shopping center site at Mission-Mendoza in Mesa Del Mar today.

According to City staff, the contractor has a rough grading permit that will allow the site to be developed up to the point where road(s) can be roughed in (if we remember correctly, there is going to be one road in this project).

Next up would be a precise grading permit that would get the project to the point where exact locations for homes would be established.

Then, a building permit would be issued for the actual home construction.

You may recall from reading the CM PRESS that the plans call for 24 homes and a tot lot.

Keep your fingers crossed Mesa Del Mareans, this could be a major improvement for your neighborhood.

# # #


We had a conversation with a local the other day and she was pretty certain that President Obama would arrive at the OC Fairgrounds via helicopter. We maintained that it would probably be by motorcade. Well, according to the OCR, motorcade it is.

The OCR seems to think that the motorcade will come down the 405. If we were Obama, we'd do PCH to get the flavor of the land, but it probably will be the 405 if the Secret Service has its way.

Say, maybe we can put a Costa Mesan in as Obama's driver and have the motorcade get caught in the stupid traffic at the end of the 55 at 19th Street and then while they're stuck in traffic, our driver-shill can ask for stimulus money to put the 55 underground where it has always belonged.

Hey, wait a minute. The OC Sheriff's Dept. is going to do a lot of the security. Mayor Mansoor is a Sheriff's Deputy. Maybe we can have him on a motorcycle leading the motorcade and then he can divert it to the 55....

# # #

Thanks for reading the CM PRESS.

CM PRESS # 132

UPDATE:  FIRST 50 WHITE FAMILIES FROM SOUTH AFRICA MAY SOON BE RESETTLED IN RUSSIA Whites face genocide at the hands of Blacks in South Af...