Sunday, March 29, 2009

CM PRESS # 650


Are you getting pissed off yet about all this violent crime we're seeing in Costa Mesa?

Almost all of it has a nexus with illegal aliens in one way or another. All the work of CRAC and WROC and all the work getting improvement minded people elected to the City Council doesn't seem to be helping the Westside very much does it?

So, Westsiders, why aren't you complaining? Why aren't you at City Council meetings? Why aren't you writing letters? Do you want your kids in danger? Do you like living in a slum?

Are you happy with schools over there that are at Third World levels?

We have three Councilmembers who either lived on the Westside (Mansoor) or who live there now (Bever, Leece). All three got elected because of the support of Improvers.

And, in case you forgot, Improvers started organizing to improve the Westside.
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