Wednesday, August 29, 2007

CM PRESS # 204


All is swell down at the Return to Reason El Daily Pilot newsroom, according to Anaheim resident, Senor Tony Dodero whose title at the rag is director of news and online.

The newsroom, according to Tony, is full of professionals sitting around doing, ah, professional newspaper types of things and not conspiring with one another or pushing a pro-illegal alien company line.

The pros at the Pilot, says Tony, are more concerned with what they'll eat for lunch each day and are thus too busy to be engaging in conspiracies. Illegal alien bias at the Pilot? Pshaw. Not according to Tony. They're all thinking about those tofu tacos.

Oh, before we go on, Tony might want to have one of his professionals take a minute out from thinking about lunch and proof read what he wrote. You see, he had this line in his column: "That it was towing the Bush administration line...." Ah, Tony, that should be "toeing [the line]."

Well, Tony, we do think there is a conspiracy at the Pilot. It is a conspiracy of opinion and we think it starts with your boss, Newport Beach resident Thomas H. Johnson, known to us here at the CM PRESS as Waving Johnson.

You see, Tony, it appears that Johnson surrounds himself with sycophants who share his pro- illegal alien world view. They want to keep their jobs in the shrinking dead tree press world so they, er, toe the line. Do what the boss wants. Kiss up. Bend over. Ask how high when he says jump. Brown nose. Polish the apple. Become fellow travelers. Get our drift, Tony? There's no future in writing things the boss doesn't like.

Here's some clues about Johnson:

According to a Wikipedia article on Johnson, that has since mysteriously disappeared from Wikipedia, but which the CM PRESS downloaded before its disappearance, Johnson was "a founding member of the Latino Business Council in Costa Mesa in 1994."

Now, why did Johnson become a founding member of a group with a racial/ethnic name in its title?

With a name like Johnson, wouldn't you think it would be more logical for him to be a founding member of something that might be called the European-American Business Council? Oh, but that would be racist, right? Maybe, he just prefers Latinos over European-Americans? If so, isn't that a bias based on race/ethnicity?

Or, how about the time that Johnson wrote a piece in the Pilot supporting keeping the goofy job center open? You'd have to be PC stupid to not know that the job center served many suspected illegal aliens.

You may recall that Johnson sat at the job center for about an hour and then gushed in a column about how wonderful the place was. Oh, the humanity of it! As we've written before, that's when we added "Waving" to Johnson's name.

In our fictionalized version of Johnson's slumming, we suggested that Johnson, appearing somewhat wan, looked like a combination of Where's Waldo and Alfred E. Neuman as he waved and yelled "Yoo hooo" to prospective employers while seeking day work as a publisher.

As we wrote it, Johnson lost out on a job to an illegal alien who had more publishing experience than Johnson--in making false I.D. cards for other illegal aliens--and who in addition to doing the day job of publisher also promised to mow his employer's lawn. Johnson, being a white guy, doesn't know how to mow lawns, you see.

How about Johnson using his paper to try to defeat Chris Steel, Alan Mansoor, Eric Bever and Wendy Leece and elect individuals who share his pro-illegal world view and who support the status quo in Costa Mesa? Any indication of a conspiracy of opinion in that?

How about the paper being largely silent about pollution from the Westside Bluffs? Could that have something to do with the fact that Johnson was, according to Wikipedia, the past president of the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce? In addition to supporting the businesses on the Bluffs, the Chamber was also against closing the job center. See how these things all link up?

How about the story about the European-American girl who was told by a local non-profit that she was the wrong color and that they only wanted to serve Latinas? Johnson's Daily Pilot didn't write a word about this even though the Feds caught the non-profit and forced it to sign a consent decree promising to stop such racial discrimination.

Or, how about all the smears that Johnson lets in the paper about U-know-who at the CM PRESS? The Pilot even put U-know-who in its silly 103 most influential whatevers this past year and had smears in the verbiage about this.

Johnson wrote this about U-know-who: "There's primarily one man behind the quest to get rid of 'soccer players' in Paularino Park which leads me to believe it's race related."

Now, dear reader, you know that when Johnson puts "soccer players" in quotation marks that what he really means is "Latinos." You get the ham handed attempt at a smear by innuendo, right?

Johnson also got his facts wrong. It is not primarily one man behind...etc. The Mesa North community, composed of people living in more than 700 homes, was behind it. The City even held a community meeting and the consensus was to make the changes to Paularino Park that are now being made. Residents of Mesa North said they want a safe park and they don't want to be fearful that they and their toddlers will be injured by inappropriate activities in this tiny little park that has no sports fields.

But, isn't it ironic that it is Johnson who seems to have race/ethnicity so much on his mind?

How about the Pilot having a special column to cover the "vibrant Latino community, in Costa Mesa"? Isn't that race/ethnicity related?

Where is the special column to cover the "vibrant (white, black, Asian, whatever) community"? It doesn't exist. At least not in the Daily Pilot.

We think the bias at the paper even colors the way the paper reports news. Are we mistaken or does it seem that the Pilot almost never reports the race/ethnicity of outstanding criminal suspects when they are Latino, even when this might lead to their capture and make our city safer?

Do you see a pattern with Johnson and the Pilot? Maybe even a conspiracy of opinion? Birds of a feather all singing the same song? And, who hires all those birds of a feather and who dictates their song? Right. And doesn't that song seem to have a Salsa beat?

Here's how it looks to us: Johnson has pro-illegal alien views. He also wants to keep the Westside Bluffs full of industrial businesses (that hire many suspected illegal aliens). He also favors the charities that put out a welcome mat for illegal aliens in Costa Mesa. He uses the Pilot to push his views. He hires people who share his views. To us, that looks like a pro-illegal conspiracy of opinion.

It also appears to us that Johnson may have a touch of that almost congenital liberal mind set that causes him to believe people who oppose illegal immigration or who want a nicer Costa Mesa want to harm people based on race/ethnicity and that this causes him to see racial motives in everything. If U-know-who orders a hamburger, there must be a racial motive. If U-know-who tries to stop cars from endangering kids at a grade school, there must be a racial motive.

In this, he reminds us of a character that Woody Allen played in a movie who thought he was surrounded by anti-Semites because when people would say "Did you have lunch," Woody's character would hear "Did Jew have lunch?" [Note for trivia buffs: U-know-who appeared in a Woody Allen movie].

Because of his world view, as evidenced by what he has done and said, it appears to us that Johnson opposes the Improvers who want to make Costa Mesa nicer and more like our surrounding coastal cities. It also appears to us that he uses the Pilot to push his agenda in this regard.

Johnson can afford to take such a cavalier attitude since he doesn't live in Costa Mesa and is not directly affected by bad things that happen in our city.

He hasn't seen dead bodies in his neighborhood--caused by drive-by gang shootings--as has the CM PRESS. He doesn't have kids in schools that are trending more like schools in Santa Ana. He doesn't have multiple families of illegal aliens living in homes in his neighborhood. He doesn't have gangs putting graffiti all over his neighborhood (He probably hasn't seen the gang graffiti on trees in Paularino Park, either). He doesn't have abandoned shopping carts up and down his street in Newport Beach.

But, dear reader, these are just our opinions. Maybe we have it wrong. What do you think? Does it sound as though there is a conspiracy of opinion at the Daily Pilot?

Do you think that the Daily Pilot is an illegal alien friendly paper?
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

CM PRESS # 203


As you may have read in the LA TIMES this week, people who live near Los Angeles Airport are trying to keep that airport from growing again.

They'll lose the battle, also again. I guarantee it.

The reason they'll lose is that air safety requires that LAX grow. "Air safety," trumps all. Bake sales and whining may make some feel all warm and cozy, but LAX is about to expand. You can take that to the bank.

The reason the folks near LAX can't win is because there is no alternative site to replace LAX.

Jump now to our own ever expanding John Wayne Airport.

There's a letter in the Daily Pilot today from a Nancy Alston of Newport Beach who says she's a member of AirFair, a group that is trying to keep JWA from expanding.

Now, we at the CM PRESS have not been pleased with AirFair, but we're always hesitant to criticize those who are doing something, even if we think it's just busy work, because the obvious retort is "Well, what are you doing?"

Our answer to the question about what we're doing relative to JWA is that we have other fish to fry and it should be those who live closest to the airport who take the lead.

Notwithstanding this, however, we will do this: we'll prod those who are most affected by the growth of JWA to start becoming more effective. We'll write about JWA and we'll give our opinions on what we think should be done. In fact, that's what we're doing here.

We've listened to representatives of AirFair addressing the Costa Mesa City Council and we've read their literature and visited their website.

We see "let's wish really hard to keep JWA from expanding" all over their efforts.

In fact, we think the group is just creating the illusion that something meaningful is being done to stop the expansion of JWA when it isn't. It seems to us that AirFair is just giving us a new version of the old duck and cover advice when facing a nuclear attack.

Instead of finding meaningful approaches to stopping JWA from growing, we've only found constant whining from the group as they cite statistics about how the number of commercial jets increased 5.7% this year over 2006 etc. and how we have to cap the number of flights.

Look folks, we already know the flights have increased. We already know that JWA in our backyard is not a good thing. We also know that JWA is an accident waiting to happen. Now we need real solutions.

While those fighting the expansion of LAX will lose, this does not have to be the case for those fighting the expansion of JWA--if, they'll stop the bake sales and knitting bee level of activity and focus on what will really work.


The only way JWA can be tamed is by finding a new location to replace it with a truly modern and large international airport.

Those living near LAX are out of luck in finding such a location to replace their beast, but here in Orange County we have massive Camp Pendleton just down the road over the border with San Diego County. It has "large international airport" written all over it.

Camp Pendleton is about as perfect a location for a new airport as we could hope for. The place is huge and a new airport many times the size of LAX could be put on a portion of that base and the Marines wouldn't even miss the land.

Want to stop JWA from expanding and maybe even shrink it? Focus on building an airport at Camp Pendleton. Start getting the politicians on board.

Now, while you're working to get an airport built on Camp Pendleton, continue trying to cap flights at JWA, but understand that the latter activity is just a stopgap and is not the real battle.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

CM PRESS # 202


During the last election campaign, City Council candidate Bruce Garlich said that there's no pollution on the Westside Bluffs.

He was wrong.

He also lost the election; much to the chagrin of Katrina Foley, Linda Dixon, the folks in Return to Reason, and a bunch of industrialists with factories on the Bluffs.

The State of California is now in the process of cleaning up a 6 acre site on Monrovia near 16th Street that is contaminated by a "pool" of toxic chemicals approximately 20 feet down that has apparently moved to that spot from another location in the area.

Some believe that the Monrovia site is just the tip of the iceberg.

The CM PRESS believes that the City of Costa Mesa should take a more active role in seeing that the Bluffs are cleaned up.

In addition, and although this is unrelated to the pollution issue, the CM PRESS believes that the City should consider buying land on the Bluffs in the area south of 19th Street down to the Newport Beach border for a new soccer field/park/skateboard park.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

CM PRESS # 201


It should be clear to all who are paying attention, that Costa Mesa simply needs more sports fields--soccer fields, especially--and parks.

As it is now, we're seeing various types of sports activities in some of our parks that, while fine for sports fields, are dangerous to players and others in parks that are not designed for these sports and where they conflict with other uses.

Some folks in Costa Mesa with a political agenda are saying that people should be allowed to play running ball team sports in any park they can find and that it's fine for them to throw, kick, or hit balls in disregard for the safety of others or themselves.

This does not do the players or others who use the parks any favors.

It's just common sense that the City, which is solely responsible for our parks, should ensure that all our parks are safe and that activities that may foreseeably cause injuries should be stopped. The City has done this with golf and bars this activity from all parks that the CM PRESS is aware of.

Because of the increasing popularity of soccer, it behooves the City of Costa Mesa to start buying land and putting in more soccer fields where the players can play without running into trees, or falling on sidewalks, or tripping in sprinkler holes, and without kicking balls into tot lots, nearby streets, or the backyards of adjacent homes.

Where will the money come from for buying park land and soccer fields?

The two most obvious possibilities are a hotel bed tax increase and/or fees from new developments. But, there are others.

The CM PRESS is a big believer in having government close to the people, and we're also a big believer in having the municipal government form citizen committees to explore various possibilities.

So, why not form a citizen committee whose charge is specifically to come up with recommendations to the City Council about new park locations and funding sources? Let's get the people who want more park land and soccer fields, and those who may have professional, semi-professional or a hobby level of knowledge about such things, involved in the process.

Without more parks and sports fields, we're probably going to see increasing conflicts between people with different ideas of how our parks should be used.

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

CM PRESS # 200


The state of Oklahoma is about to start enforcing some tough anti-illegal alien laws in that state. It hasn't done so yet, but already, according to this report, tens of thousands of "Hispanics" are fleeing Oklahoma.

Hispanics who are legal residents of Oklahoma need not flee, but the main stream press wants to falsely spin this as an anti-Hispanic move by Oklahoma. Ho hum. Yawn.

All living things gravitate to where they feel comfortable and they flee places where they are not comfortable. Oklahoma has decided to make itself uncomfortable for illegal aliens.
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There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
Henry David Thoreau

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

CM PRESS # 199


In the aftermath of the execution style murders of three teens (pictured) in Newark, N.J. earlier this month by illegal aliens, the attorney general of N.J. is now requiring local law enforcement officers to notify ICE after the arrest of any illegal alien for any indictable offense or for DUI.

It's sad that N. J. government officials only took such action after illegals murdered citizens and after the citizen community demanded that our laws be enforced.

One of the illegal alien killers was known to local police and was facing charges for the alleged rape of a 5-year-0ld at the time he helped murder these teens.

Had these illegal alien killers been deported, as they should have been, these three teens would be alive today and on their way to college instead of now lying under six feet of dirt.


We had a 16 year old citizen girl murdered behind Estancia High School by a man who then fled to Mexico. Where is the outrage from citizens?

We had a long time employee of the Daily Pilot murdered by an illegal alien. This murderer was living with about a dozen others in a tiny apartment in the Shalimar slum. Where is the outrage from the Daily Pilot?

Sure, we have an ICE agent in our jail, but the CM PRESS keeps hearing a buzz from citizens who believe there are some within local law enforcement and local government who are resisting bringing some illegal aliens to the notice of the ICE agent.

Some have wondered whether or not there is some sort of informal quota system working whereby, for the sake of appearances, a few illegal aliens are arrested for serious crimes, while others get a wink and nod. Those who suggest this, point out that the detainers for illegals seem to be about the same each month (averaging approximately 50 per month). They wonder why the number seems to remain so constant.

Here's what California Penal Code Section 834b says local cops should do:

(a) Every law enforcement agency in California shall fully cooperate with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding any person who is arrested if he or she is suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.

(b) With respect to any such person who is arrested, and suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws, every law enforcement agency shall do the following:

(1) Attempt to verify the legal status of such person as a citizen of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted as a permanent resident, an alien lawfully admitted for a temporary period of time or as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of immigration laws. The verification process may include, but shall not be limited to, questioning the person regarding his or her date and place of birth, and entry into the United States, and demanding documentation to indicate his or her legal status.

(2) Notify the person of his or her apparent status as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws and inform him or her that, apart from any criminal justice proceedings, he or she must either obtain legal status or leave the United States.

(3) Notify the Attorney General of California and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service of the apparent illegal status and provide any additional information that may be requested by any other public entity.

(c) Any legislative, administrative, or other action by a city, county, or other legally authorized local governmental entity with jurisdictional boundaries, or by a law enforcement agency, to prevent or limit the cooperation required by subdivision (a) is expressly prohibited.

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

CM PRESS # 198


At it's regularly scheduled August 21, meeting, the City Council will decide whether or not to award a contract to RJM Design Group in the amount of $ 79, 895 for planning and conceptual design services for a new skate park that the City is considering building in Lions Park.

There are really two issues here.

1. Is Lions Park the best location for such a skate park?
2. Who should design and build a new skate park?

As of this writing, the CM PRESS doesn't have enough information to intelligently discuss the location issue. And, since we don't live near Lions Park we defer to those who do live near the park.

As to who should design and build the skate park, the CM PRESS wanted to know more. So, we went to RJM's Website. While it looks as though the firm has much experience in some areas, we only found one example of a skate park that the firm had been involved with. It seems that RJM'S past work is mostly with sports parks (baseball, etc), cemeteries, community centers and community parks rather than skate parks. Here's the link to RJM.

We then spent a few minutes doing an Internet search and came up with a company named Dreamland that seems to be one of the top firms for designing skate parks. Dreamland's skate parks also seem to have garnered the endorsements of many of the super stars of that field. Here's the link to Dreamland.

With the above in mind, we wonder if City staff has taken the time to visit some of the skate board shops and professionals in the field to get their views on design, location and other factors about this new skate park?

If we're going to build a new skate park, why not have it be one that is unique and has bragging rights?
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Residents on some streets in Mesa North were surprised today to see large item trash trucks show up on their streets--since they hadn't received notice that this was the day for such service.

As might be expected, the streets were empty of large items and the large item trucks left mostly empty.

If you're one of those who didn't get a notice about a large item pickup, you might want to call the Costa Mesa Sanitary District (949) 645-8400 and CR&R (800) 826-9677 and do a little trash talking.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

CM PRESS # 197


Newport Beach...........................$ 1,768,125
Huntington Beach...................... 705,625
Fountain Valley.......................... 705,000
Irvine........................................... 693,187
Costa Mesa................................. 671,250
Santa Ana................................... 578,000

What do the numbers tell us?

Costa Mesa continues to be in the basement with Santa Ana.

Costa Mesa should really be in the # 2 or 3 slot given our closeness to Newport Beach and the fact that we share the same school district and were once closer to that city in quality of life matters.

Why are we now so far from our sister city, Newport Beach? Costa Mesa is overrun with illegal aliens and Newport Beach isn't.

Why is Costa Mesa overrun with illegal aliens? We have slums that attract them and we have charities that make them feel warm and cozy here.

Did you see that one charity has given out more than 1,500 backpacks to "poor" kids in Costa Mesa? "Poor" in our city usually means illegal aliens. As far as we know, no backpacks were given out in Newport Beach.

And, when school starts next month, parents will be told, again, that instead of buying pencils, paper, glue, etc. for their own kids that they have to buy these items and give them to the school which will then give them out to the kids. Why? So, the children of illegal aliens who are living off charity in Costa Mesa won't feel bad.

Folks, a city does not improve by pandering to illegal aliens. We need to (please excuse the cliche) reach for the sky. We need to aim higher that we are right now. We need to be a city that attracts upwardly mobile citizens who work hard and struggle to make better lives for themselves and who value education.

If you took all the illegal aliens from Costa Mesa and moved them to Newport Beach and moved an equal number of Newporters to Costa Mesa, Newport Beach would be as Costa Mesa is today, and Costa Mesa would be as Newport is today.

People matter. It is people who make cities nice or not so nice.

If you're an illegal alien in Costa Mesa, you can get free breakfasts for your kids in school, free day care courtesy of the city government, free bags of groceries, free dental and medical care and much, much more.

Why would you want to move to where you can afford to live if you can supplement your income in so many ways in Costa Mesa? Costa Mesa offers illegal aliens the good life on the backs of citizens.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Monday, August 13, 2007

CM PRESS # 196


Congressman John Campbell has a good column in the Daily Pilot today in which he writes: "[L]et's just let local law enforcement officers check immigration status as part of routine police work."


The CM PRESS believes that our local cops should do this. It's just common sense and it helps protect the cops themselves as well as citizens.

Too many cops are being killed around the country by dangerous illegal aliens who are slipping through the cracks with phony identification cards.

If the cops can ask reasonable questions about immigration status and hold those who appear to be in violation of our immigration laws for further checking, we'll have safer streets and fewer cops killed during routine traffic stops.

The CM PRESS believes that having the ICE agent in the Costa Mesa jail is a good move and should be continued, but we also believe that our CMPD officers should be cross trained to also do immigration checks.

The CM PRESS is aware that some citizens in Costa Mesa believe there is a small clique of overly politicized officers within the CMPD who don't want to confront illegal aliens and who try to avoid doing so. These citizens suggest that if there are such officers on the force, that they are causing citizens to not trust the CMPD and that this is not good for this city as a whole.

How about it City Council?
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

CM PRESS # 195


World Net Daily is reporting that a top attorney is offering to help radio talker Michael Savage file a civil rights law suit against the City of San Francisco and others.

If you've been paying attention to smears closer to home, you may be struck by how similar Savage's case seems to something going on locally.

Top attorney backs Savage against San Fran official
Government slams radio talk-show host for his stand against illegal immigration

© 2007

One of the nation's top civil rights attorneys has offered his assistance in suing a San Francisco city supervisor who attacked nationally syndicated radio talk-show host Michael Savage for his tough stance against illegal immigration.

Daniel A. Horowitz of Oakland, Calif., wrote to Savage after Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval introduced a resolution condemning the radio talker urging him to sue the official, whom he compared to Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin and Hugo Chavez in the way he attempted to silence political speech by rallying the mob.

"You have a strong federal civil rights action that you can file against Supervisor Sandoval and the city of San Francisco," he advised. "You have a constitutional right to state your political opinions and no city official has the right to lie about what you said or to call for a mob to come to your door to threaten you and to try to have you fired."

Horowitz said the Civil Rights Act of 1871, designed to tame the terror of the Ku Klux Klan, can be used as the basis for a federal civil rights action against the official and the city.

"You are protected by this civil rights act because you are the victim of the same type of mob terror that (the) Klan used to inflict," wrote Horowitz. "This terror is being organized against you simply because people do not like what you say. Translated into legal language, you are being attacked by a type of terrorist because you have exercised your First Amendment rights."

Horowitz wrote: "The Klansman in your case is wearing a suit and not a white robe. He is doing his dirty work under the hood of his elected position instead of under the coward's hood of the Klan."

The call for action against Savage came at the same time city supervisors were considering using taxpayer dollars to pay for immigrants' green cards and citizenship.


Horowitz wrote: "This Sandoval fellow accused you of using 'defamatory language ... against immigrants.' Of course, this statement by Sandoval is slander. I have listened to your show. You are very complimentary of immigrants. In fact, you frequently mention that your parents were immigrants. The slander by Sandoval arises because he claims that your opposition to illegal entry into this country is somehow a stand against Hispanics. That is like saying that every Border Patrol agent and every Congress person is anti-immigrant because they don't condone illegal border crossing."

"I will back you, Michael, and file this lawsuit if you wish," concluded Horowitz.


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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

CM PRESS # 194


The Costa Mesa Police Department reported today that between December '06 and the end of July '07, the ICE agent in the Costa Mesa jail had issued 384 detainers on suspected illegal aliens. There were 52 detainers issued in July alone.

Of the 384 detainers, 146 involved underlying felonies. Of these, there was 1 murder; 5 sex crimes; 6 cruelty to children crimes; 6 robberies; 18 burglaries; 3 dangerous weapons offenses; 17 assault/battery crimes; 46 drug offenses; 12 thefts; 16 felony warrants; 1 DUI; 2 miscellaneous vehicle code violations; 13 others.

Included in the 238 detainers based on underlying misdemeanors there were 2 sex crimes; 6 dangerous weapons offenses; 6 assault/battery charges; 9 drug arrests; 8 thefts; 74 DUI (not a complete list).

In other words, there are 384 fewer illegal alien criminals walking the streets of Costa Mesa right now, due to the efforts of the CMPD and ICE.

To put an even sharper point on this: If Mayor Mansoor had not stood his ground and insisted on checking on the citizenship status of those who come into contact with the police, and had he given in to the local lefties, there would be 384 more illegal alien criminals on our streets. Some of these criminals might even be casing your home or looking at your kids right now had they not had the ICE detainers put on them.

According to the CMPD, 92% of the illegals with ICE holds in July were Hispanic (46 from Mexico and 2 from Guatamela). Countries of origin for prior months were not given by the CMPD. Two on ICE holds were from Canada, one from Syria and the country of origin of one individual was unknown.
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That the lefty crackpots in Costa Mesa who oppose any type of meaningful improvement and who are in favor of having the job center reopened, and who want to keep polluting factories on our beautiful (well, they should be) Westside Bluffs, and who are the best friends of illegal aliens, and the charities that draw them here, are now suddenly saying that they're conservatives?

We kid you not. Don't believe 'em folks. Ask them their positions on specific issues and watch them squirm and try to sidestep the questions.

Take illegal immigration, for example. These "conservatives" don't like illegal immigration, by golly. That's what they'll tell you. But, they're in favor of a path to citizenship (read amnesty), and they're in favor of having a job center, and they don't like having the ICE agent in our jail, and they want the charities to keep giving freebies to illegal aliens.

Yup. They're sure "conservative," all right. Laugh out loud, and, please, do it right in their smarmy faces.

Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

CM PRESS # 193


Tony Dodero is the latest non-Costa Mesa resident and ink stained scribbler from the Return to Reason Daily Pilot to whine about Paularino Park being made safe for residents.

These people at the Pilot all seem to be cut from the same stupid cloth and they all do the bidding of Newport Beach resident Thomas H. Johnson who is the publisher of the Pilot and who is ultimately responsible for the tone of the newspaper. If you work for the paper you had better write what this guy wants or you'll be looking for a new job. And, finding jobs in the shrinking world of newspapers isn't easy these days.

It appears that Dodero just used his blather about Paularino Park as an excuse to launch one of the Pilot's regular attacks on anyone who tries to improve Costa Mesa in meaningful ways. Maybe Dodero is looking for a raise from Johnson.

Mayor Mansoor was Dodero's specific target today.

As usual, Dodero goes off into lala land with his column as he fails to address the real issues and doesn't even discuss why the Pilot didn't complain--as pointed out by Mayor Mansoor in the mayor's earlier column--when the residents near Tanager Park in Mesa Verde had basketball removed from that park.

As you may recall, when the residents who live near Tanager Park complained about noise from basketball being played in the park, the City quickly removed the basketball hoops. When it did so, there were no smears in the Pilot about racism or about how residents hate kids or how kids would now get fat or about how the government was stealing our freedoms. Nothing. Not a peep.

Why? Hmmmm. Let's play the Pilot's silly smear game for a moment, just to make the point. Our eyes narrow to slits and we lower our voice to a knowing whisper. "Pssst. Didja hear that the Pilot is institutionally racist? Pass it on.

"Psssst. Which group in the U.S. is most closely associated with basketball? Blacks. And, which people, according to some, mostly play soccer in our parks? Hispanics.

"So, could it be that the Pilot hates Blacks and loves Hispanics? Is that what this is about? Is that why the Pilot was silent about removing basketball hoops, but has been filling its pages with slack-jawed complaints about Paularino Park?

"And, why does the Pilot have no Blacks on staff, that we know about, while it does have Hispanics? Why are there columns about the "vibrant Hispanic community," but none about the "vibrant Black community," or even the "vibrant White or Asian communities?"

See how easy it is to smear? But, it's nonsense. The issue is about making parks safe and having them be used in appropriate ways so the greatest number of people can enjoy them.

And, speaking of appropriate uses for our parks, if we follow the Pilot's silly logic, we would allow anything in all parks. It's an absurd result. But, the Pilot is pretty absurd.

Consider: Would the folks at the Bark Park like soccer pickup games there? Would the folks playing soccer at the Farm Complex want people having picnics in the middle of their fields? Would the people at the Volcom Skate Park like model airplanes being flown there?

The truth is that all of our parks are different and they all have to be tailored for different needs and uses depending on a wide range of circumstances, including the wishes of the people who live near those parks.

Maybe if the Daily Pilot had more people working there who actually live in Costa Mesa the paper wouldn't be so out of touch with the community that it's supposed to be serving.

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

CM PRESS # 192


Sometimes, newspaper columns are so stupid that you almost can't respond because you're laughing so hard.

Auntie Steve Smith has one of those really stupid columns in the Daily Pilot today as he wags his finger and tries to insult Mayor Mansoor.

And, speaking of fingers, Smith apparently counted his fingers on one hand and came up with six things that he finds fault with that were done or were said by Mansoor. And, dear friends, Smith is not a hexadactyl, if you know what we mean.

Here are the six things, starting with the one that Smith says is the most "shocking" (we kid you not, he actually wrote "shocking"):

1. The mayor said "The Job Center was a blight on the neighborhood." Smith was shocked, shocked, I say.

The Truth: Actually, the mayor got it exactly right. It was a blight. It was a terrible and a horrible blight and it was helping keep the Westside as slum central for the benefit of Smith's out of town pals who used illegal workers off the books and who used them to puff up their charity rolls.

Smith whines that he now sees day workers looking for work on the sidewalks and streets around the former Job Center. Well, Mr. Smith, they were all around the place in the past and in far greater numbers. Those who you see now are a fraction of the mobs that used to be there. And, as out of town employers start feeling the feds breathing down their necks for hiring illegal aliens, the jobs will dry up much faster than will your moist eyes as you shed tears over the fact that Costa Mesa is being improved, thanks in large part to the strong leadership of Mayor Mansoor.

2. Smith says that Mayor Mansoor is wrong when he says that the new rules at Paularino Park "will not keep anyone from tossing a ball or throwing a Frisbee with their kids."

The Truth: Again, the mayor got it exactly right. The new rules will just be in place if they're needed to stop dangerous activities if they occur. Cops won't be hiding behind trees to catch a ball thrower. Smith is just absurd.

3. Smith complains that Mayor Mansoor is falsely taking credit for the ICE agent in the jail, when this wasn't Mansoor's idea.

The Truth: Again, Smith is just full of crap. The only reason we have an ICE agent in our jail is because Mansoor stood firm in having citizenship status checked at our jail, and when ICE saw that he wasn't going to back down, they put one of their own agents in the jail. But for Mansoor, we would not have an ICE agent in our jail and more than 300 illegal alien criminals who have now been deported, would still be running around our streets.

4. Smith says that Mansoor is falsely taking credit for "studying the possible extension of the 55 Freeway through cut and cover tunneling."

The Truth: Contrary to know-nothing, do-nothing Smith's assertion, Mansoor does deserve credit for this. Sure, many of us have been talking about doing this for years. So what? Talk is cheap. Mansoor is the guy who actually brought this thing to the front burner.

5. Smith then gets even sillier when he says that Mansoor didn't comment on the issue of safe and sane fireworks.

The Truth: Huh? So what? If Mansoor commented on everything that's going on, he'd have to do nothing but make comments all day long.

6. In the same vein, Smith then whines that Mayor Mansoor didn't comment on the hotel bed tax.

The Truth: Ho hum. Hey, he also didn't comment on a thousand other things. So what? Read # 5, above. Mansoor also didn't comment on the fact that Smith seems to be in la la land, but maybe he should.

Despite the blather from Smith and his lefty pals down at the Daily Pilot, Costa Mesa is a far better place today because of Mayor Mansoor.

When someone does things right, as Mayor Mansoor has done, some bad things that might have happened, do not happen. We can't know for sure about such things that haven't happened, but there's a high probability that we would have had more crime and more gang drive-by killings and similar things without the sure hand of Mayor Mansoor at the rudder of our local government.

Because of Mayor Mansoor's leadership, Costa Mesa is improving. Smith and his fellow obstructionists don't like it. They want the city to continue to be a magnet for illegal aliens. They want charities on every corner giving freebies to illegal aliens. They want polluting industries on our Westside bluffs to be able to hire illegal aliens. They don't mind that our schools are at Third World levels because of illegal aliens.

As we've written many times before, slum profiteers and their pals don't like improvement.

These days, Auntie Smith and his pals are having conniptions. They've thrown every smear they can think of at Mansoor but the mayor just keeps smiling and doing the right things.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Friday, August 3, 2007

CM PRESS # 191



Slow speeders? Sort of like giant shrimp? "Do you know why I pulled you over?" asks the traffic cop. "No idea," says the driver. "You were slow speeding," replies the cop.
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Linda Dixon just wants to be loved. Maybe that's why she constantly talks out of both sides of her mouth. She's on every side of every issue. Doesn't seem to know her own mind. Must be a drag when ordering at a restaurant.

According to the Daily Pilot today, Dixon now wants to put the hotel bed tax and the sale of fireworks on the February ballot.

On the fireworks issue, Dixon told the Pilot: "I'm neither for nor against it."

Well, Ms. Dixon what's your position on slow speeding? Hmmmm?
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Merge Costa Mesa and Newport Beach and call the result Newport Beach since that brand name is to cities what Rolls Royce is to cars. Costa Mesa? Think broken down Hyundai. Then have the present Costa Mesa City Hall be the new Newport Beach City Hall.
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The other day we sent an email to the CMPD asking how we can get accurate figures on ICE holds, since our counts from the logs in the front lobby sometimes differ from what we see reported elsewhere.

So far, we haven't received an answer. Probably busy ticketing slow speeders.

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

CM PRESS # 190


Take a drive on the overpass on Redhill Ave. that leads to Main Street.

There appears to be a 20 to 30 foot long crack a couple of inches wide in the pavement in the southbound travel lanes.

The CM PRESS has seen work crews trying to fix the crack over the past several months, but it appears that it keeps opening up.

As of yesterday, it looks as though the crack has been filled in again, but its location is very visible.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

CM PRESS # 189


There's a column in the Daily Pilot today about how things have "changed" after the shooting death of a man on Baker Street last year.

The Pilot reported that the shooting location is on the Westside. Wrong.

It's actually just west of Fairview Road and across the street from Halecrest--where Libby Cowan lives. This is ironic, because Cowan, who used to be on the City Council, often denied we had gangs in the city and implied that citizens who complained about gang members in the neighborhood were racists and didn't like Hispanics who were just making fashion statements.

After Cowan's comments, the CM PRESS started calling gang members "fashion models."

According to the Pilot, the shooting "[R]oiled the community with racial tension." Baloney. That's typical crap from the Pilot. They're as wrong with this nonsense as they were wrong about the location. There was no such racial tension. There were, however, calls from citizens for the City Council to stop pussyfooting around and start getting to the root causes of such shootings.

The Council didn't listen. They're still pussyfooting and looking for work-arounds rather than getting to the root cause of our problems.

Citizens bright enough and open minded enough to look at facts point out some commonalities in many of our problems in Costa Mesa involving gangs, our high serious crime rate, and our other social problems:

1. Most, if not all, of the gangs in Costa Mesa have a nexus with illegal immigration. These gang members have been welcomed into this city and enabled by local lefties who keep funding charities and other services for them and who try to make life as comfortable as possible for illegal aliens while sticking it to the good, decent citizens of this city.

2. Most of the violent crime; gang and otherwise, and the social problems that we see in this city come from just a few slum areas: A. Shalimar; B. Mission-Mendoza; C.Fillmore-Coolidge; D. A several block area around Hamilton Street west of Harbor and east of Placentia.

So what does the City Council do to solve our problems? Do they move to get rid of these slums or at least thin them out by buying up buildings and putting in pocket parks or much needed sports fields? Nope. They hire more gang officers.

This is a work-around--it's reactive rather than proactive. It doesn't get to the root cause of our problems and remove these root causes.

Here's what the Council should do: Remove the habitat for these gangs--the slums--and their "food" sources--the tax payer funding of their support organizations in Costa Mesa. Then, illegal aliens and their gangs will move elsewhere. Santa Ana is right next door, and illegal aliens can find less expensive housing and many social services to help them live the good life there.

All living things tend to move to where they are comfortable and they try to avoid places where they are uncomfortable. Right now, Costa Mesa is far too comfortable for illegal aliens, their gangs, and their violent criminals. And, they are ruining our city and turning it into a new Santa Ana.

Here's another example of a work-around that the City Council recently did and which we reported on previously.

The problem: Abandoned shopping carts from supermarkets.
The citizen friendly solution: Have the supermarkets install devices to keep the shopping carts on the premises and have the CMPD cite those who steal them.

What the City Council actually did (the socialist solution): The Council is using $40,000 per year of your tax money to supply a valet pickup service of these carts to return them to the supermarkets. What kind of message do you think this sends? Right...

"Come on in illegal aliens. The Costa Mesa City Council wants you to move here. Shop at our supermarkets and take your groceries home in stolen shopping carts and then leave them on our sidewalks. The City Council will see that they're picked up and returned to the supermarkets."

"Is there anything else we can do to make you feel comfortable in Costa Mesa, illegal aliens? What? Oh, you'd like Katrina Foley to have a cleanup of your Mission-Mendoza slum? Maybe have some flowers planted? Build some fences? Paint some buildings? No problem. We'll do that on August 5, 2007. We do want you to feel welcome in our neighborhoods."
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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

CM PRESS # 188


See those streets on the left of the photo? There used to be more than 800 homes in that neighborhood called Surfridge.

Great location, right on the beach in tony Playa Del Rey in Los Angeles County. It's now a ghost town. Wonder why? That's Los Angeles International Airport on the right. Get it?

Meanwhile, down the coast in Orange County,the folks in Santa Ana Heights got their wish and are now part of tony Newport Beach. That's the good news for them.

The bad news is that Santa Ana Heights may go the way of Surfridge.

The problem for Surfridge was that it was under the landing and takeoff flight paths at Los Angeles International Airport--just as Santa Ana Heights is under the flight paths of John Wayne Airport.

Folks in Surfridge didn't worry much, though. Hey, they could cap flights out of LAX and do other things to keep their area safe from the airport. Why, they could even stop LAX from expanding by writing letters to the newspapers.

In truth, they were just whistling past the graveyard.

The inevitability of bigger airplanes and more air traffic caught up with them. It's a shame, too, because, given their ocean close location, even tear down shacks in that area (sans an airport) would now probably sell for more than a million dollars each.

The people in Surfridge--more than 2,000 of them--didn't have much of a chance of stopping the expansion of LAX, even though they apparently didn't know it or wouldn't accept that fact.

That's because there was no alternative location available to replace LAX.

The folks in Santa Ana Heights do have a chance of stopping the expansion of JWA. That's because there is an alternative location available to replace it--a relatively small part of massive Camp Pendleton.

Unfortunately, about the only people talking about the possibility of building an LAX size airport on a tiny portion of Camp Pendleton are those of us in the CM PRESS skyscraper.

We've watched some of the others involved in trying to keep JWA from expanding. To us, some of them look like a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off. Their only ideas seem to be to keep trying to cap flights out of JWA or to use some sort of fast trains to Ontario, or to a former airforce base in San Bernardino that they think could be turned into an international airport.

We think those choices are bad ones and that some are just wasting time and effort that could be put into a focused campaign to build an airport on Camp Pendleton that will serve the area's needs for the next hundred years and which will head off the necessity of JWA growing.

Don't buy our arguments above? Well, here's our axioms. Prove us wrong:

1. Demand for air travel will continue to grow.
2. Planes will continue to get larger.
3. To accommodate both the demand for air travel and for larger planes, airports will have to grow.
4. If no alternative airport is found to take the pressure off JWA, it will continue to grow.
5. Santa Ana Heights is to JWA as Surfridge was to LAX.

So, what's to be done? Residents of Santa Ana Heights (or whatever they now call their area) need to get better organized and start contacting politicians at all levels of government to get them on their side, and they need to present them with an alternative to JWA. And, they need to speak with one voice about one alternative. They also have to make their case to others in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa who are not as directly affected by JWA.

Again, our belief is that the most viable alternative to JWA would be a new airport on a tiny part of Camp Pendleton. That's the location we would push if we lived in Santa Ana Heights.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

CM PRESS # 132

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