Monday, April 30, 2007

CM PRESS # 128


We've now had two days to see the changes in the Daily Pilot that Tom Johnson wrote were coming.

So far, we like what we see. Hopefully, the Pilot won't relapse.

In today's (4/30) Pilot, there's even a column by State Senator Tom Harman about the problems of illegal immigration. In the Pilot? Yup.

Time will tell if the Pilot really is going to be better, but the first signs are good ones.
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In the Pilot's front page story today about the possibility of making some parks in the city passive, City Manager Allan Roeder tells the Pilot that:

"[I]t's sometimes hard for park rangers to know when a game [of soccer] goes from a few friends to an organized activity." (emphasis added)

Actually, it's not relevant in Paularino Park whether or not the soccer game is "organized" or just a pick-up game. The game is inherently dangerous in that very small park which has no sports field and whose central feature is a tot lot.

Golf is already barred in Paularino and it doesn't have to be organized. Just a single duffer hitting golf balls at the park is dangerous. Soccer in this park presents a similar danger even if it's just a few players.

What's been happening at Paularino Park is that people will arrive there (sometimes in cars with bumper stickers that seem to indicate a Santa Ana origin) and begin playing soccer.

Since there is no sports field of any type in the park, and given the layout of the park with small rises, trees and the aforementioned tot lot, the soccer players play their games right across the only sidewalk in the park.

Paularino Park also has no restrooms. So, when nature calls, players go behind the trees or bushes and sometimes in the tot lot itself.

Because of the soccer games, residents of Mesa North who want to use the park for its light uses have to carefully navigate the sidewalk in the park to avoid being hit by soccer balls or be run over by players.

In addition, soccer balls are often kicked into the middle of busy Paularino Ave. where cars have been hit by the balls and where players are in danger of being hit by the cars when they run after the balls.

We've even had soccer players tell residents of the area to get out of the park because there were soccer games being played and the residents--who were on the sidewalk--were in the way!

The CM PRESS doesn't think anyone is saying that parents shouldn't be able to go to the park and throw a ball to their kids, but many are saying that soccer games, even with just a few players, are causing a health and safety problem and should be kept out of this and similar parks.
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Improvers might want to mark their calendars and try to attend the following meetings that have some impact on improvement, as indicated in brief below:

MAY 1, Tuesday 6:00 p.m.-- CITY COUNCIL MEETING--Several improvement issues on the agenda including:

1. A tract map for 1011-1045 El Camino Drive for a 24 unit common interest development. This is the now closed down shopping center in Mesa del Mar that sits across the street from the Misson-Mendoza slum. This will move this property a step closer to being turned into nice homes. THE CM PRESS SUGGESTION: Improvers should support this.

2. CDBG funding is on the agenda. You will recall that the CM PRESS has written extensively about how the City Council keeps giving your money to some charities that serve suspected illegal aliens and that don't look like Costa Mesa. THE CM PRESS SUGGESTION: Improvers should let the Council know that they want this money spent on fixing the physical parts of the Westside and not continue to be thrown down a black hole as has been the case for many years.

MAY 2, Wednesday--7:00 p.m. PAULARINO SCHOOL--A meeting about passive parks. Some small parks in the city that don't have sports fields are being taken over for pick-up soccer games (often by people who don't live in Costa Mesa). This endangers the players and others. If the City makes some parks passive parks, you'll still be able to throw a ball to your kids and do similar things, but you'll no longer be chased out of the park by soccer players and you won't have soccer players urinating and defecating behind trees and in the tot lots. THE CM PRESS SUGGESTIONS: Improvers should ask that the City name certain parks in the city as passive parks so these parks can be safely used by citizens for their intended purposes. Among such parks are Paularino Park, Canyon Park, Vista Park, and Brentwood Park.

MAY 9, Wednesday--City Council Chambers--A meeting about cleaning up the toxic chemicals on the 6.8 parcel at 1640 Monrovia Ave. that we wrote about in Issue # 125.
THE CM PRESS SUGGESTION: Improvers should attend to learn about this and to ask that additional tests be conducted in other places on the Westside bluffs including tests of emissions in the air, soil tests and groundwater tests.

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

CM PRESS # 127

YOO HOO! It's me, back from my vacation.

I promised you there would be changes at the Daily Pilot.

No, dear readers, this won't happen. This is not a picture of Tom Waving Johnson. Waving promised readers that he wasn't going the route of the sports writer at the LA TIMES.

Still, this might be what Waving would look like if he no longer had a Johnson to wave.

Tomorrow--Sunday, April 29, we get to see the start of the changes Waving has planned for the Daily Pilot.

We're an optimistic lot here at CM PRESS HQ, but we're still just expecting to see the same tired columnists in the Pilot such as the Pilot's scolding Aunt, Steve Smith, and the rest of the out of touch crew writing their usual nonsense and trying to hide the fact that Costa Mesa's problems are almost all connected with this city being turned into an illegal alien sanctuary.
# # #

Improvers might want to mark their calendars and try to attend the following meetings that have some impact on improvement, as indicated in brief below:

MAY 1, Tuesday 6:00 p.m.-- CITY COUNCIL MEETING--Several improvement issues on the agenda including:

1. A tract map for 1011-1045 El Camino Drive for a 24 unit common interest development. This is the now closed down shopping center in Mesa del Mar that sits across the street from the Misson-Mendoza slum. This will move this property a step closer to being turned into nice homes. THE CM PRESS SUGGESTION: Improvers should support this.

2. CDBG funding is on the agenda. You will recall that the CM PRESS has written extensively about how the City Council keeps giving your money to some charities that serve suspected illegal aliens and that don't look like Costa Mesa. THE CM PRESS SUGGESTION: Improvers should let the Council know that they want this money spent on fixing the physical parts of the Westside and not continue to be thrown down a black hole as has been the case for many years.

MAY 2, Wednesday--7:00 p.m. PAULARINO SCHOOL--A meeting about passive parks. Some small parks in the city that don't have sports fields are being taken over for pick-up soccer games (often by people who don't live in Costa Mesa). This endangers the players and others. If the City makes some parks passive parks, you'll still be able to throw a ball to your kids and do similar things, but you'll no longer be chased out of the park by soccer players and you won't have soccer players urinating and defecating behind trees and in the tot lots. THE CM PRESS SUGGESTIONS: Improvers should ask that the City name certain parks in the city as passive parks so these parks can be safely used by citizens for their intended purposes. Among such parks are Paularino Park, Canyon Park, Vista Park, and Brentwood Park.

MAY 9, Wednesday--City Council Chambers--A meeting about cleaning up the toxic chemicals on the 6.8 parcel at 1640 Monrovia Ave. that we wrote about in Issue # 125.
THE CM PRESS SUGGESTION: Improvers should attend to learn about this and to ask that additional tests be conducted in other places on the Westside bluffs including tests of emissions in the air, soil tests and groundwater tests.

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Friday, April 27, 2007

CM PRESS # 126


Yoo Hoo, readers! In his column today (4/27), Daily Pilot publisher Tom Waving Johnson is promising some changes at the Pilot. Most appear to be stylistic changes, but maybe Johnson will also try to make the paper more relevant to readers in this area (we can hope). Here's the link:

In announcing the changes, Johnson assures readers that the changes won't be as, ah, radical as the one happening at the LA TIMES, where a long time male sports writer is going on vacation and will return as a woman.

Although Johnson tries to put a happy face on matters, the truth is that you don't fix something if it isn't broken. And, some readers have been saying that the Pilot is broken.

The general complaints we've heard revolve around the Pilot being perceived as being too liberal and too out of touch with most of the citizens of this area. And, one specific comment we've repeatedly heard is a perception that the paper is illegal alien friendly.

Our guess is that Johnson isn't going to change the perceived liberal focus of the paper, but we'll just have to wait and see. He promises we'll see changes starting with this Sunday's edition.

Now, about that Waving Johnson appellation. Long time readers of the CM PRESS will remember that we added "Waving" to Johnson's name after he wrote a glowing column a couple of years ago about the joys of sitting for a few hours with suspected illegal alien day workers at the then open Job Center on 17th and Placentia as they sought day work. Johnson thought the Job Center was a great idea and shouldn't be closed down. Oh, the humanity of it!

We thought it was hilarious. And, it was made more so because Johnson was serious. To us, the scene sounded like a cross between Where's Waldo and Alfred E. Neuman.

If you don't get it, take a look at the picture of Johnson on the front page of the Pilot today and then picture that face in the middle of a sea of day workers sitting on folding chairs in the front of the closed down gas station that was the Job Center. Think he might stick out?

In our spoofing of the event, we had Johnson waving and yelling "Yoo Hoo," to potential employers as he sought day work as a publisher.

As we fictionalized the scene, we had Johnson losing out on a day publishing job for a couple of bucks an hour to an illegal alien whose extensive publishing experience was in making false ID cards (to be used at the Job Center). The illegal alien not only promised to do better work for less money than Johnson but also to do some yard work for the employer.

In his column today, Johnson also indicates that Tony Dodero is back in the editor's seat at the Pilot.

We wonder about the change in editors. When S.J. Cahn was editor, we were surprised when we picked up a copy of the Pilot and saw our name among the Daily Pilot's 103 most influential whatevers in Newport-Mesa. We even beat out the dead swan. We thought the swan should have asked for a recount.

Anyway, not long after that, Cahn left the Pilot. Sought other opportunities, as we say in the biz. Was there a connection between us being put on that list and his leaving? We'll never know.

So, we'll have to wait until Sunday, and then for at least a full week of newspapers, to see if, in addition to the stylistic changes promised by Johnson, there is a change in attitude at the paper.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CM PRESS # 125


For several years, the CM PRESS has been calling on sitting City Councils to do something about the pollution that we know exists on the Westside bluffs.

We know there's pollution there because we know a thing or two about various industrial processes and industrial businesses.

Past City Councils haven't done anything about the pollution except try to ignore our calls to do something. To get one prior Council's attention we even wore a gas mask to a City Council meeting and went to the podium wearing it. Chuckles all around. Nothing was done. That was before a couple of kids died of odd brain cancers on the Westside that some believe are linked to toxic chemicals. Still, the Council did nothing.

One way by which past Councils tried to blow us off was by saying that the AQMD didn't find any problems. In fact, Linda Dixon said the same thing about the AQMD just a few City Council meetings ago and she told citizens to call the AQMD if they smelled anything out of the ordinary.

This was not good advice. The AQMD is the wrong agency. They are primarily set up to test for tail-pipe emmissions from cars and trucks. We've repeatedly told the Council this.

And, the main way the AQMD treats calls about odd odors is to send a staff member to the area to drive around with the windows of his car down to see if he smells anything. We kid you not.

Since the bluffs are under almost constant ocean breezes, chemicals in the air that people may smell quickly blow away from the source and over the rest of the city that is downwind. So, by the time an AQMD staff member is on site, the odors have gone with the wind. Maybe they're over your house in Mesa Verde or Mesa del Mar or any of the other neighborhoods down wind. Maybe they're raining carcinogens down on you and your kids...right now.

In addition, the human nose can't smell many toxic chemicals. If your dog could talk, he'd probably scare the heck out of you if he told you about the nasty things he smells in our air.

The next thing a prior City Council did to try to shut us up was have the Costa Mesa Fire Department do a study of pollution on the Westside.

This was absurd. When the CMFD presented their report, one of the first things in it was a disclaimer saying that the CMFD doesn't have the expertise in this area, but that they prepared the report anyway because the Council had asked them to do so. The report was a waste of time.

Then, during the last election campaign, we asked candidate Bruce Garlich, at a candidates forum at the Senior Center, what he would do about the pollution on the bluffs if he were elected. We thought that was a good question since he was being supported by the industrialists on the Westside bluffs. Garlich got red faced and loudly proclaimed with great certainty to the whole room that there was no pollution on the Westside bluffs.

Now, dear readers, with all the denials about pollution, did you start to doubt the CM PRESS? Did you think maybe we were off on a tangent of some sort? Did you wonder why we didn't drop the issue but kept rocking the boat?

If so, please take a gander at page 5 of today's (Wed. 4/25/07) Daily Pilot. There, you'll see a paid notice by the California State Department of Toxic Substances Control about a toxic cleanup that has been proposed for a 6.8 acre parcel at 1640 Monrovia--on the Westside bluffs.

It seems the topsoil is contaminated and will have to be trucked away and replaced. According to the notice, the main toxic chemical is perchloroethylene (PCE). Here's a link to PCE:

There's going to be a public meeting about the cleanup on May 9, 2007 starting at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. The DTSC encourages all to attend.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

CM PRESS # 124


We all know that if we catch a tiny skin cancer fast enough, we can have it cut out with a very minor operation. If we ignore it or don't catch it fast enough, we may need a bigger operation to cut it out. If we wait too long, it may spread so that we no longer can cut it out. In this case it will probably kill us.

Costa Mesa has a cancer. The libs are trying to sweet talk it away and cover it with bandaids.

In Costa Mesa, some of us have been asking our city government for years to cut the cancer of gangs out of our city. For many years we were ignored or laughed at.

Just a few years ago--since we've been publishing the CM PRESS--we had City Council members and police officials totally denying that we had gangs. We told them they were wrong. They called us names and said we just didn't like certain people, and that those who were wearing gang clothes were just making fashion statements.

Today, even the most liberal of liberals in this city admits that we have gangs. Funny how a bunch of gang shootings and stabbings made believers out of this out of touch bunch. So, we went "overnight" from having no gangs at all to now having at least ten gangs and approximately 300 gang members.

But, even though the libs now admit we have gangs, they're now giving us their usual mewling crap and screwball ideas about what to do about the gangs.

Most won't even admit that most of the gang members in Costa Mesa are Hispanic and have a connection with this city being turned into a sanctuary for illegal aliens. By not admitting the truth of the problem, the libs continue to come up with false, non-working, hug-a-hood solutions.

Most of the libs want kumbaya song fests to coddle the gang members. Some even see a way to turn a profit by shunting would be gang members into liberal charities.

We're telling you right now, dear readers, that our gang problem has started spreading like a cancer. We're also telling you that if we act quickly and with the right actions, we can cut the cancer out before it destroys our city and before too much more blood flows on our streets.

And, as we've written many times before, the action we need to take to get rid of the gangs is to get rid of the slum buildings where the cancer is growing. Do that, and the gangs will cease to exist. Don't do that and the cancer will continue growing. Destroy the gang habitats!

If this were Los Angeles, our suggestions might be different. That city has allowed its cancer to spread to so many areas that to try to cut it out would be almost impossible.

In Costa Mesa, as we've written before, our cancer is in just a few areas. The authorities know these areas. The main ones are Shalimar, Fillmore-Coolidge, Mission-Mendoza and an area around Wilson and Hamilton west of Harbor Blvd. These are also the areas with high concentrations of barracks style apartment buildings and high crime rates. These are the slums. These are the areas where the cancer is located. These are the places where the scalpel needs to do its work.

If our city were a human body, what we'd be seeing today is a little cancer on our nose a little more over here on our left arm, some on our leg and some on our neck. We can cut those cancers out if we act quickly enough.

They're still small enough to do this. However, if we continue to listen to screwball libs and do nothing, or do the wrong things, the cancer is going to spread right before our moist doe-like eyes as we're making sweet cooing sounds and applying more bandaids to hide more spots of cancer.

We need to cut out the cancers in Costa Mesa right now. We need to raze the the slum buildings in the few areas in this city where they now exist. Don't do this, and a slum may be coming to your neighborhood very soon as the cancer metastasizes.

And, don't worry where people will live if the slums are torn down. Costa Mesa is not an island out in the middle of the sea. No one will be pushed into the ocean.

We have cities all around us. They all have places to live. Some are more expensive than others.

Santa Ana offers the lowest cost housing in the area. And, it's officially illegal alien friendly.
# # #

We're looking for a good transportation car to replace one automobile in our fleet of CM PRESSMOBILES. If you know of someone selling something--maybe a Toyota from 1998 to 2004--please email our fleet manager at the email address at the top of this issue. Thanks.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Monday, April 23, 2007

CM PRESS # 123


City Council, finding the way to rid Costa Mesa of gangs and gang crime is as simple as sticking pins in a map of our city.

Just have the CMPD give you a map with pins stuck in where the gang members live, and where the gang crimes are committed.

We don't even need a crystal ball to tell you what the results will be. You'll see most pins stuck in the Shalimar slum, the slum near Wilson/Hamilton/Placentia, the Mission-Mendoza slum in Mesa del Mar (where Katrina Foley lives), and the Fillmore-Coolidge slum in Mesa North.

See a pattern? The gangs are concentrated in small geographic areas of our city.

This is because the gangs are mostly Hispanic and have links with illegal immigration. Hispanic gangs are turf oriented. They don't usually commute to other areas to live the gang life. Just as snail-darters need a certain habitat to survive and grow, so too do these gang members need a certain habitat.

The gang members need the slums. They need to be among illegal aliens. They need to be in Hispanic ghettos.

So what's the solution?

Mr. Mansoor, tear down the slums!

Do that and the gang members will move away. They can't survive without their habitat. Put them on the endangered criminal list by turning slums into parks or whatever.

And, you don't need eminent domain to do that.

Some people are confused about eminent domain. The reality of it is that the city doesn't take the properties for free under eminent domain. It still has to pay fair market value.

And, if the city takes residential properties under eminent domain it has to replace them 3 to 1, so the city might end up building new future slums.

The advantage of eminent domain is that allows the city to take properties if the owners don't want to sell them and to assemble large parcels. We may not need to do that in Costa Mesa.

Instead, the CM PRESS is suggesting that the city simply buy up slum buildings on a onesy-twosy basis as they come on the open market, just as though the city is any other buyer of properties. The difference is that the city will then raze the buildings it has bought and put in pocket parks and soccer fields or whatever.

City Council, the present kumbaya suggestions to rid this city of gangs are just more liberal psycho-babble programs of the type that keep popping up year after year and which are then tried for several years at great expense and which are then discarded as non-working. Remember DARE? The only people who benefit from these programs are the charity bosses who take down nice salaries for running these goofy programs.

Rid this city of the habitats of gangs and the gangs will move away. Don't do this, and the gangs will increase in size and numbers. This is inevitable.

All living things gravitate to where they feel comfortable. Make Costa Mesa uncomfortable for gangs by destroying the gang habitats.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Saturday, April 21, 2007



The Daily Pilot is carrying Katrina Foley and Linda Dixon's views on the gang related shooting that we reported in Issue # 121.

Dixon (she of the Lily-White fame) told the Pilot that the shooting "illustrates the need for us to get in to the schools and to work with young children to make certain they realize there is an alternative to becoming a gang member."

Dixon's pal, Katrina Foley took a similar tack. Here's the link to the Pilot:

Such thinking is partly based on an unspoken and incorrect assumption that Costa Mesa is Mayberry, RFD, and little Johnny Jones, who lives down the street with his family that has lived in Mayberry for generations, is going wrong. This being the case, we should all try to put him on the straight and narrow.

That's not the situation in Costa Mesa.

Our gangs are mainly composed of transient illegal aliens and the children of illegal aliens who have come to Costa Mesa precisely because we have people who want to mother and take care of them and who give them all sorts of freebies to stay here.

These gang members live in the very few slums we have in Costa Mesa. Most of their crimes are committed intra and inter slum, but they're branching out and infecting other parts of the city. And, when they shoot at each other, bullets may hit innocent people.


The City Council should ask the CMPD for the following information and make it public so that even the most apathetic citizens can see a little of the reality of the gang and crime problems in Costa Mesa and so they won't keep saying stupid things such as we hear from Foley and Dixon:

1. What gang do they belong to?
2. Where is their turf?
3. Where do the individual gang members live?
4. What schools do they attend?
5. Are they or their parents illegal aliens?
6. How long have they lived in Costa Mesa?
7. Do they or any family members use various charity services in Costa Mesa? If so, which ones?
8. Where do they or their family members work?
9. What is their race/ethnicity?

More questions could be posed, but answers to the above nine questions will, we believe, offer strong evidence of what the CM PRESS has been saying for years: Our gang and crime and social dysfunction problems have a nexus with this city being turned into an illegal alien sanctuary.

The way to solve our problems is to make our city illegal alien unfriendly.

How do we do that?

The most important thing our city leaders can do is tear down or thin out the slums and encourage the building of homes for upwardly mobile people on the Westside bluffs.

We've said it a thousand times before, but that's the only way we're going to truly improve this city and end the ever increasing levels of violent street crimes that are chasing good, decent citizens away from Costa Mesa.

If the above isn't done, get ready for Costa Mesa to fall to inner city levels even though it should be a nice coastal community.
# # #


Re: Your call to tear down the slums

That is the answer...however much it costs, however long it takes, whoever we disappoint, whoever has to doesn't matter!

Get rid of the slums and you get rid of the problem.

It's only going to get worse with the zillions of Hispanics coming across the border and being born to 15 year old girls that are already here.

Name Withheld by CM PRESS
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Friday, April 20, 2007

CM PRESS # 121


Eight suspected gang members were arrested yesterday in a shooting near James Street and Pomona. That location is in the Shalimar slum behind the Smart and Final on W. 19th Street.

Another guy was attacked by a gun toting duo at a restaurant on W. 19th the other day.

This can't be happening. After all, the City has put in medians and flowers along W. 19th Street.

Right, we're being sarcastic.

Note that we're not yet into truly warm weather--when such crimes increase--and we're already having all these violent crimes linked to illegal aliens and Hispanic gangs. And, almost all of them have a link to the nearby slums.

What's the real solution? Mr. Mayor, tear down the slums!

As we've been writing for years, you can't improve the Westside until you tear down the slum buildings that are acting as safe havens, recruiting centers, and habitats for gangs and until you start encouraging nice homes on the Westside bluffs that will attract upwardly mobile people back to Costa Mesa.

Costa Mesa has to become the place to be, not the place to flee.

Start telling the City Council to take bold measures to buy up and tear down the slums. Don't let your kids become innocent victims of stray bullets fired by illegal aliens and gang members who are being coddled in Costa Mesa by a fuzzy thinking establishment of effete do-nothings.

Here's the City's Website address. Go there and you'll find email contacts for the City Council and the City Manager. Let them know what you think.

# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CM PRESS # 120


The hot item on the agenda last night was the Gang Initiative.

The CM PRESS believes that the majority on the Council did the right thing and took a no-nonsense approach to ridding our city of gangs (but, they could do more as we explain a little further on).

The majority voted in favor of the enforcement aspects of the initiative, but stripped it of the liberal feel good measures that would, in our opinion, have turned our cops into social workers and recruiters for the local charities.

Specifically, the Council majority of Mansoor/Bever/Leece voted against giving $ 65,000 (this year, and who knows how much next year, and the year after that, and the one after that and...) to the NMUSD for gang intervention services.

The Council also voted against the Truancy Ordinance.

Mayor Pro Tem Bever sent a strong message about what the Council majority wants, when he recounted how he had grown up in a gang infested neighborhood in Los Angeles and how the police didn't do much to get rid of the gangs in his neighborhood.

One got the impression that Bever knew what he was talking about from first hand experience--unlike some of the supposed "gang experts" we have running around who have never lived in a major city with gangs ruling the streets and who are blinded to reality by liberal group-think, bias, and voodoo sociology.

We hope we're not reading too much into this, but what the CM PRESS took away from Bever's comments was that he and the majority want strong police enforcement and zero tolerance for gangs. If we understood Mr. Bever's comments correctly (and, admittedly, we're using our own words, and reading between the lines here), the Council majority wants the CMPD to be a police department dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens of this city and doesn't want it to be a social welfare agency.

It seems to us that the Council majority of Mayor Mansoor, Mayor Pro Tem Bever and Councilperson Wendy Leece, want gangs gone and crime driven down. And, it sounds as though they mean business.

As far as libs Katrina Foley and Linda Dixon go, well, they talk the talk but they don't walk the walk. They're still out in Kumbaya land as pre-mugged liberals. They'll say they want gangs gone, but when it comes time to actually do something, they come up with squishy non-solutions based on, we believe, incorrect liberal assumptions.

Of course, as we alluded to above, the CM PRESS thinks the Council can still do more to rid our city of gangs and can change the course of our city's future by getting rid of the few slum buildings we have in this city that are acting as safe harbors, breeding grounds, and habitats for gangs and criminals. To do so would be expensive, but to not do so is to, in our opinion, never get rid of gangs.

And, we're talking about the barracks style apartment buildings that we have as open sores in several neighborhoods including on the Westside, in Mesa North and in Mesa del Mar.

These buildings are now functionally obsolete. They can't be fixed and be brought up to date any more than you can bring a twenty year old car up to present automobile standards.

They're too dense along the street and they lack architectural refinements and quality construction that would make them places that could be effectively rehabed.

Unlike in some large cities with old buildings, these are not brownstones that just need some TLC.

These are slabsided, particle board boxes, all alike and all in a row sitting there cheek by jowl on a few streets in our city as though Costa Mesa is a military base.

In fact, the military doesn't even build housing this box-like, this close together, this uniform, and this plain-Jane for troops these days. Yet, Costa Mesa endures these in our presence.

Upwardly mobile people don't want to live like sardines in what look like military barracks with no modern amenities. So, to find tenants, the landlords have to accept gang members and those who create the ambiance liked by gangs. And, if you check the police reports you'll see many links between these "projects" in our midst and to the gangs and crime in this city.

Destroy the habitat of gangs and the gangs will move away all on their own accord. And, without a comfortable habitat, they won't return.

This is the natural way to make an area safe. It works with alligators who will move when the swamp is drained, and it works for gangs when the slums are removed.

All living things gravitate to where they feel comfortable, as surely as water flows down hill, Grasshopper.
# # #

If you've been around Costa Mesa for a while you may have discovered a real gem of a produce store at 101 E.17th Street, near Trader Joe's, called Grower's Direct. The produce is plentiful, of good quality, and priced right.

The owners of Growers Direct have now purchased a former gas station site across from their present location where they want to move their store.

The screening request that they brought to the City Council last night about what they want to build on that site included an architectural sketch of a nice looking three story building with the produce market on the first floor and small condos up above. There would be a subterranean garage for parking.

This is the sort of thing that improvers have been saying would be right for some parts of the heavily industrialized Westside: businesses with people in their midst, instead of just acre after acre of industrial buildings.

No sooner had this been presented to the Council than did Katrina Foley and Linda Dixon start trying to pick the plans apart.

Now, the reason for these screening requests is to give the owners an inexpensive way to make sure that what they want to do is what the Council will eventually approve. So, the Council is supposed to weigh in on what they want to see.

However, it appeared to some observers that Foley and Dixon were especially negative and that they went above and beyond what would normally be expected; almost as though they were trying to discourage the owners from proceeding at all.

Some observers told the CM PRESS that they thought that Foley and Dixon may have been trying to get back at the Growers Direct owners for having put Mansoor/Leece signs on their property during the past election.

Whether this is the case or not, we don't know. Foley and Dixon acting petty and small? Why, who would believe that? Say, do you remember just a couple of weeks ago when Dixon refused to give up her seat? Do you remember Dixon's screwy column in the Pilot before the last election in which she wrote that Mansoor must be defeated?

Not being especially involved in the inside baseball of local politics--other than that sign thing--and rather than being upset at the suggestions from Foley and Dixon, it appears that the Growers Direct folks are going to give Foley and Dixon's suggestions serious consideration as good faith comments to make a nicer project. Which, of course, is exactly how any applicant should handle such things.
# # #

Residents of Mesa North were upset recently when they learned that notices for the meeting about Paularino Park to be held on May 2, at Paularino School were only sent out to single family homes in a 500 square foot radius of the park and that notices to the Fillmore/Coolidge tri-plexes would be hand delivered rather than mailed.

These residents of Mesa North rightly believe that Paularino Park is for all residents in the 700 plus homes in the Mesa North tract and that all homes in the tract should be noticed about the meeting.

Some also believe that the notices to the Fillmore/Coolidege tri-plexes should also be mailed instead of being hand delivered.

At last night's City Council meeting, City Manager Allan Roeder announced that with the Council's approval, a new mailing of notices would be made so that all homes in Mesa North will receive an official notice about the meeting to discuss the proper uses of Paularino Park.

Mr. Roeder did not address the issue of the hand delivery of the notices to the tri-plexes, so we assume that this will still be done.

We believe that such hand delivery may skew the results of opinions given on this matter, as those who receive the hand delivered notices may also be lobbied at that time by those who want to allow Paularino Park to be used for soccer games, instead of making it an official passive park as most homeowners say they want.
# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

CM PRESS # 119


Bruce Garlich has a Community Commentary in the Daily Pilot today (4/12), in which he tries to puff up the so-called gang report that the City Council is considering.

Garlich's views are the typical liberal nonsense, but we won't waste your or our time taking them apart line by line.

Instead, here's a quick summary of the reality of the gang situation in Costa Mesa, as we see it, but which you won't read in Garlich's take on this:

1. Costa Mesa's gang problems are largely Hispanic in nature (300 members in 7 gangs). There's also a strong connection with the city being illegal alien friendly.

2. In spite of the Hispanic nature of most Costa Mesa gangs, the report made to the City Council never mentions Hispanics or Latinos or illegal aliens. Not once.

3. The only mention of race/ethnicity in the report is when it discusses a "white" gang. What's odd about this is that the report, itself, says that so-called white gang isn't based in Costa Mesa but that some members may live here and that they're not involved in typical gang crimes that most citizens of Costa Mesa are so concerned about.

Curious. Hispanic gangs are the problem, but the report doesn't mention them by race/ethnicity, while a white gang that is not based here but which may have some members living here who are not involved in the shootings, etc. that we've seen in this city, is mentioned by race/ethnicity.

4. If one wanted to write a report that would be a blueprint to help liberals and liberal causes and charities, this report might fill the bill. If you doubt this, check who is supporting this report--it's many from the same crowd that tried to defeat Mansoor/Leece. Including, as you saw in the Pilot, today, Bruce Garlich.

5. The report appears to hide non-working liberal social programs among some good enforcement plans. Presumably this is an attempt to get the Council to buy the whole thing instead of picking it apart--as they should do.

As we've written before, and also above, if the Council adopts this so-called gang report without making changes to it, they may be actually adopting a bunch of social programs that will benefit illegal aliens, some non-profits, and the libs who tried to defeat Mayor Mansoor and Councilmember Leece in the last election, and who will try to defeat Mayor Pro Tem Bever and other improvers who run in less than two years in the next election.

If you read the gang report with a critical eye you'll probably agree with us that it looks as though it's really two very different reports shuffled together so that the liberal elements are hidden among good enforcement elements.

The CM PRESS believes that many of the enforcement items in the report make sense, but they already seem to be part of normal police work. However, one new "enforcement" item in the report appears to us to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. We're talking about the recommendation that the CMPD should issue citations to students who are playing hooky from school. On its face, this sounds good, but scratch the surface a little and you can see a couple of problems.

Problem 1: It turns CMPD officers into truancy officers for the NMUSD, but they'll be paid from the City's budget. The NMUSD should have its own truancy officers paid from its own budget. After all, school attendance is a school problem, not a city problem. Let's have a proper separation of powers, as they say in the law.

Problem 2: The liberal trick that is hidden in having our CMPD officers issuing citations to truants is that truants and their parents will be offered the chance of paying a fine or doing community service.

You know that most will choose community service. So what's wrong with that?

Just this. Who do you suppose will administer the community service? Right. Charities. Some of the same charities that many believe are magnets for illegal aliens. In fact, the report even names some charities--but, of course, it doesn't mention that some of those associated with some of these charities were involved in trying to defeat Mansoor/Leece. It also doesn't mention that some of these charities don't look like Costa Mesa and mostly serve Hispanics, including, presumably, illegal aliens.

And, with a source of additional clients supplied by the CMPD, the charities will be able to ask for more of your tax money to help hire additional staff to help with the community service they're administering. And, it's probably a pretty safe bet that the additional staff members won't be conservatives who are opposed to illegal immigration.

Thus, our cops will become unofficial recruiters for the charities. Oh, and since the parents of the truants may not speak English, the charities will need more money to teach English to the parents. And, golly, the parents may lack parenting skills, so more money will be needed so they can be taught to be responsible parents and keep their kids out of gangs. And, shucks, kids and parents can't pay attention to what they're being taught if they have empty stomachs, so we'll need to supply food to them. And, gosh, no one can find a good job dressed in gang attire, so we'll have to give them nicer clothes. And, jeepers, these parents and their gang kids won't cooperate unless they trust the police, and they won't trust the police unless the police refuse to turn them over to the ICE agent for deportation. And, what about those teen girls who are getting pregnant? The charities will need to do something about that. And...and...and....

So, the liberal parts of this report, if put in practice, may end up as another pork barrel for charities and illegal aliens and may worsen our situation in Costa Mesa instead of making it better.

We hope the City Council won't be stampeded into approving this so-called gang report as it sits, but will take a cafeteria approach and pick and choose what makes sense.
# # #

We just received a flyer that officially tells us that there will be a public meeting at Paularino School on Wednesday, May 2, 2007 from 7:oo pm to 8:30 pm to "gather input on the appropriate use of Paularino and possibly other City parks, the possible installation of additional landscape elements at Paularino Park and the designation of parks as either active or passive uses."

"All interested parties are invited to attend and provide comments regarding park use. These comments will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission."

So, why did the City of Costa Mesa waste the money to print this flyer in Spanish as well as in English? The United States is an English speaking country. Newport Beach doesn't print its flyers in Spanish.

One wonders if an invitation was sent to ICE about this meeting.
# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

CM PRESS # 118


At its regularly scheduled study session today (4/10/07) starting at 4:30 p.m. in conference room 1A at City Hall, the Silly Council will discuss CDBG funds for non-profits.

As you may know, many improvers consider some of the non-profits in Costa Mesa to be magnets for illegal aliens and others who are helping keep this city from improving.

Here, in brief, is what you need to know about CDBG funding of non-profits. Remember, this is YOUR money.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds are doled out by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The idea behind these grants is to give some of YOUR tax money back to communities so these communities can improve themselves.

This year, Costa Mesa will receive $ 1,401,210.00 (of YOUR money) from HUD in CDBG funds.

A city may, but is not required to, give up to 15% of the total received to non-profits. This is where the junkyard dog comes in.

Under many past liberal Silly Councils, the City of Costa Mesa has traditionally given the full 15% to non-profits.

The present Silly Council is again being asked to give this 15% to a number of non-profits that have asked for YOUR money. The amount of YOUR money that the Silly Council can (but, doesn't have to) give to the non-profits this year will be $ 210,181.50.

The CM PRESS is opposed to giving YOUR money to the non-profits. We believe, as do many others, that it just creates a magnet effect that works against improving Costa Mesa and that this money can be used for other things such as fixing our potholes.

Some try to confuse the council on this issue, but the fact is that the council can use the money for pot hole repair and similar things so long as the potholes are located in low income areas of our city. In other words, the money can't be used to fix potholes in Mesa Verde, but we can use it on the Westside. And, the Silly Council doesn't have to give a dime of YOUR money to the non-profits.

The recommendations to the Silly Council on exactly how much the 3R Committee suggests giving to the non-profits will be given at today's meeting.

The 3R Committee is composed of citizens who have been appointed by the Silly Council over the years. Some members of this committee have been there for many years and have tie-ins with non-profits and activist liberal groups.

Several 3R Committee members are also members of Return to Reason or worked in one way or another to try to defeat Mayor Mansoor and Councilmember Leece in the last election. Some also tried to defeat Mayor Pro Tem Bever when he ran for a seat on the council. A few are directly tied in with non-profits.

Members of this committee have pretty much just handed out your money to the non-profits for years without much investigation.

Then, a few years ago, the Silly Council appointed a junkyard dog to the 3R Committee who rocked the boat. This individual did the unthinkable (at least it was unthinkable to some non-profit bosses).

1. He asked to see the federal tax forms of the non-profits. These are public documents and they reveal the salaries, etc. of those in charge of the non-profits and show links between various non-profits that might not otherwise be seen.

What he discovered was that some non-profit leaders were involved in one way or another with various other non-profits. While there is nothing illegal in this, it did seem to give a clue as to the world views of some non-profit leaders and helped to explain why it appeared that some non-profits appeared to mostly be serving Hispanics, including, presumably, illegal aliens.

He also discovered that some non-profit leaders were making salaries off their "non-profit" work in the range of $ 60,000 to about $200,000 per year and had nice benefits packages for themselves.

2. He asked that the independent contractor who administers the CDBG program for the city to supply copies of the demographic reports that the non-profits must send to HUD. These reports show the race/ethnic breakdown of who ultimately receives YOUR money or services bought with YOUR money.

What he discovered was that the demographic reports showed that some non-profits receiving your tax money didn't look anything like Costa Mesa. One non-profit showed that 100% of its clients were Hispanic. Several others showed that more than 95% of their clients were Hispanic. And, this is in a city whose Hispanic population is only about 35% of the total population.

In addition, he discovered that the non-profits don't ask if their clients are legally in the country or not!

3. During personal interviews, he asked the non-profit leaders some hard questions about why they weren't serving people in anything like the proportion they are found in our community and about their salaries and various other matters, including if they could show any results from being given YOUR money. He wanted to know, for example, why the problems some non-profits were supposed to be helping were actually increasing year after year. It seemed to him that the number of clients served by some non-profits seemed to expand to fill the amount of YOUR money given to the non-profits year after year.

The non-profit leaders, who had been used to soft-ball questions for years, didn't like being held accountable for YOUR money and some complained to the Silly Council.

As a result of their complaints, the council will also consider a new rating system for the non-profits at their meeting today. In our view, this new rating system may be an attempt to keep any 3R Committee members from asking hard questions and seeking accountability for YOUR money.

# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Thursday, April 5, 2007



The city of Herouxville, Quebec, Canada has had it up to their ears with immigrants demanding that the locals adapt to the needs of the immigrants. So, their city council has published the standards of their city. Immigrants are encouraged to read these standards and not settle in the town if they can't live by them.

Published by The Mayor and 6 city counselors of Hérouxville, democratically elected.

Municipalité Hérouxville

The Standards

Our Women;

We consider that men and women are of the same value. Having said this, we consider that a woman can; drive a car, vote, sign checks, dance, decide for herself, speak her peace, dress as she sees fit respecting of course the democratic decency, walk alone in public places, study, have a job, have her own belongings and anything else that a man can do. These are our standards and our way of life.
However, we consider that killing women in public beatings, or burning them alive are not part of our standards of life.

Our Children;

Our children are required to attend public or private schools to insure their social development and to help integrate into our society. Any form of violence towards children is not accepted.

Our Festivities;

We listen to music, we drink alcoholic beverages in public or private places, we dance and at the end of every year we decorate a tree with balls and tinsel and some lights. This is normally called “Christmas Decorations” or also “Christmas Tree” letting us rejoice in the notion of our national heritage and not necessarily a religious holiday. These festivities are authorized in public, schools, and institutions and also in private.

Our Health Care

In our old folks homes men and women are treated by responsible men and women. Please note that there is no law voted democratically that prohibits a woman treating a man and a man treating a woman. In our hospitals and CLSC’s woman doctors can treat men and women and the same for the men doctors. This same principle applies for nurses, firemen and women, ambulance technicians. These responsible people do not have to ask permission to perform blood transfusions or any task needed to save a life. For the last few years men have been allowed into the delivery room to assist in the birth of their baby. They have been with their wives to prenatal courses to help them in this task.

In the said establishments the patients are offered traditional meals. There is often music playing in the background. There are magazines or news papers available and any other form of multimedia that shows our community spirit and our way of life.

Our Education;

In our schools certified men and women teach our children. The women or men teachers can teach boys or girls with no sexual discrimination. They do not have to dress any different to accomplish their tasks.
In our schools the children cannot carry any weapons real or fake, symbolic or not. The children can sing, play sports or play in groups.
To promote decency and to avoid all discrimination some schools have adopted a dress code that they strongly enforce.
For the last few years to draw away from religious influences or orientation no locale is made available for prayer or any other form of incantation. Moreover, in many of our schools no prayer is allowed. We teach more science and less religion.
In our scholastic establishments, be private or public, generally, at the end of the year you will possibly see “Christmas Decorations” or “Christmas Trees” The children might also sing “Christmas Carols” if they want to.
Many of our schools have cafeterias that serve traditional foods. Students may decide to eat elsewhere.

The history of Quebec is taught in our schools. Biology lessons are also given.

Our Sports & Leisure;

For the longest time boys and girls have played the same games and often play together.

For example, if you came to my place we would send the kids to swim together in the pool, don’t be surprised this is normal for us.
You would see men and women skiing together on the same hill at the same time, don’t be surprised this is normal for us.
You would also see men and women playing hockey together, don’t be surprised this is normal for us.

In our public swimming pools we have men and women lifeguards for our security to protect us from drowning, don’t be surprised this is normal for us.
All the laws adopted that permit these phenomenons have followed a strict democratic process. You would appreciate this new life style and share our habits & customs.

Our Security;

Our immense territory is patrolled by police men and women of the “Surete du Quebec”. They have always been allowed to question or to advise or lecture or to give out an infraction ticket to either a man or woman. You may not hide your face as to be able to identify you while you are in public. The only time you may mask or cover your face is during Halloween, this is a religious traditional custom at the end of October celebrating all Saints Day, where children dress up and go door to door begging for candy and treats. All of us accept to have our picture taken and printed on our driver’s permit, health care card and passports. A result of democracy.

Our Work Place;

The employers must respect the governmental laws regarding work conditions. These laws include holidays known and accepted in advance by all employees. These work conditions are negotiated democratically and once accepted both parties respect them.
No law or work condition imposes the employer to supply a place of prayer or the time during the working day for this activity. You will also see men and women working side by side. We wear safety helmets on worksites, when required by law.
Our Business;

Our businesses are governed by municipal, provincial and federal laws. In our businesses men and women work together and serve the clientele whether they be man or woman.

The products sold by these businesses can be of any kind. Food products for example must be approved by different governmental agencies before being offered to the general public. You might see in the same store several different types of meat, eg. Beef , chicken, pork and lamb.

Other stores offer their clientele a place and equipment to exercise. These places have windows that their clientele can look outside while exercising and are composed of men and women dressed in clothing appropriate for exercising.
Our Families

You will appreciate that both parents manage the children needs and both have the same authority. The parents can be of the same race or not, be from the same country or not, have the same religion or not, even be of the same sex or not.
If a boy or girl wants to get married, they may, they have the liberty to chose who their spouse will be. The democratic process is applied to ensure each and everyone’s liberty to choose.

In our families, the boys and girls eat together at the same table and eat the same food. They can eat any type of meat, vegetables or fruit. They don’t eat just meat or just vegetables they can eat both at the same time and this throughout the whole year.

If our children eat meat for example, they don’t need to know where it came from or who killed it.Our people eat to nourish the body not the soul.


You might still see crosses that tell our past. They are an integrated part of our history and patrimony and should be considered as such.

To publish all the laws and standards of Municipalité Hérouxville would be a tedious task. The standards published above are just a sample so the new arrivals to this territory can clearly identify with us before making their decision to move here.

Certainly, being the elected members, we would give the new arrivals the assurance that the conditions that they have fled from in their country would not happen again here in our territory.. Consequently, the peace of mind that we live with will always be.

It must be very clear that any person or persons, groups legal or not that would like to modify our habits and customs or our general way of life cannot do so without going through a referendum process following all laws put forward by our towns and municipalities. These referendums will be at the petitioner or petitioner’s cost.

Signed jointly by the mayor and 6 city counselors of Hérouxville, all democratically elected.

# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

CM PRESS # 116



The CM PRESS once again tried to help the Silly Council understand the problem of soccer teams taking over our passive parks and endangering citizens who want to use them for their proper purposes.

To do this, we asked the Council if they would think it proper if soccer teams pulled up in cars in front of City Hall and started playing a soccer game on the sidewalk leading into the Council Chambers and told people, including the City Councilmembers themselves, to get off the sidewalk because there was a soccer game being played there and that the soccer players were there first.

We told the Council that this is what we're essentially experiencing in Paularino Park and reportedly also in Canyon Park and Vista Park and maybe others that we've not yet heard about.

We also told the Council that this problem that has been complained about at least since 2005 could easily be solved by simply posting passive parks with a notice of Municipal Code 12-45(a):

"No person shall fly a kite or airplane (driven by internal combustion engine) or participate in any games such as baseball, football, hockey, and the like in any park where such use has been prohibited by a sign posted at the entrance to the park as designated by the administrative services department or the public services department."

Once again, our comments elicited no response from the Councilmembers.


We did receive a message from Jana Ransom, Recreation Manager for the City (714) 754-5654 telling us that there is going to be a public meeting at Paularino School on Wednesday, May 2, from 7 to 8 pm to see what "residents" want in Paularino Park.


Based on past comments, we suspect this meeting may be a white wash and that it may be packed with suspected illegal aliens, or that petitions with names and addresses that can't be verified will be presented asking that soccer be allowed in Paularino Park. This is the same sort of thing we saw over on the Westside when we were meeting to try to revitalize that area of town.

# # #

One citizen asked the Council why people who have been convicted of various enumerated crimes such as rape, burglary, robbery and even graffiti offenses aren't registering with the CMPD as required by Penal Code Section 186.20--186.33 which was passed by the voters in November 2000 as Prop. 21.

This law requires these individuals to register for five years with the local police department in the city where they live.

According to this citizen, what is now happening is that instead of registering with the CMPD, those who were convicted and who are now back on our streets are registering (if they register at all) with the Orange County Sheriff's Department. This citizen contends that this is not adequate because the Sheriff's Department is too large and covers too wide an area and thus can't keep tabs on these individuals in our city and thus frustrates the purpose of the law.

This citizen also expressed his belief that the City of Costa Mesa may be breaking the law by handing off this responsibility to the Sheriff's Department.

# # #

While citizens of Costa Mesa witnessed our City Council acting like a bunch of eunuchs and heard the earth shattering news that one of Councilmember Katrina Foley's sons is in some sort of snowboard event, the City Council in Dana Point was busy doing the people's business by enacting a new no-trespassing ordinance that allows private property owners to boot day laborers off their property and to place them under citizen's arrest if they refuse to leave the property. This ordinance is similar to ones passed in Lake Forest and Mission Viejo.

In an article about this ordinance appearing in the OC Register today, Jean Silva, a manger of business properties in Dana Point said, "They go there to drink, play cards, gamble and urinate and defecate all over the place. It's horrible. I think this is great. The families don't have to be afraid to walk through there anymore."

Well, why isn't the Costa Mesa City Council doing something like this? Check out the day laborers (probably including many illegal aliens) who congregate at the 7-11 on Placentia and Victoria, at the paint store at Harbor and 19th Street, at the paint store at Bristol and Baker, and near the old job center on 17th and Placentia.

And, what about the suspected illegal aliens who are urinating and defecating in our passive parks and who are chasing citizens out of those parks? Well, the Council is apparently happy to let City Staff drag this out for as long as they want.

Hey, City Council, this is a health and safety issue and it should not be a matter to be discussed at hug-a-thon meetings where everyone sings kumbaya and gives their uninformed opinions. Take action for the health and safety of citizens and stop acting like a bunch of eunuchs.

And, by the way, exactly where was Foley? She wasn't at the meeting. Our guess is that she was with her kid on the slopes. So, we're paying her for this? She should resign from the City Council and just be a full time PTA mother. If the CM PRESS can take the time to be at these meetings and not even be paid to be there, shouldn't a Councilmember, who is paid, be there?
# # #

It's starting to seem to more and more improvement minded citizens that once we elect people to the City Council, these individuals quickly become part of the status quo establishment that has been screwing up this city for many years instead of retaining something of an outsider, rock the boat attitude that got them elected in the first place.

Or, to put this in other terms. Citizens put these people in a position to score points, handed them the ball, and are now watching some of them drop that ball and not score.

How about some action City Council? Closing down the job center and having an ICE agent in the jail were good moves, but they're not enough. We're paying you each and every day to make this city nicer. Are you doing something important and meaningful each and every day to improve this city or are you just going through the motions and having staff lead you around by your noses?

Take the initiative. You're supposed to be leaders. We don't need eunuchs on the dais.

And, Council, in case you don't know what to do, here are some suggestions:

1. Remove slum buildings.

2. Stop trying to accommodate law breakers by penalizing citizens as you did with the shopping cart issue. Instead of citing those who steal the carts, you're forcing citizens to pay
$ 40,000 per year to pick them up.

3. Make sure street cops are really checking for driver's licenses, proof of registration and proof of insurance in cars they stop and that they're bringing those without papers to the station to be interviewed by the ICE agent.

4. Defund the charities and stop giving them taxpayer money so they can recruit more illegal aliens to come to this city to use their services so next year they can ask for more money because they have more people to serve.

5. Stop your no-Planning Commissioners from approving things that will keep the Westside bluffs mired in industrial buildings for the next fifty years.

6. Stop appointing know-nothing political hacks to commissions and committees. You're putting people on these things who don't know anything about how any government works, let alone our municipal government, and you're appointing some who don't even live in this city and who don't have a clue that we want to improve our city. Are you people nuts?

7. Do everything you can to encourage the building of upscale homes on the Westside bluffs.

8. Stop printing City brochures in Spanish and stop using Spanish on the City's Website. This is an English speaking country. Those legally coming here need to do as we do instead of telling us we must do headstands to make nice with them. Screw them. If they want things to be as they were where they came from, then they should go back there.

# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

CM PRESS # 153

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