Thursday, July 31, 2008

CM PRESS # 441

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City Council: How about adjusting priorities to really fix our slum problems?

At it's regularly scheduled meeting on August 5, the City Council will be asked to vote to approve expenditures of around $ 553,000 to do some street and sidewalk repairs on a few streets including Shalimar. LINK to agenda.

Yes, Shalimar.

You may recall how in the distant past, ah, a couple of days ago, a 15-year-old girl was shot on Shalimar and you may recall that Shalimar has been a problem for decades due to the gangs that are there. LINK

Do you suppose the repaved street and new sidewalks will stop the crime on Shalimar or just make it easier for the shooters to escape?

Maybe we can have Katrina Foley plant some flowers on the street. That should help.

You may also remember that there are several charities on that street that are supposedly helping stop crime, etc. Funny, it's not helping. Maybe we can all hug and sing kumbaya or close our eyes and wish really, really hard?

The CM PRESS believes the money would be better spent as a down payment on one or more slum buildings on Shalimar that could then be torn down and turned into a pocket park. Remove the habitats of gangs and they'll move all on their own. Fix up the habitats and you'll just encourage them to remain.

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Remember on the old Daily Pilot blogs how readers could post anonymous comments and how one Return to Reason, pudgy, squishy character with a big mouth, tiny brain, and no muscles used to call anonymous posters names for choosing to post anonymously?

Well, this same character is now praising dimwit CM TRUTH/jojo862 for remaining anonymous. LOL

And these lefty creeps wonder why they can't win elections in Costa Mesa. Gee, maybe it's partly because no one can believe anything they say and they're phony gasbags.

And, speaking of elections, get ready for improvement minded candidates to shut out Foley and Dixon this year. You heard it here first. The Yellow Brick Road is getting ready to open as it has in elections since 2000.

Hopefully, the pudgy, squishy character will waste some of his Geritol money again this year by donating to losers like himself.

[About the photo: At first we were going to put up a photo of the squish himself, but it was so disgusting that we were afraid anyone reading the column during dinner...well, you get the picture. Our second choice was of an actual maggot. That was a lot better than the photo of the squish himself, but we finally decided on the above photo]

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At Tuesday's City Council meeting, the Council will vote on a resolution of support for the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment.

The 5th Marine Regiment is the most highly decorated Regiment in the Marine Corps.

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them. Semper Fi!

CM PRESS # 440


This guy who calls himself CM TRUTH in his link from the almost-daily Daily Pilot, also calls himself jojo862 when he blogs at the OC REGISTER, and he also blogs other places.

It's a sad commentary on the ever declining almost-daily Daily Pilot that the newspaper actually links to this guy's anonymous hate blog. Maybe new folks at the Pilot will insist that any such links only be to blogs where the owners of the blogs are known.

CM TRUTH/jojo862, like most cowards, likes to throw rocks and hide his hands.
This guy's pathetic attempts to minimize Latino gang problems and excuse illegal alien criminals by ragging on homeless Vietnam Vets is growing old.

It wasn't a homeless Vietnam Vet who shot that 15-year-old girl on Shalimar the other night. It wasn't homeless Vietnam Vets who shot and killed several people in north Costa Mesa last year.It's not homeless Vietnam Vets who are causing our violent crime wave. It's not homeless Vietnam Vets who are driving our schools down to Santa Ana levels.

The fact is that wars leave many of our veterans wounded in ways that can't be seen except in the fact that they later have emotional problems and difficulties in getting with the civilian program when the war is over.

We're going to see the same thing with Iraqi war vets in a few years. When you see human beings blown apart right in front of you, you get changed. These vets deserve our respect and our help. We sent them to war. They are our fellow citizens. Our non-profits should be helping them, not illegal aliens.

These vets don't need haters like CM TRUTH/jojo862 sneaking around and taking their photos and then putting the photos up on his hate blog where this puke makes fun of them in his sick attempt to distract from the real gang problems in this city.

And, CM TRUTH/jojo862 keeps bragging about his ties to gangs and the CMPD. That should concern all decent citizens of Costa Mesa.

In addition, CM TRUTH/jojo862 wrote recently that Santa Ana's anti-gang program is a good one. That was on the same day that there were three gang shootings in one day in that city. That's a good program? Read the newspapers, dear readers, there are almost nightly gang shootings and killings in Santa Ana. That's not an indication of a good gang program.
Is CM TRUTH/jojo862 delusional? The answer is that he probably isn't. He's a liar and a sneak, and he's manipulating the system, and he's making money promoting his supposed gang knowledge and programs, both here in Costa Mesa and in Santa Ana and in....

He has to claim that his "expertise" is helping with gang problems, and he has to praise programs he promotes, or he wouldn't keep getting paid. He's gaming the system.

Why won't this guy ever identify himself or name that "other city" that he always refers to? Read the paragraph above for your answer.

And, exactly who is he schmoozing with in the CMPD? Exactly what is the CMPD giving this guy in return? Is this the type of person--with his on-going gang affiliations--we want to have our tax money going to, or to be close to local law enforcement?

How about you politicians?
Do you feel comfortable that this guy may be going through police computers and files getting personal information on you and your families? You know there are political cops on the force who try to elect candidates and who don't like you. Are they passing information to this guy?

If his contact in the CMPD thinks this guy is helping with our gang problems, he's mistaken. Our problems are just getting worse, and this guy bragging about his contacts with the department is a smear on the many fine officers in the CMPD and the department as a whole.And,it causes citizens to distrust the CMPD.

Oh, and by the way, CM TRUTH/ jojo862, what do you know about a threat letter and someone fleeing?

Also, CM TRUTH/jojo862, I've never posted anything at the OC Register, as you falsely claim, and I don't post at the almost-daily Pilot. The only things I write locally are under my own name or under "CM PRESS," and they're mostly in articles in the CM PRESS with an occasional column or letter submitted under my own name to newspapers from time to time.

You see, I believe in free speech and I have the courage of my convictions. I want open minded intelligent people to find and read my stuff. I want them to know I wrote it; but I don't want low IQ types and bigots taking things out of context or mischaracterizing what I write. I believe in the marketplace of ideas. If people don't want to read my stuff, they don't have to read it. Anyone who isn't too bored with my philosophical ruminations on the biq questions of existence can easily google me and find many of my long essays, or they can buy my books.

But CMTRUTH/jojo862, you're one of the local bigots who like to spread lies and rumors and who read some of my stuff and can't understand it and then take snippets out of context.

Also, aren't you one of the dimwits who claim that I car pool to City Council meetings with Mayor Pro Tem Mansoor? As I've written many times, I've never been in the same car with Mr. Mansoor either before he got elected or after. Never been to his home and he's never been to mine. Never had dinner with him. Don't hang out with him.

CM TRUTH/jojo862, it may be time for someone higher up to look into your troubling claims about your contacts with the CMPD.

You're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And,your hatred and bigotry are plain to see. You're a hate monger and a rumor monger. To repeat: you're gaming the system.

This is not good for Costa Mesa. We don't need your gangs or your crime. And, we don't need you to pretend to have solutions.

You really should learn the difference between "you" and "you're," "is" and "are"and a few other things, because your anonymous writings aren't as anonymous as you think. Neither are you.

By the way, CM TRUTH/jojo862 claims in one of his posts that a group of whites pulled a middle aged Latino out of his car in Costa Mesa the other day and beat him. Did you hear about that or see anything in the newspapers about it? Neither did we,and we try to keep a close ear to what's going on in the city. Interestingly, though, CM TRUTH/jojo862 claims to know all about it, and he even admits in his post that it didn't make the newspapers. So, who in the CMPD is leaking things to this creep, maybe as soon as they happen, and maybe compromising an investigation?

If you don't agree with any of the above CM TRUTH/jojo862, just remove your hood and let everyone know your true identity. Try being a man for once in your life and not a sneaky little coward taking advantage of the system as you have apparently been doing all your life.

# # #

The solution to Costa Mesa's gang problems is to remove or thin out the slums--not to give more money to CM TRUTH/jojo862 and his pals.

The slums are the source of most of our problems and they're serving as safe harbors for criminals.

The Shalimar slum, where a girl was shot the other day, has been notorious for many years and is helping keep the Westside down.

If you're an upwardly mobile professional, do you want to live near Shalimar? Of Course not.
Come on City Council. Shalimar is not getting better. Tear it down and let the Westside improve. Shalimar has been a problem for decades. Now is the time to solve the problem and not put more bandaids on it.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CM PRESS # 439


Here's the CM PRESS's movie rental pick of the week.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CM PRESS # 438

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LINK to almost-daily Daily Pilot for details.

LINK to OC REGISTER report which better describes the crime infested Shalimar slum as the cancer it is for the City and the Westside.

Be sure to read the posts from bloggers at the OCR. Costa Mesa continues to have a bad name. At least one poster refers to our city as the new Santa Ana. Are you listening City Council?

LINK to CMPD Press Release about the shooting.

The CMPD is not releasing a full description of the perps. Why? How does that help their investigation? How does that help protect the public? The only thing it does is help create the false impression that violent crimes such as these are equal opportunity employers.

Folks, it doesn't take a whole lot of intelligence to realize that Costa Mesa has just a few slums that contribute the most to our violent crime and gang problems.

And, the fact is that these are also the areas that give shelter to most of the illegal alien criminals in the city.

It is precisely because our slums have not yet spread city wide that Costa Mesa has a unique opportunity to get back on the right track. We can cut out our cancer. We can remove the functionally obsolete slum buildings one here and one there.

This should be one of the highest priorities of the majority on the City Council.

Forget about Katrina Foley and her pals who just think we have to plant flowers in front of the slums and crime will stop.

Meanwhile, one cowardly brown racist puke is still trying to convince citizens of Costa Mesa that we don't have a Latino gang problem.

This puke has even implied that he has links with gangs and with the CMPD.

And, the almost-daily Daily Pilot actually links to this coward's anonymous blog where this maggot puts up pictures of homeless white people--people down on their luck, including some who are Vietnam Vets--to try to convince readers that they're our real problem.

Come on City Council, how many shootings do you have to read about to know that we have a gang and slum problem that you need to do something about? Thin out the slums! It's very simple. Here's the formula: Fewer slums=Fewer gangs=Fewer shootings=Fewer killings.

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(This time it's passive parks)

Chicken Little--that sad little excuse for a man, the guy with the puffy skin, flaccid muscles and dainty little fingers who may have more estrogen than testosterone, is once again hysterically clucking about the end of the world here in Costa Mesa.

What got this nutcake hysterical this time is the fact that many small parks in Costa Mesa are on the list to be made passive.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck the end is near. You won't be able to use many of the parks for soccer games or baseball games or javelin throwing or bob sledding, cluck, cluck, cluck.The sky is falling, cluck, cluck, cluck."

And, Chicken Little's fellow low I.Q. numbnuts then chime in and repeat back this creep's exaggerations.

The truth of the matter is that all parks in Costa Mesa are different. Some are very small and some are large. Some butt right up to homes and some don't.

If you have a park near your home and you think it should be used for soccer games or baseball games or large beer drinking parties for gangs, or whatever, well, be sure to let the City Council know about it.

Here's the LINK to the Passive Parks list passed by the Parks and Recreation Commission at its July 23, meeting. This will now go to the City Council for their approval.

If you live near one of these parks and you don't want it to be passive, be sure to send an email or letter to the City Council. The CM PRESS will even help you out. As soon as we obtain any such emails or letters from City Hall, we'll publish your request in the CM PRESS so you'll get maximum exposure with your neighbors.

Don't be surprised if your neighbors aren't too responsive. The CM PRESS has found that most people who live near some of our smaller parks are fed up with losing the quiet enjoyment of their homes, their yards and the parks after the parks are taken over by people who think it's their right to ignore the rights of others and do anything they want in these parks even if this disturbs the neighbors.

The template for the passive park issue is Paularino Park.

Since it was made a passive park, more people are using the park than ever before. And, more young families are bringing their kids to use the tot lot since they now know they'll not be in the middle of a sports game.

Meanwhile, small family groups are still throwing balls and doing the sorts of things that don't interfere with the rights of others.

"Passive" doesn't mean you just have to sit and watch the grass grow.

# # #

(It's what happens when you let your jerking knee think for you)

When he's not busy absent mindedly burning up trash containers, Auntie Steve Smith at the almost-daily Daily Pilot is busy absent mindedly writing columns for the paper and verbally scolding people for watching TV or for not climbing mountains or some nonsense.

Auntie Smith's latest scold column says that the "planning commission" ruled on the passive parks issue.

Nope, it was the Parks and Recreation Commission. You see, the clue, even if one is as confused as Smith, is the word "Parks" in the commission's title. LINK

# # #


The almost-daily Daily Pilot's publisher, waving Tom Johnson, resigned today. His last day at the ADDP will be Friday. LINK

We once ran a spoof about Johnson after he sat at the old job center for a few hours and then wrote a gushy column about the joys of the place.

In our spoof, we had Johnson sitting there on Placentia, waving and yelling "Yoo hoo" to get the attention of prospective employers who might be looking for a temporary newspaper publisher.

In the end, we had Johnson losing out on a job opportunity to an illegal alien who had more publishing experience (in making phony ID cards) and who also told the employer he'd throw in some yard work to boot.

Now that Johnson might really need the job center--it's gone.

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them. Please excuse the format problems with this issue.

CM PRESS # 437

(Time for a mid-course correction?)

On a 3 to 2 vote with Egan and Fisler voting against the project, the Planning Commission last night approved the 34-unit live/work condo project at 1036 and 1042 West 18th Street on the Westside Bluffs as discussed in CM PRESS # 436.

What became very clear during the deliberations on this project is the fact that the City Council may need to provide some guidance to the public, developers, staff and the Planning Commission for future developments on the Westside and especially on the Bluffs.

This project is called a live/work project, but it is really mostly a dense condo project with a few tiny office spaces for professionals such as lawyers or accountants added to a few units.

Although this is a nice project and the CM PRESS is pleased it was approved, we would like to see more artists lofts enter the development pipeline for the Bluffs.

One thing that came out of the deliberations last night was that the developer made a fine line distinction between Live/Work and Work/Live and cited the Live/Work Institute as the source of his definitions. LINK

Frankly, this is not a distinction that CRAC and WROC made, but it may be helpful for the City to consider some of the definitions being used by the Live/Work Institute as a guide for future development of the Bluffs.

Of particular interest, perhaps, is the Live/Work Institute's definition of Artists and the fact that the Institute locates them not in a Live/Work project, but in a Work/Live one.LINK

If the City wants to encourage more artists to move to the Westside, it may want to revise some of its definitions so developers will come forward with projects that truly are lofts and which incorporate lots of large windows, etc.

Here's a LINK to the Institute's 10 truths of live/work planning policy, which should be read by all who are interested in seeing the Westside evolve.
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Section 78 of the LHC is still cooling down. LINK

# # #

(Well, it would be called racist if it only had you know whos in it)
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Monday, July 28, 2008

CM PRESS # 436

The hot item at tonight's no-Planning Commission meeting is Public Hearing Item VI.2.

This is a request to build a 34-unit, 3-story live/work condo project, at 1036 and 1042 West 18th Street, on the Westside Bluffs, to be called "Industrial 18."

The work area in the condos is approximately 200 square feet, which is about the size of a one man office.

Staff is recommending that the no-Planning Commission turn this down. LINK

The CM PRESS Opinion
We believe it is important to get more people actually living on the Westside Bluffs, but we also think it may be time for the no-Planning Commission and the City Council to provide some gentle, out-front guidance to developers about what the City wants on the Bluffs.

We're starting to see projects that are really just condos or apartments coming forward with the words "Lofts" or "live-work" tacked on in order to allow a higher density, but with hardly any loft or live-work space.
# # #


So, shouldn't Costa Mesa get tougher on illegal aliens? Wouldn't a lower crime rate help attract professionals back to our city?

# # #


# # #

Here's another article about the LHC with a brief explanation of why, if Stephen Hawking is right, and if Hawking radiation (named for Hawking) is real, any black holes it might spawn won't be a danger. LINK

UPDATE: 4:15 PM, Monday, July 28, 2008-- Section 78 of the LHC has now been cooled down to 20K-4.5K. It looks as though it may be down to 4.5K-1.9K (-452.47F/-456.07F) by tomorrow. That is the operational temperature of the LHC. The machine will then be checked out until Septemember when the first beam commissioning is planned. LINK
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

CM PRESS # 435


Government spending will always increase to "need" the amount of tax money it can get.

You've probably picked up on the buzz about the attempt by tax and spend liberals Katrina Foley and Linda Dixon to raise taxes in Costa Mesa, and how they've thus far been thwarted in this by the majority on the Council.

Now, and as expected, a bag of wind shill for Foley and Dixon is once again frothing at the mouth and running around like Chicken Little, shrilly predicting dire results if we don't raise taxes. In fact, let's just call this character Chicken Little for the rest of this article.



Exactly which essential services will have to be cut? Chicken Little never answers that question.

Do you want to know why he doesn't answer it?

It's because it's not true.

Hopefully, Chicken Little and his lefty pals will now show how stupid they really are by trying to itemize the "essential services" that they say will have to be cut.

Then, get ready to laugh this crew out of town when you see the itemized list of what they consider essential.

When you vote this year, dear friends, don't forget that the big spenders on the City Council are ultra-liberals Katrina Foley and Linda Dixon. If you want more taxes, these two are for you.

And, remember, these two will make sure illegal alien stakeholders have it nice and cozy here in Costa Mesa courtesy of the taxpaying citizens. Ooops. We just gave a clue as to where non-essential services can and need to be cut.

Want to see where the fat is for yourself. Follow this LINK.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

CM PRESS # 434


Here's the description from the almost-daily Daily Pilot of the latest invisible man to do a crime in Costa Mesa: "a man wearing khaki clothing and wire-rimmed, 'granny-type' glasses." LINK

Wouldn't crime prevention and public safety be better served if the Pilot actually gave a description of outstanding suspects?

If you see anyone matching the non-description or the photo above, be sure to call the CMPD with your tip.
# # #


The ADDP's managing editor, Brady Rhoades (who lives in Fullerton), still has suspicions about motives for the City of Costa Mesa's intention to name some parks in Costa Mesa "Passive Parks." LINK

No doubt, the local flaccid sycophantic nutcake will soon chime in with an entry to Rhoades' blog.
Note: This is not a photo of Mr. Rhoades. Honest. It's actually Pee-wee Herman. Really. No, we're not kidding. This is Pee-wee Herman. Is so, is so, is so.

# # #


As of today, 7/26/08, Section 78 of the LHC is still at a balmy 80K-20K (-315.67 F/-423.67 F). All other sections have now been cooled down to 4.5K-1.9K (-452.47F/-456.07F). LINK

Remember, absolute zero (the lowest temperature possible;where nothing can be colder) is "0" K (-459.67 F).

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Friday, July 25, 2008

CM PRESS # 433


7/25/08--7:35 AM--You're headline on you're blog should not read: "ALL'S FAIR WHEN YOUR A KID AT HEART." It should read "ALL'S FAIR WHEN YOU'RE A KID AT HEART." LINK

And, our first sentence above should read: "Your headline on your blog...."

UPDATE--7/25/08--11:50 AM--The almost-daily Daily Pilot has now corrected the above.

# # #


7/25/08--It now appears that all sectors except Sector 78 have been cooled down to a go state. Once Sector 78 is cooled down and stable, and after some safety testing, the particle beam will be powered up slightly. LINK

For those who have asked, the Large Hadron Collider is an atom-smasher. And, this is the biggest one ever built. It is in a 17 mile long circular tunnel that is approximately 160 to 500 feet underground below the French and Swiss border.

In addition to the thousands of European scientists working on this project, there are also about 900 American scientists working on it as well. Most of the world's top physicists are involved.

The U.S. was going to build a similar atom-smasher in Texas a few years back, but after spending billions of dollars in digging a tunnel, the U.S. finally gave up on the project and filled in the tunnel.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading the CM PRESS.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

CM PRESS # 432

(photo is of section of the 17 mile circular tunnel of the LHC)

CERN's LHC is now being cooled down to the temperature of deep space before the Big Bang. LINK

As of today, 7/24, most sectors are in the go range of 4.5K-1.9K. Once all sectors are cooled down and checked, the whole LHC will be cranked up to start the biggest and most expensive scientific experiment in history.

Temperatures given are in Kelvins. The plan is to cool the LHC down as close to absolute zero as possible. Absolute zero is the temperature at which molecular motion comes to a virtual stop. On the Kelvin scale, this is represented as "0," while on the Fahrenheit scale this is -459.67F.

A room temperature of approximately 70F is the same as 300K. And on the Kelvin scale, water freezes at 273.15k and boils at 373.15k.

The goal of this largest scientific experiment in history is to create conditions that were found in the universe close to the time of the Big Bang.

Two counter rotating beams of protons will be smashed into each other at close to the speed of light to create a mini-Big Bang.

When the proton beams smash into each other, they will leave trails of many known subatomic particles and perhaps the trail of the never seen Higgs boson--the so-called God Particle. Note tha
t subatomic particles can not be seen directly, but they all leave characteristic trails that identify them.

As we've written before, if they find the Higgs boson, Peter Higgs, who predicted its existence about 40 years ago, is sure to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Peter Higgs filled in the gaps in physics by postulating that a never seen subatomic particle, now often called the Higgs boson, is the reason that we even have existence.

In simplest terms, Higgs said that the only reason mass exists at all is tha
t there is a field of these Higgs bosons that all elementary particles pass through which allows some to create mass.

Without the Higgs boson, according to Higgs, the universe would not exist; or if it did exist, it would only contain massless elementary particles such as the photon.

The LHC should be fully operational by the end of July or the beginning of August.
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Monday, July 21, 2008

CM PRESS # 431

(7/24--6:15 AM--UPDATED--Scroll down)

Monday--7/28--Planning Commission meeting (UPDATED). LINK
An item of interest is a proposed 34 unit live/work project proposed for 1036 and 1042 West 18th Street on the Westside Bluffs. Staff has recommended this be denied. What will the Planning Commission do? LINK

Tuesday--7/29--Investment Oversight Committee
meeting. Gives clues to the financial health of the city and how the city invests your tax dollars.
# # #

FBI VIOLENT CRIME RATES FOR THE RING OF CITIES 2006 (Figures are based on 10,000 people)

Read more in the OC REGISTER. LINK

Irvine 6.68% (Down from 8.41% in 2005)
Newport Beach 16.14% (Up from 15.16% in 2005)
Fountain Valley 17.01% (Up from 12.09% in 2005)
Huntington Beach 20.74% (Down from 23.70% in 2005)
Costa Mesa 27.61% (Up from 27.53% in 2005)
Santa Ana 58.18% (Up from 53.48% in 2005)

So, in yet another statistic, Costa Mesa is down in the dump with Santa Ana. How many of these statistics do voters need to see to understand that we have to do more to improve Costa Mesa than just fix potholes in the streets?

When will voters demand that the City Council get its priorities straight and start removing some slum buildings instead of funding work-arounds to mollify citizens.

Why are we spending more than $ 200,000 per year to remove graffiti instead of spending that money to remove the slum buildings where the gang members who put up the graffiti live?

You know the old saying: Give a man a fish and he'll be hungry the next day, but if you give him a fish hook he can catch his own fish and not go hungry?

Well, it's a little like that in Costa Mesa but here, it's like this: If you give the City more money to hide the graffiti, there will just be more graffiti tomorrow, but if you remove the slums where the gang members who put up the graffiti live, there won't be any graffiti tomorrow.

# # #

If you see "a man about 21 years old, wearing a dark blue shirt and black jeans" (this is the actual description in the Pilot), call the cops. He used a gun to rob a store on Bristol Street near Paularino last Thursday. LINK

From this description, we figure the perp must be invisible. Hey, wait a minute, if he's invisible then how did they guess his age? So, someone must have seen the guy's face. Did he have skin on his face? What color was it? Wouldn't a description of the largest human organ help narrow the pool of 21-year-olds wearing dark shirts and black jeans?

Must be another one of those white criminals that the haters and bigots keep telling us are the real problem in Costa Mesa.
# # #


(NEW ARTICLE--7/23--8:09 AM)

Check out page News 9 of the paper version of the OC REGISTER today. You'll see two stories at the top of the page right next to each other.

In the first story, Residents outraged at 2nd fatal shooting, we read that a man named Kevin Wicks was fatally shot by a police officer named Brian Ragan, early Monday.

In the second story, Former USIA chief Wick dies at 90, we read that Charles Z. Wick who once worked for Ronald Reagan died on Sunday.

# # #


Here's a photo of Air Force General Norton Spock, ah, Norton Schwartz, who has just been nominated to be the Air Force's chief of staff.

# # #

Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Be sure to bookmark our site for frequent visits. We now publish something new at least once a day. As the election gets closer, we will more than likely be adding new material several times a day.

We're also now experimenting with doing rolling updates throughout the day and putting in new stories without starting a new issue as we have in the past.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

CM PRESS # 430

If you don't have tickets, just park within a one mile radius of the fairgrounds and you should hear them just fine.
If you saw Jack Nicholson's film The Dearly Departed, you've already heard the Murphys.
# # #

Lou Barletta of Hazleton, Pa. was named Pennsylvania's mayor of the year Saturday. LINK

You may recall that Barletta got national attention for his strong anti-illegal alien and anti-crime positions.

Barletta is now running for Congress and is reportedly receiving donations from all across the country. Here's his Website: LINK

Are any local politicians listening?
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Thanks for reading the CM PRESS.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

CM PRESS # 429


At its regularly scheduled meeting on July 23, the Parks and Recreation Commission will vote on which parks to make passive, active or mixed. LINK
# # #


There was more gang graffiti in the Fillmore-Coolidge slum this morning. The CM PRESS spotted two locations. In both cases the graffiti filled areas approximately 10 feet by 10.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Friday, July 18, 2008

CM PRESS # 428


The 3R Committee meets on Tuesday 7/22. The public is welcome. LINK

At the 3R Committee meeting, a presentation will be made by Barbara Shull and Violet Rodgriquez of the Fair Housing Foundation (from Los Angeles). LINK

The almost-daily Daily Pilot also has an article in today's paper about the Fair Housing Foundation (from Los Angeles). LINK

The city formerly partnered with the Fair Housing Council (from Orange County) (LINK), and the switch to the Fair Housing Foundation (from Los Angeles)doesn't appear to have been run past the City Council, the 3R Committee or citizens before it was made.

Why? This is a major decision. Shouldn't our elected and appointed officials have been consulted at public meetings, and shouldn't citizens have been able to comment on this before such a switch was made?

The Fair Housing Foundation (from Los Angeles) appears to primarily deal with housing concerns in Compton, Lynwood, South Gate, Huntington Park, Long Beach, South Los Angeles and similar Los Angeles cities and areas, while the Fair Housing Council (from Orange County)deals with cities in Orange County--where Costa Mesa is located.

So, why has City staff decided, apparently all on their own, to contract with an agency from Los Angeles that deals with inner city housing problems to take over from our own Orange County agency?

Muriel Ullman, who lives in Long Beach and who is Costa Mesa's neighborhood improvement manager, told the almost-daily Daily Pilot: We just decided that we wanted to go out and try a new company. Some communities had more issues [of fair housing] than we did. (?) Our main impetus is that we wanted a new level of service.”

Who is "we"? "We" is apparently not the City Council. "We" is apparently not the 3R Committee. "We" is apparently not the citizens of Costa Mesa. Is "we" Ms. Ullman? Were there others involved in the decision?

And, what does "we wanted a new level of service," actually mean? What was wrong with the old level of service?

Remember the recent case from Balboa Island where a guy put up a rental sign and apparently ran a small ad in a newspaper or website saying a small unit behind his home was good for professionals, and then he got sued for discrimination?

The Fair Housing Foundation (from Los Angeles) has this to say about such a situation on their website. LINK

Q. I recently placed an advertisement for a vacant unit that read "A great building for single professionals." Was this legal?

A. It is illegal to advertise in a manner that states or suggests a preference. The advertisement you placed discourages families with children from applying to rent your vacant unit. It also discourages married couples and partnered couples form applying for your vacant unit.

How does the Fair Housing Foundation (from Los Angeles) work? Well, apparently one thing they do is hire "testers" who they pay to pose as home seekers (and presumably also as renters). LINK

If you're interested in being a tester, here's what the Fair Housing Foundation says about this on their website.

Must speak, read and write English fluently. Bilingual – alllanguages a plus. Need all ages, races, ethnicities, orientations, both sexes and persons with disabilities.

Job Description
Observe practices of apartment managers, real estate agents, lenders and other persons involved in the rental and sale of housing and report those observations to the Director of Investigations. May follow a profile and pose as a prospective home seeker or conduct residential survey. Conducts these investigations throughout the greater Los Angeles area including the south bay area, County of Los Angeles, Bellflower, Compton, Downey, Gardena Huntington Park, Long Beach, Lynwood, Norwalk, Paramount and South Gate.

The Fair Housing Council (from Orange County) has a similar offer as indicated on their website:

The Fair Housing Council of Orange County is always looking for committed volunteers to help us investigate discrimination complaints. We do offer reimbursement for expenses such as mileage. If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact the Fair Housing Council of Orange County at 714-569-0823.
In navigating around the Fair Housing Foundation's (from Los Angeles) website we couldn't find a single name of any staff member or names of directors or of anyone else, so we're not sure who Barbara Shull or Violet Rodriquez are or what their jobs are with the Fair Housing Foundation (from Los Angeles).

Usually, such websites will have a section called "Who we are." Not this one. We did see on their website, however, that the Fair Housing Foundation (from Los Angeles) apparently has two offices. One is in South Central Los Angeles and one is in Long Beach.

Actually, the Fair Housing Council (of Orange County) doesn't show the names of staff members, the directors or anyone else either. And, that concerns us about this organization as much as it does about the one from Los Angeles.

Shouldn't the City deal with organizations that are transparent and which give, at a minimum, the names of the directors and top staff of those organizations?

Also, shouldn't making such a major change have been put before the City Council, the 3R Committee and the citizens of this city before it was made?
# # #
A call to City Hall seeking comments from Ms. Ullman, indicated that Ms. Ullman is not in the office today.
# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

CM PRESS # 427

(Photo of Sam Zell)

It's a bad, dour time for newspapers, dear friends. But, you knew that.

Costs are up, readers are down, advertisers are gone.

Say you're the publisher of an almost-daily newspaper. What would you be doing to keep the rag healthy, and you and your employees, ah, employed?

Well, if I were that publisher I'd be working hard to get more advertising on the electronic pages of the paper, and I'd be doing that by attracting more readers to those electronic pages as well as to the paper pages.

With more readers, you can sell more advertising. Yeah, I know, this is just basic stuff and anyone could suggest this.

But, specifically, what would I be trying?

1. I'd speed things up so that short, fast stories hit the electronic pages all day long. Stuff has to move fast to keep readers coming back, and you want them to come back so they'll see the ads. The old model of publishing stuff once a day and then waiting for the next day to publish something new is gone.

Now, you have to hit readers hard and fast and grab their attention or you'll lose them.

2. I'd link to national news outlets in a prominent way.

3. I'd link to local city government.

4. I'd accept short anonymous reader posts on stories. But I'd have a good system to eliminate libelous material. Some newspapers we've seen recently have as many as 1,200 responses to stories, while the almost-daily Daily Pilot (oops, we let the cat out of the bag) only has 2 to 4 responses much of the time and they're usually from one local boring nutcake, who for some strange reason, thinks people want to hear his uninformed knee-jerk and obvious opinions).

5. I'd stop featuring blogs that are anonymous. If these cowards want to write long blogs that mostly just smear others, let them have their names associated with what they write.

6. I'd change the ad formats and pack them around the blogs. (Yes, I have specifics about this as well, but I'll hold them for now)

7. I'd have special promotions that would compel electronic readers to pick up paper copies of the paper.

8. I'd do a better job of linking to reliable high traffic blogs in the community that do move material fast. I'd drop community blogs that seldom move material. Hey, this is free content for the newspaper and most bloggers are in it as a labor of love.

9. I'd redesign the paper pages of the paper for more impact. I'd get rid of the slow mo "Nooooow, we're going to tell you about"....and replace it with "Wham! Bam! That's the deal!" (The OC Post bungled this.)

10. I'd carry more articles on ICE and illegal immigration.

You can't bore people into reading your newspaper. Not anymore.

And, that's just for starters. If anyone wants more, you know where to find me. Last row, end seat, big head, black shirt.

Remember, you can trust my advice on newspapers because I played a reporter in a movie once and worked for a time for the Gray Lady.

# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CM PRESS # 426


At last night's City Council meeting, the Council voted 5-0 to allow Nexus Development to move forward with plans to build 151 condo/apartments on it's 6.8 acre site at 1640 Monrovia Avenue on the Westside Bluffs. This site is almost directly behind MacGregor Yachts.

If Nexus can get funding and moves forward as we hope they will, this project may be the one that will jump start a real revitalization of the Westside.

As we listened to the people who spoke in favor of this project--and almost everyone in the audience was in favor of it (although some wanted to tweak it a little)--including industrialists and Return to Reasoners, the following quote from Arthur Schopenhauer kept running through our head:

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Followed by:

Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.

While there are still a few sad sack improvement obstructionists in this city who want the Westside to continue to rot--most notably a couple of know-nothing low I.Q. bloggers and serial name callers with deep seated psychological problems--most people now realize that the Improvers were right all along.

And now, it seems that many decent, clear thinking people are putting aside petty political divisions and are supportive of a real revitalization of the Westside. They are rejecting the smearmeisters and haters who do little but whine and gripe and backbite.

Costa Mesa can be a truly great and unique city from its world class shopping and entertainment centers in the north, to a slightly bohemian and artistic Westside, to "standard" single family neighborhoods, to a healthy industrial sector--an eclectic mix with a proper balance of uses.

But, the job is not done and no one should think that they can give up their activism and that everything will just spontaneously fall into place. Firm hands must be on the wheel.

We still have a major problem with slums and illegal aliens and their support infrastructure run by slum profiteers and we still have gangs that grow in direct proportion to the number of illegal aliens, slums, and non-profits we have, and we still have failing schools that are full of the children of illegal aliens and which are failing precisely because of this.

We have an election this year in Costa Mesa and it's important to elect improvement minded people with a clear and unwavering vision of the correct direction for Costa Mesa and who also have the backbone to stand up to the negative forces that profit from a down-scale city.
# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CM PRESS # 425


The important items for Improvers are Public Hearing Item 1 (LINK), New Business Item 3 (10.99MB so not linked here), and New Business Item 4 (LINK).

PUBLIC HEARING ITEM 1: Will the City Council let Nexus Development build 151 condos/apartments on its 6.8 acre lot on Monrovia, or will the Council let the revitalization obstructionists and out of town industrialists kill this off based on arguments that it is not perfect?

In other words, will the council kill off good because good is not perfect?

Ten percent of the Bluffs is no small potatoes
This 6.8 acre lot is not small potatoes. It is approximately 10% of the industrial land on the Westside Bluffs.

If the Council lets this seminal project go forward, this could be the major jump start to transition the Bluffs to their highest and best uses. This project will bring many living souls to the Bluffs. And, living souls are needed on the Bluffs. Remember, all of these people will also want markets, pizza parlors, coffee shops and similar businesses close at hand.

The crux of the matter
The crux of this matter is that the developer would like to move forward with the original plans for 151 condos, but can't get funding for condos in the present real estate market.

Banks don't want to lend to developers building condos or homes right now because so many are remaining empty or are being foreclosed.

However, banks are more likely to lend to developers building apartments, because people have to live somewhere and if they can't afford homes, they will still rent apartments.

So, to get that funding, the developer wants to build these to higher condo standards as originally approved, but be able to rent them as apartments until the market turns around; at which time the developer would like to sell them as condos.

Good Marketing Strategy
This is a pretty good strategy on the part of the developer. What will happen, if this project is approved, is that the developer will probably get funding and begin construction. It will take about three years to complete the project.

In three years, the market may have turned around and the developer can offer the units as condos.

If the market has not turned around, the developer can offer them as apartments.

and this is the beauty of this strategy; if they have to be rented as apartments, the developer will have a building full of potential buyers who will be offered the opportunity to buy their units when the market does turn around.

Many of us who have promoted the revitalization of the Bluffs, and who were on the various committees set up for this purpose, knew all along that the City would have to be flexible, creative and pragmatic to get things done on the Bluffs. This is one of those instances.

The CM PRESS says just do it!
The CM PRESS is in favor of letting the developer move forward with this project even though it isn't perfect. If this is not approved, the area may languish for many more years.

Don't let a desire for perfection kill off the good.
NEW BUSINESS ITEM 3: This is about putting the TOT (Hotel tax), and Business License Tax on the ballot in November.

NEW BUSINESS ITEM 4: The City Council will review the City's existing Economic Development Strategy.

Both NEW BUSINESS ITEMS 3 & 4 are about raising more money for the City.
# # #

The editor of the Chicago Tribune quit yesterday and so did the publisher of the Los Angeles Times.

Why does this matter to Costa Mesans? Both the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times are owned by Sam Zell, and the almost-daily Daily Pilot is also owned by Zell. Will we be seeing changes at the almost-daily Daily Pilot next?
# # #
Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

Monday, July 14, 2008

CM PRESS # 424


Because of the two City meetings this week, there is excitement in The Lonely Old Man's rented room above the bus station as the Lonely Old Man gets ready to crank up his black and white TV to watch what others do.

The Lonely Old Man furiously looks around the room to find his favorite pair of dirty boxer shorts--he always dresses for City meetings on TV--and, for a moment, fears that THEY have snuck into his room and stolen them.

Then, to his relief, he spots them over in the corner under his pile of empty tuna fish cans. He had missed them at first glance because they were covered with cockroaches. He quickly grabs them and puts them on and admires his soft puffy maggot looking flesh in the mirror. This is the way a man should look, he thinks to himself: No whiskers, no angular lines, no muscle tone. Why, a man should look soft and paunchy like a eunuch.

It's not that the Lonely Old Man actually set out to have a weak mind in a weak body, but it just happened. And, human psychology being what it is, the Lonely Old Man now tries to justify, at least in his own mind, his untermensch presence as the norm.

Then, looking more like a shrill old hag than a man, he shoos some of his pet cockroaches off his Commodore 64 and hunts and pecks out his criticism of others who actually do something. "It's the end of Costa Mesa if THEY get elected," he writes. "There will be concentration camps and jack-booted soldiers strutting up and down Harbor Blvd. demanding the papers of all who pass by."

"And," he continues, "I think the City Council should ban Christmas trees from the city this year. Do you know how many fires are caused by Christmas trees? Why, er, a lot. And, a lot is, well, a lot. Do you want the City of Costa Mesa to burn to the ground? Well, do you? And, besides, not everyone celebrates Christmas and we are a diverse city. You haters who put up Christmas trees...sputter...sputter...sputter. And, what about that cattle drive down Harbor Blvd? Don't you realize a cow tipped over a lantern and burned down Chicago?"

"And, what about the lactose intolerant? How do you think they feel when they see the City paying to send all those milk producing cattle down the street? This is hatred of the lactose intolerant, pure and simple. And, here's the dirty little secret about this: most lactose intolerant people are non-whites! (Link) This cattle drive is racist! You're trying to kick all non-whites out of the city and this is just one more way you're telling them they're not welcome!"

The Lonely Old Man learned long ago that if you never do anything in life, no one can ever criticize you. And, he's lived his lifeless life that way ever since. Now, he just sits in his rented room and criticizes others all day long and never fears being criticized himself because he never does anything. It's life as a sterile sessile lump of protoplasm.

The Lonely Old Man has always been a loser. He was never a doer. Maybe it was because he was born with a paucity of testosterone (Does he even have to shave?). He never had children. Couldn't. Never had a real life. Wouldn't. He was born as an empty husk and that never changed. He was born with spark plugs that just weren't gapped properly.

He worked dead end jobs and never accomplished anything. Life just passed him by. Spring never existed within the Lonely Old Man. The sap didn't rise. He was born winter. He wasted the minutes of his life, perhaps thinking that tomorrow he'd do something, but tomorrow was always tomorrow for him and it was always one day ahead of him and he never reached tomorrow.

Tomorrow, for the Lonely Old Man, was like the hat on the ground that the sad sack in the old movies was trying to pick up with his hand while always kicking it just out of reach with his foot.

Now, the Lonely Old Man is bitter. Lacking life himself, he hates life. In his few cogent and lucid moments he realizes that he is old and that he never lived. He was always afraid of something or someone. He never reached for the stars because he was afraid he'd fail. The life-force was always weak in the Lonely Old Man.

He suddenly hears kids laughing and having fun outside his room. "How dare they?!" He peeks out through the blinds and shrieks in his girly voice: "Hey, you kids get off my lawn!" "Hey, don't light off fireworks!" "Hey don't ride those skateboards!" "You over there, your bicycle is making too much noise!" "Stop dripping ice cream on my sidewalk!"

John Greenleaf Whittier could have been writing about the Lonely Old man when he penned these words: "For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: 'It might have been!'"

Now, dear friends, the above is obviously fiction, and the Lonely Old Man bears no resemblance to any living person in Costa Mesa, but watch as someone thinks the above is written about them.

Such is the neurotic pathology and aberrant psychology of the Lonely Old Man--an archetype that is best avoided.

# # #

Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

CM PRESS # 132

UPDATE:  FIRST 50 WHITE FAMILIES FROM SOUTH AFRICA MAY SOON BE RESETTLED IN RUSSIA Whites face genocide at the hands of Blacks in South Af...