Sunday, November 14, 2010

CM PRESS # 317


Here's a story in the DAILY PILOT today (HERE) that touches on the fact that the demand for moorings in Newport Beach is greater than the supply.

Well, the answer is to provide more moorings or places to dock boats.

Where can that be?  In the Costa Mesa Marina of course.

You've seen the Costa Mesa Marina if you've driven to the west end of 19th Street, or if you've driven across the bridge on Victoria to Huntington Beach. 

Oh sure, it just looks like dirt and brush to you, but that's where the Marina was planned to go until the idea was killed off by one vote on the Costa Mesa City Council years ago.

And, you think local elections don't matter?  One vote difference and the Westside of Costa Mesa would have been the most desirable part of Costa Mesa.

We've written extensively about this in the past, so we won't take your time doing it again, but we will say that with proper vision that Marina could still be a reality.

The late Donn Hall, a former mayor of Costa Mesa, is the guy who really pushed this idea, and if a Marina is ever built, the CM PRESS proposes that it be named after him.
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Link to OC Register article.
UPDATE: Link to section of OC Register article that covers salaries for NMUSD.

Government at all levels continues to come close to collapse under the weight of  its own excesses.
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  1. i'm on board with the marina! for sure! but only if it comes with a one story LED sign! and we can pave over all of banning for parking and run shuttle busses to the marina that run on the blood of the homeless from lion's park.

    see? i can agree with you, too. will you post this one?

  2. There should definitely be a Costa Mesa marina, in addition to turning Newport's Back Bay into a marina. Both of those locations are going to waste under the guise of "saving the natural habitat" (otherwise known as weeds, rats and snakes).

    If that same "natural habitat" shows up in your front yard, the city will demand you remove same. I don't get it.

    It looks to me like the westside is doomed to become a permanent skid row. Back in the fifties the westside was the better part of town. What happened? Now I avoid driving through that area, and I'm thankful I don't have to live there.

  3. Build it and they will come.


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