Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CM PRESS # 306


Unofficial vote totals with all precincts reporting [1:45 am, 11/3/10]:

Costa Mesa City Council

Jim Righeimer            9,218                  31.5%
Wendy Leece             8,235                  28.1
Chris McEvoy            7,675                  26.2
Sue Lester                  2,859                    9.8
Chad Petschl              1,277                    4.4

State Assembly

Allan Mansoor           39,661                   56.3%
Phu Nguyen                30,840                   43.7

"L" (Hotel bed tax)

Yes                              9,951                       51.8%
No                               9,276                       48.2

We'll offer an analysis later in the day.
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  1. CM Press, Thank you for all your hard work reporting on this subject. I referred friends and neighbors of mine to your blog to learn the truth about the candidates. I believe it was instrumental in providing clarity when there was nothing but distortions.


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