Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CM PRESS # 312


At a time when Costa Mesa is going broke, the City Council is considering spending bushels of dollars on bike trails. 

The CM PRESS has looked at the staff reports on this subject.  Maybe we missed this someplace in the dense paragraphs of bureaucratic double-speak, but we didn't see any stats about how many bicyclists might be served.

Are we spending big bucks for just a few bicyclists?  We don't know without more data.

This just looks like more busy work to keep staff fully employed with a feel good project that won't give us the most bang for the buck.

The photo above is of a bike trail in another city.

 In cities with gangs, this is often the way bike trails quickly look. You do know that according to the CMPD, Costa Mesa has 7 Latino gangs, don't you?  And, you do know that the proposed Costa Mesa bike trails will be in some areas where those gangs are especially active.

The CM PRESS has a better idea:  How about we get rid of the gangs by thinning out the slums, and then maybe consider bike trails?
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Proficiency of Black Students is Found to be far Lower than Expected

Yet another article that just can't admit genetic differences exist not only in easily seen external characteristics of different peoples but also in the unseen inner things. This article almost admits that genes matter, but then pulls back.
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(A parody)
The Doing Our Part Everyday Saints charity has announced it will hold a fund raiser this week in Costa Mesa.  All the usual Swells are expected to show up and get their pictures and names in the paper.

Doing Our Part Everyday Saints points to its great success in Costa Mesa as an example of how people can get involved to make a difference.

"When we started just a couple of years ago, we were feeding just one pigeon.  Now that number has risen to 20,000, and we hope to help even more next year."
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Those are our opinions.  Thanks for reading them.

Say, did you hear about the increasing number of illegal aliens and homeless people using the charities in Costa Mesa? The Swells can't figure out why they're flocking to Costa Mesa.  Must be one of those mysteries of life.  Well, open up your wallet and give more money to the local charities.
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  1. The veterinary office on Placentia had large boards covering the front glass doors not to long ago. I asked one of the staff what happened. He told me a homeless man smashed the window with a rock and was screaming out cars passing by.

  2. I noticed your comments on the public library. My wife wont take our kids there anymore. Last time they went a man was half naked and shaving in the bathroom. Another man was clipping his fingernails at a reading table in the middle of the library.

    Go to Lions park? Forget about it! I bet it hurts Fish Fry sales by having it at this location.

  3. as for the bike trails: it has appeared to me that the agenda for the council is staff driven. I would like to see, and expect I will see from Righeimer, a council led vision for the city. They need to have a vision, tell their city manager what it is, and the city manager needs to get it done or explain why it cannot be done.


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