Sunday, November 7, 2010

CM PRESS # 310

Now has 1,215 vote lead

JIM RIGHEIMER         11,808        31.7%
WENDY LEECE          10,593        28.4%
CHRIS MCEVOY          9,797        26.3%
SUE LESTER                  3,526          9.5%
CHAD W PETSCHL      1,551          4.2%
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When ICE deported some illegal aliens, Crissy Brooks wrote a tearful letter to a newspaper about how she had travelled to Tijuana to cry with the deported illegal aliens who were her neighbors and presumbably also, in some cases, clients of her charity, MIKA, which is headquartered in the Shalimar slum.

Now, Brooks gushes in the above linked article about Costa Mesa cops schmoozing with her neighbors in the Shalimar slum.

Say, are these the same out of town cops who wasted about $ 150,000 trying to defeat citizen and new City Councilmember Jim Righeimer and causing Righeimer and his family, including his young children, embarrassment about some bills he had 20 years ago?

If so, this just indicates how much change is needed in the CMPD.

Is it any wonder why more and more citizens are contacting us and saying they have no confidence in the CMPD?

Can it be that some out of town cops haven't heard that Costa Mesa is a Rule of Law City?  Or, maybe they've heard that but don't care?

Do the cops prefer illegal aliens to citizens?  Is that why quality of life calls that might be about illegal aliens, don't always seem to be handled in a timely manner?

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We believe that after every election, each Planning Commissioner and  each Parks and Recreation Commissioner should tender a resignation letter to the Council.

Then, the Council can accept or reject the resignations, and, where some resignations are accepted, appoint new members whose philosophy about the direction of Costa Mesa is more in tune with the new City Council.

And, speaking of appointments to the Commissions, whether as we've suggested above, or just piecemeal as in situations such as we face now where Jim Righeimer has been promoted to the Council, we believe that those on the Council who truly want to Improve (big "I") Costa Mesa should be careful in who they appoint.

You see, the Improvers watch and listen.  They never stop.  They are in this to make Costa Mesa a nicer city and they know that one must have the intelligence and proper vision of this city to understand that most  decisions--even some that seem unrelated to Improvement--made by the Commissions and the Council have an effect on Improvement.

We bring this up, because when Chris Steel won election--after 9 failed attempts--and only with the support of the Improvers, one of the first things he did when he got on the dais was to do a misguided "deep search" to find a new Planning Commissioner. 

Then, instead of appointing someone who was steeped in Improvement and who understood the larger picture, he appointed a guy who had never been active in the city before, and who has never been active since he left the Planning Commission.  And, when he was on the Commission, this guy's votes were all over the landscape.  Why? Because he had no core thread of Improvement in his mind to see the big picture. Steel wasted a great opportunity to help Improvement.

Needless to say, once Steel made that appointment, the Improvers immediately started planning on defeating him in the next election (they would have recalled him if recalls weren't so difficult).

Here's the thing of it with Improvers.  They're not really loyal to persons.  They are loyal to a vision.  If they support certain people for the City Council or the Commissions, they do it not based on personalities but on their belief that they think this person or persons will further Improvement.

If they are let down, they'll turn on a dime and oppose that person or persons in every way possible.

As we've written many times before, most Improvers look at things that go before the Commissions or City Council by asking and answering three simple questions:  Will this help Improvement?  Will this be neutral?  Will this hurt Improvement?

If it will help Improvement, they'll support it. If it's neutral they'll often remain silent.  If it will hurt Improvement, they'll make their views known, and often very forcefully.

Now, here's where a lack of intelligence (maybe, lack of consciousness is a better term here) and proper vision may come in.  Wendy Leece apparently thinks she's all for improving Costa Mesa. In fact, she'll tell you that.

Unfortunately, Wendy apparently doesn't understand that some of the charities that she gives moral support to are actually helping drive Costa Mesa, and especially the Westside, down lower.

It's the old feed one pigeon and you'll end up with hundreds of pigeons situation.  And, that's what is going on with some of the charities.  They're magnets, and on the Westside, they're magnets for illegal aliens.

Some who support those charities look at the individual people involved and think they're doing good by making them feel warm and loved in Costa Mesa.  What they fail to realize is that they're harming the stable citizens of this city by allowing Skid Row conditions to fester and grow because of their misplaced compassion.

Programs that seem compassionate but which deny human nature are doomed to fail.  Remember the "War on Poverty"?  It didn't work.  It was just a bunch of kumbaya crap that tried to deny human nature.  We could list other such programs, both in the national sphere and also many right here in Costa Mesa, but the point is made to those who can think in a straight line and it'll never be made to those who can't.
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Those are our opinions.  Thanks for reading them.

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