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CM PRESS # 663


Video (3:32 min.).

RAMZPAUL skewers lefty dimwit who says that the White smoke that comes from Thomas the Train and other good trains is a code representing White humans and the black smoke coming from the bad trains is a code representing non-White humans. Thus, White is good. Non-White is bad.
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Because non-Jewish Whites have so few people and organizations looking out for our interests, we non-Jewish Whites often get a bad rap on many scores in addition to being discriminated against in college admissions and in getting jobs and job promotions.  So-called "White privilege," is often really "White non-privilege."

For example, many criminal suspects and arrestees are described as "White," when they are really Latino. The FBI has done this for years in its crime reports, but has now started being more specific in its racial/ethnic designations so that everyone who appears White isn't just lumped in with us.  The point here is that the violent White crime rate is much lower than some believe it is, but the public is being fed inferences that Whites are involved as perps in more violent crimes than is the case.

This creates the false impression that violent crime is an equal opportunity employer and leads to some naifs saying things such as: "There are violent criminals in every racial group."  Well, yes, that's true.  But what we're talking about is the percentages of violent criminals in different racial groups--and these percentages are higher in some and lower in others--as a way for people to be aware of potential  danger and remain safe.

Sometimes the bad raps come from the media not giving readers all the facts.

Consider the above linked story about a white skinned man, with a beard, and wearing black pants and black shoes and a white shirt buttoned all the way up, attacking a Muslim woman in the Trader Joe's parking lot in Long Beach.

Now, was that a White on Muslim hate crime?  That's what the report makes it sound like.

But, what's missing from the report is the clear statement that the man is dressed like, and has the appearance of an Orthodox Jew and that there is an Orthodox Jewish Temple a block away from that Trader Joe's.

So, even though the attacker has not been caught, it is possible that the motive for the attack was not a simple White vs. Muslim thing at all.  But, we don't really know, do we?  We're just left with the impression that the attacker was a non-Jewish White guy.

A subtle slur against non-Jewish Whites as we see in this story often becomes like something that is said in a room full of people that gets changed as it goes around the room.

A Human Relations Commission report on this crime will show it as a White on Muslim attack and we may then hear people amping it up to a KKK attack, or as an attack by a White Southerner with a shotgun in his truck window or as a Neo-Nazi or White Supremacist attack on a minority.

Magnify this type of subtle non-Jewish White slur many times around the country and you can see the problem.

And, that's exactly what has happened and that's one of the reasons so many non-Jewish Whites run and hide any time someone calls them a racist or similar name and it's no doubt one of the reasons why non-Jewish White politicians are afraid to start a Legislative White Caucus up in Sacramento to look after White interests just as the Black, Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Jewish Legislative Caucuses look after the interests of their racial/ethnic people in Sacramento.  Whites have no Legislative Caucus helping non-Jewish Whites as the unique and distinct people that we are.


One of the reasons we non-Jewish Whites are such easy targets for discrimination and smears is that many people--including many Whites--are unsure of our identity, and thus those who are not our people are lumped in with us and we with them when there really should be finer distinctions made in order for news reports and statistics to make any scientific sense and for our own benefit.

We need to get our taxon straight:  We are non-Jewish White people of non-Jewish European ancestry.  We are from all the nations of Europe.  We are English, German, Irish, Italian, Spanish, French, Swiss, Russian and so on. Many of us are from Christian families as well, but the word Christian is an artificial and non-essential identifier for us that can be changed as easily as one changes socks, and is thus not necessary as an element in a definition of our authentic identity.
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