Reggie Mundekis Sure sounds like the black hats' approach.

Video (2:31 min.).
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Photo of Black killer of White cop at above link.
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Some people try to deny this and any aspects of human nature that clash with their irrational beliefs and prejudices about the fictional oneness of humanity, and they don't even want to see the statistics that point to the truth.  Many of these close-minded people are the easy victims of non-White criminals because of their prejudice that blinds them to reality.

These people who are in denial of human nature will often mouth meaningless cliches such as,  "We must judge the content of the character of each individual."   This is absurd.  Why, must anyone do that?  Why waste a single moment of your time or burn even a single calorie of your energy to do so? What is it that you gain from doing that?

If you invest your time and energy in something, you should do so with the reasonable expectation of a return on your investment.  What is the return?  There is none.  There is no requirement on you as a free individual to waste your time and energy this way. Your obligation is to yourself and your self-preservation so you can live a long and happy life. To live a long and happy life your best bet is to play the odds. This means you should have a rough idea of the probabilities.

In fact, saying that we should judge the character of each individual human would be a little like saying we should stay in the ocean when there are sharks present because not every shark will attack you and therefore you should judge the character of each shark.

Live consciously and use your senses to understand the world around you and to avoid possible danger to you and yours.

It is often said that when we use our cars that we should drive defensively.  This is good advice for living as well. Live defensively.  Don't be a naive chump.
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Black Democrats crossed party lines and voted for RINO Cochran in recent open primary and gave him a win over a conservative Republican.  Now they want Cochran to do their bidding.
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Video (1:25 min.).
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