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CM PRESS # 637


Our guess is that most Muslims aren't convinced that this is the guy to follow and will wait to see if he and his forces can defeat much larger forces against all odds and whether or not he can even remain alive since he has essentially made himself the prime target of Western nations and even other Muslims who think he's an upstart.

We imagine that many Muslims are watching him the way people watch someone standing on a narrow ledge wondering if he'll fall off or not. If he falls off, that's the end of it.  If he survives, he gets cheers and supporters.

So, if al-Baghdadi is able to pull off some miraculous victories and dodge drone attacks, etc., then it's likely that many more Muslims will join him. The smart money is betting against this happening.
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Video (2:33 min.).

Taxi company owner says his cabs will no longer serve the [Black] area of the city.

Folks, this isn't a rarity.  This is happening to Whites all across the country.  Know the odds and play the odds if you want to survive.  Be naive and try to deny reality and you may be the next innocent White victim.
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The way nature works: A human female gets all of her eggs at one time in her life. This provides genetic stability as the eggs are "frozen" in time with the 23 chromosomes and the 10,000 or so genes that she will contribute to the new child, and these eggs all remain unchanged under normal circumstances.  But they do have a shelf life and deteriorate with age.

A man, by contrast, produces new spermatozoa every day.  This allows changes in his 23 chromosomes and 10,000 gene contribution to the new child as conditions both externally and internally change.

Thus, a new child--born with 46 chromosomes and approximately 20,000 genes--gets the benefit of some stability of genotype from his or her mother but he or she also gets a possibility of some adaptive changes to help with survival via his or her father.

Furthermore, most mutations come from the father, not the mother, and this is also a function of new spermatozoa being constantly produced.

Nature has engineered us this way so that new organisms who breed as we do, have a better chance of survival in an ever changing existence.

Interestingly, we can also see this female=stability; male=variety and change reflected in general behavior patterns of humans as it has usually been males who go exploring, adventuring and roaming around the world while it has mostly been females who stay close to home and provide stability.

And behind all of the above is this simple truth: Genes are us.
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Watch out, those "supremists" (sic)  who want a nicer Costa Mesa are gonna get yo momma!

Terri Fuqua
Following Bever's column we see this comment  from Terri Fuqua (pictured  at a city council meeting):

Terri Fuqua ·  Top Commenter
I live on the Westside. Can you tell me what exactly it is that has improved?

What has improved, Ms. Fuqua?  Well,  the physical improvements and new homes are attracting smarter, nicer looking and better acting people.  A city is its people.

And in  a comment, below another column HERE, Ms. Fuqua refers to another commenter who mentions the improvements on the Westside as sounding like  a "supremist, (sic). 

Terri Fuqua ·  Top Commenter
Andrew Smith You sound like a supremist.

Here's the comment that Ms. Fuqua thinks sounds "supremist."

Andrew Smith ·  Top Commenter · Costa Mesa, California
Ms. Osborn Adams, I think we can both agree that having fewer "drunk or drug fueled 22 year old's" or any other miscreants in our city is an excellent way to reduce injuries to our men and women in blue. We need to attract fewer drug-fueled citizens "allegedly threatening to kill" their children and more positive citizens who don't use our police force like a paper towel for their social issues.

The less like Appalachia and the more safe, sane and positive our citizens become the less the better off we all are. Let's agree to fight back against that costs we bear being friendly to thugs, bums and druggies and shape our city up, and the officers will be safer and less likely to be hurt.

Karin Ahlf
  • And then, Ms. Fuqua gets an attaboy from Karin Ahlf, pictured above, another frequent critic of improvement and the Righeimer Council, who apparently agrees that improving the Westside and attracting upwardly mobile people there is "supremist." (sic)
  • Karin Ahlf ·  Top Commenter
    I'm going with supremist also.
    That is not "moving forward", it's quite the contrary.
  • Ah, Ms. Ahlf, most intelligent, knowledgeable people would probably disagree with you.  

    Of course, if you like wrecking yards, and slums full of illegal aliens, and criminals, and gangs, and strong arm robberies on the streets, and schools that are at the bottom of the barrel, and free food handouts, and charities all over the place, and people sleeping in the library and washing up in the library bathrooms, then I guess the improvements happening on the Westside are not exactly your cup of tea.

    Now, dear reader, be sure to read all the comments below the linked articles so you can put the comments of these two ladies in context with the articles themselves and so you can get a feel for the quality of the comments of those who are opposing improvement and the implementation of the Westside Plans by the Righeimer Council.

    Ask yourself this:  Do you want a nicer,safer Costa Mesa--a city where people want to be instead of a place that people want to flee?  If you answer yes, then you are for improvement.  That's what it's all about.  That's all that it is about.  It is about improving our city and our quality of life.
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  1. Fuqua leaving the city would be a HUGE ,in more ways than one, improvement.


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