Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CM PRESS # 744

At tonight's City Council meeting, the Council will consider adopting an ordinance relating to day workers that is modeled on a similar ordinance in the City of Orange. (LINK)

Unless we missed something, there's one possible problem with this, and we're not sure how this passed legal muster at City Hall.

You see, in addition to its ordinance, Orange has what is euphemistically called a Resource Center. (LINK) This is a job center, plain and simple. Costa Mesa does not have such a center.


Legally, a city can't just tell people they can't look for work on the streets unless there is a reasonable alternative where people can find work.

Again, unless we missed something in our quick read of Costa Mesa's proposed ordinance and related matters, we think the City might be (inadvertently?) setting itself up for a First Amendment legal challenge. Or, is there a plan to open a new job center that we aren't aware of?
If it's the latter, where is it going to be?

Say, how about putting it over near a couple of crackpots who live on the Eastside, or maybe near some other crackpots who live in Mesa Verde or even, as we've suggested before, down near the border with Newport Beach on East 17th Street.

Actually, our guess is that if a new job center is opened, it will probably be on Harbor Blvd. north of the 405, near the border with Santa Ana.

Hopefully, the Westside will be off limits for a new job center, if one is in the offing.
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As we reported in CM PRESS # 743, Councilmembers Katrina Foley and Wendy Leece (Poor Wendy, what's happened to her?) are asking the Council to put some cancelled squishy Nanny State programs back into the budget.

You see, it's for the children. The children can't have good futures unless Nanny State local government gives them free food, free music and a lousy recreation van on their very street.

What a bunch of crap. "Oh, you're so mean, the children are our future. If we don't rob taxpayers to give our children things to do, they'll all join gangs and terrorize the city."

Baloney. The reality is that many of these programs are not for "our" children, but are for the children of illegal aliens who shouldn't even be in Costa Mesa at all. Some of these programs are just part of the usual Costa Mesa lefty illegal alien Welcome Wagon crap that has made our city more like Santa Ana than Newport Beach.

The taxpayers of Costa Mesa shouldn't be in the babysitting business. That's the job and the responsibility of parents.

"Oh, but the parents aren't at home. They're busy working, so we as a City need to take care of 'our children.'"

Nonsense. And, to repeat, what's really going on is that many of "our children" are really the children of illegal aliens who have found a soft touch in Costa Mesa and who get free food, free clothes, help with paying the rent, and free baby sitting services provided by the beleaguered tax payers of Costa Mesa.

Elected officials need to clearly indicate that the city government of Costa Mesa is not anyone's mother or father. If some people can't afford to live here, then they should move to where they can afford to live. Don't do us any favors by staying here. Rents and homes are a lot less expensive in Santa Ana, and that city is even within walking distance. It's also known to be very friendly to illegal aliens.

And, anyone who moves to Santa Ana can still use the Downtown Gym in Costa Mesa since the Parks and Recreation Commission booted Costa Mesans out of the place in order to rent it to people from Santa Ana.

Look, this country was built on self-reliance and personal responsibility. Most citizens neither expect nor want government to be their nanny.

Instead of driving our city to Third World levels so your missionary work can be done from your luxury cars and so you can be home in bed before it gets dark in the screwed up neighborhoods that you are helping keep that way, why don't you Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers--you cat ladies, sans cats--you Nanny Staters--just go to to the Third World and live out your Mother Teresa fantasies without harming Costa Mesa? Send us some postcards.

Dear readers, when you see the Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers talking about compassion and all the rest, remember that some of them are the modern equivalents of the Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers who "helped" the American Indians (by just about destroying them as a distinct people) and some are also the present day equivalents of the Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers who "helped" the Aborigines in Australia (by stealing their kids and trying to force them into a white mold).

Is it any wonder that so many American Indians ended up having emotional problems? They were given constant subtle (and some not so subtle) cues that their people, their culture, their ways, their religion were all worth nothing and that they had to give them all up and act like dependent little children (even if they were adults) so the nice, compassionate Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers--who always knew what was right--would take care of them and show them how to be nice little red skin white people.

And, if you say that this isn't the way it is today. I'll tell you that you're wrong. It is the same seemingly well intentioned type of nanny thinking that is harming people by keeping them dependent on the nanny government and the Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers.

Does this mean that we shouldn't help people who have fallen through the cracks? Of course not.

But, there is a balance that must be struck. We can go too far to helping people with things that they don't really need or which they can supply themselves--which is what is happening in Costa Mesa--or we can go too far in the other direction and be heartless and selfish and not help people at all. Again, a proper balance must be struck. Costa Mesa is tilting too far to the left side of that balance beam.

Yes, if you're thinking fish and fish hooks, dear reader, you probably have it right.

Costa Mesa is giving out fish, instead of fish hooks, and when the fish are gone, the hungry are back expecting more because now they feel entitled to the freebies, and the Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers tell us how now they're helping so many more people than before that, why, now they need even more freebies to hand out.

It's like feeding a lone pigeon in the park. He doesn't remain a lone pigeon for long. In very short order, you'll be covered with pigeons. And, you'll never be able to keep up with the food demand of the ever increasing numbers of pigeons.

Meanwhile, it is the good decent citizens of Costa Mesa who pay for the freebies with their taxes and who also pay by having lower than they should be home values, a fleeing middle class, schools that are at Third World levels and an astronomical crime rate.

We have to stop the downward spiral of Costa Mesa. And, one thing to do to stop it is to get the local government out of the Nanny State business and have it provide the essential services that it should provide, and no more than those services.

Oh, and if you think all the compassion and non-profits in Costa Mesa are doing a good job, then please explain to us why our crime rate is so high, why the gangs are growing, why the schools have such low student scores and why our city is so much different from our sister city--Newport Beach.

Santa Ana is not a good model for Costa Mesa. Newport Beach is.
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[Photo above is of some American Indian boys who were "helped" by some earlier Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers. First, they had to have their hair cut into white styles, then they had to wear uncomfortable white clothes, then they had to give up their own religion in favor of white religion, then they had to give up all of their Indian culture. Do they look happy to you?]

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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  1. With Al Franklin being sworn the oath of office, which for a majority in either party the oath means absolutely nothing? Be assured the Democratic Libertarian leadership has a perfect storm and with a 60 member majority the other side cannot filibuster any new laws to being enacted. My major concern is an illegal immigrant the--OVERPOPULATION--invasion. Unless--THE AMERICAN PEOPLE--don't exert pressure on their Senators, Representatives, they are--SURE--to pass another AMNESTY. With no restraints it means 13 to 20 million plus, foreign workers and their large families will get a path to citizenship, even though they broke our laws. In stark addition to this, millions more will appear in America after sweeping across our border, after being advised that AMNESTY is going to be enacted.

    OVERPOPULATION--will over the next 40 years propel the amount of people, living, working here to around 430 million? That's federal government statistics? Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi brought upon Americans a behemoth of a problem by trying to stall, kill or underfund E-Verify

    Our country is already being swamped by foreign nations who cannot speak or write English and unable to comprehend road warning signs. Amongst the impoverished, the sick and others carry contagious diseases, comes the gang members, rapists, murders and other criminal elements. Those caught have already compromised our overcrowded penal system. Each day there is carnage on the highways to American family members. The Heritage foundation has already stated that the costs could reach $2.5 TRILLION DOLLARS, just in retirement benefits. I don't think their are any words to describe the financial impact on taxpayers, as these poor, unschooled and large extended families cannot find work, in a near 11.0 percent jobless rate for AMERICANS. There is huge unknown financial amount of money to support the illegal worker, followed by a wife and then--CHAIN MIGRATION--of sisters, brothers who are sure to come?

    There is a danger to our economy so unbelievable, it cannot be emphasized enough--THAT THE PUBLIC MUST PRESSURE THEIR RELUCTANT PUBLIC SERVANTS IN WASHINGTON--NOT TO ALLOW ANY KIND OF AMNESTY? The full weight of this massive expenditure will fall on the U.S. TAXPAYER--NOT THE PARASITE EMPLOYER WHO DOES THE HIRING? A prime example at this time is payments of illegal alien households around the country. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation calculated the average low-skilled immigrant household received $30,160 in direct benefits, education, medical care and other services from all levels of government in 2004. Those same low-skilled immigrant households paid only $10,573 in taxes that year, meaning the average low-skill household had a fiscal deficit of $19,588.

    The ultimate question is can Americans afford to support all these low income nationals, while the nations economy is stagnant? With millions of the US population searching for a job, with a slender possibility of passing Universal health care? We must have a uniform immigration enforcement program, that our politicians have cowardly moved away from, except for a brave few.

    We need immediate transformation of E-Verification to a permanent, none voluntary for--ALL--workers, within the United States. Whether you have five employees or 50.000 everybody must be verified as legal. IT SHOULD START WITH EVERY GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION? THEN EVERY US FEDERAL WORKER SHOULD BE VETTED, OR HAVE THE US GOVERNMENT GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE? BEING THAT FORMER PRESIDENT BUSH, IMPLEMENTED THE PILOT PROGRAM, THE GOVERNMENT MUST SET AN EXAMPLE INSTEAD OF ALL THE DELAYS?


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