Thursday, July 16, 2009

CM PRESS # 752

Most people are going to deny this, but the contest is going to turn heavily on racial/ethnic demographics rather than Republican vs. Democrat voters in the district. The Vietnamese are going to vote for Tran and the Latinos are going to vote for Sanchez. The group with the most racial/ethnic voters has the edge. LINK TO DP STORY.
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Not a good use of $ says the government agency. And, they're right. LINK
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Folks, the CM PRESS has long said that Costa Mesa has screwed up priorities and that our local government spends too much money on things that the CM PRESS puts in the fish rather than fish hook column.

Costa Mesa should be using HUD and other money to thin out the slums. This is the stuff of fish hooks not fish.

Instead, the City spends too much money on resurfacing streets and nothing on thinning out the slums. This is fish. And, that's what the City is going to do now that HUD said forget the bike trail.

And, when crime keeps increasing from the slums, the City just sends in more police. Again, this is fish, not fish hooks.

Remove the slums, and the slum problems will be gone and they won't return. This is the fish hook approach.

Send in a few more cops because of a problem on Tuesday and you'll still have more problems on Wednesday. This is the fish approach.

Stop giving out fish, Costa Mesa. Give out fish hooks.
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Makes Great White Mother condescending remarks. Gets called on the remarks. LINK
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Of course it does. China actually makes things. A strong economy requires more than a nation full of paper pushers and middlemen taking a profit on whatever someone else makes. LINK
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As we've previously written, the Planning Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission often serve as farm teams for the City Council, i.e. the Commissioners often learn the ropes on the Commissions and many then run for the City Council with support of various of the Councilmembers and the supporters of the Councilmembers.

One such person is Colin McCarthy who is now on the Planning Commission and who is something of a fast tracker to the Council. Or, is he?

At this week's Planning Commission meeting, McCarthy suddenly said from the dais that he was going to give up his pay as a Commissioner to help the City with its financial crisis, and McCarthy specifically named the Recreation Vehicle as what he wanted to support. He also asked the other Commissioners to join him in giving up their pay.

Although the other Commissioners were polite and collegial--one even said that he knew McCarthy wasn't grandstanding (read, he probably did feel that McCarthy was grandstanding), they all declined to give up their pay, but all were put on the spot and apparently made to feel uncomfortable to the point where each told about the charity work that each did.

We're sure that many on the dais and in the audience felt that McCarthy's comments from the dais were out of place. Was it an intentional ambush of the other Commissioners or was McCarthy just suddenly moved by the milk of human kindness? We wanted to know.

Also, given the fact that many activists in the City feel the Recreation Vehicle is a waste of money, we wanted to get McCarthy's comments on this and other matters. So, we sent him an email. As of this writing, McCarthy hasn't replied. If he does reply, we'll let you know.
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Sections 12,23,81,78 are cooling down. These four sections together are about 8 miles in length.
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It's been thirteen days since a Latina claimed some white guys attacked her. Even white-hating lefties are now going soft on this story. Could it be that these true-believers in white hate and the emergence of a Fourth Reich have some doubts about the story? LINK

We'd really like to see the FBI investigate this case, because if it turns out to be a hate-hoax, we don't have a lot of confidence that the local police will reveal that fact. There are too many lefty bigs who have rushed in and made public statements bemoaning the "hate," whose reputations will be diminished just a little if this is a hoax.

And, if it's shown that this is a hoax, what will the hoaxer be charged with? Filing a false police report? Nothing more?

Frankly, hate-hoaxes amount to blood libel against an entire people and oftentimes what happens is the evil seed of false ideas is planted in the sub-conscious minds of others in such a way that they are thereafter blinded to reality.


And, speaking of this, you may recall that we previously reported on a few individuals in the CMPD who seem to be blinded to reality. One of these guys gave a lecture about "white gangs" to students at Costa Mesa High School and the lecture used material from a left-wing group with an agenda. Folks, there are no white gangs at Costa Mesa High School.

Then, the CMPD presented a report on gangs to the Costa Mesa City Council in which it said, in a few toss away words that could easily be missed, that Costa Mesa has no white gangs.

No white gangs. There it was in black and white from the CMPD. Okay. But, the report then went on to discuss white gangs (by race)--we kid you not--but failed to say that the gangs in Costa Mesa are almost exclusively Latino. In fact, the report didn't use the words "Latino," Hispanic," "Mexican," "Illegal aliens," "Illegal immigrants,"or anything similar to describe the true nature of the gang problem in Costa Mesa.

The way the report was written, a casual reader might think the Latino gangs, with several hundred members in Costa Mesa, are actually white gangs. They're not.

We recently received a message from a local politician who, with evident glee, sent us a report about some taggers who were recently caught in Costa Mesa who are white kids. The almost orgasmic note the politician sent was: "See, not all criminals are Latinos."

That's the kind of stupid statement that comes from those who have internalized anti-white rhetoric and phony hate crime reports and who score low on the discernment scale.

We don't know anyone who says that all criminals are Latino or are all this or all that. Is it really necessary to say that criminals come in all colors? If so, then we need to add that all colors are not equally represented in crime statistics, and to understand the crime problem we need to look at those statistics.

We also know that most violent street crime in Costa Mesa is non-white in origin and has a strong nexus with the Westside, with the slums and with illegal immigration.

If we are to solve our high violent crime problem in Costa Mesa, we need to understand the true nature of the problem instead of trying to be PC about it.

Note: Costa Mesa's crime rate is up more than 36% over last year's rate. Must be those non-existent "white" gangs causing the problem. Right?
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.


  1. What activists? You were the only speaker opposed to the rec van.

  2. Right. I'm the only speaker on a lot of issues. But, if you think I'm the only one concerned about such things, you haven't been watching the City Council elections for the past ten years. Election after election, many libs have been surprised that certain people got elected. Many activists just talk among themselves or email each other or talk on the phone. They take action behind the scenes and with their votes.


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