Saturday, July 11, 2009

CM PRESS # 748

So, the mayor is going around the local cops and is calling in the FBI.

We reported on some local cops in Costa Mesa doing the same thing as these cops in Ohio.

Let a white kid look askance at a non-white and the liberal cops scream "hate-crime," and hold press conferences, while the usual lefties hold candle-light vigils, but let a white family with little kids get physically attacked by non-whites who are using anti-white hate speech and the liberal cops don't see any hate crime problems.

In fact, there may be a link between a local hate-blogger and some of these liberal cops.

The CM PRESS looked into a hate crime attack on a white kid in Costa Mesa in which the attackers used racial epithets. The white kid told the cops about the racial epithets but, just as in the case in Ohio linked to above, the Costa Mesa cops left out that information from their report.
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