Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CM PRESS # 758


Here are Mr. Bever's comments that appear in the Daily Pilot (LINK) about Costa Mesa booting Costa Mesans out of the gym that these citizens own and replacing them with people from Santa Ana.

Eric Bever wrote on Jul 22, 2009 1:28 PM:

" The Mayor sold-out our community to a guy who told him he "would do anything to get access to your gym"

Gee, wonder why? 40 teams at 8 players each = 320 players at $250 each equals $80,000. OUR gym costs him $960 a week times 26 weeks=$24,960 per 6 month league.

The applicant stands to make $55,040 profit for 6 months use of OUR GYM. Get it folks? this is a well paid BUSINESSMAN asking us to kick our residents out so he can make the big bucks. Unfortunately, council did just that. "

Meanwhile, a couple of the usual low IQ nutcases, who obsessively comment on everything in their usual illiterate and uninformed way, have their comments in the DP as well. These are the types of people who--pre-computer age--used to spend their time writing on the restroom walls at the Greyhound station.

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We saw this photo of Hillary (she's on the left) on Drudge today, and wondered about her fashion sense.

We thought her outfit looked like prison clothes. Actually, the reality may be more subtle.

In the photo, Hillary is shown arriving in Thailand where Buddhist monks wear saffron robes that are very close to the hue she's wearing.

Could it be that Hillary was trying to get a psychological advantage by wearing the color that is associated with holy men in Thailand?

We wonder why Hillary didn't take Bill to Thailand with her...oh, yeah....


Financial crisis so bad in Ireland that Irish cops may have to buy their own uniforms.

Things aren't so bad in China and India. They still make things. They still have factories.
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Here's a story from the OC REGISTER about Rodney Allen Rippy, now all grown up.

We ran into Rodney years ago when we went to talk to our film agent who had a ground floor office in a single story building in Hollywood with a glass door opening to the sidewalk.

As we approached the door, we could see Rodney on the inside looking out at us. As we reached for the door, Rodney suddenly locked the door on us. No big deal, his mother opened it a few minutes later.

"Cute trick, kid,what's your name?"

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We once wrote a short story about an unnamed city where IQ's started dropping as a result of people drinking certain bottled water in the city.

We called the water dumb water. Those in the unnamed city who didn't drink the dumb water retained their previous IQ levels. But they were few in number.

Many of those drinking the dumb water were the unnamed city's leaders and the pillars of the community, who received free bottles of the dumb water from the local water district which got the water from a specific well in the city.

The results were subtle and not at all catastrophic, but the quality of life in the unnamed city started falling as the city's leaders kept making many small bad decisions while justifying those decisions with the usual platitudes.

Things in the unnamed city were just a little off kilter--not things that would ordinarly be noticed by people with IQ's in the 55 to 70 range--but it was the cumulative effect of all these little things that added up to ruin the city.

Soon, the schools in the city were showing low student scores, but the leaders gave out awards to "outstanding schools"--which they defined as schools that had student scores that were better than the worst, even though they weren't very good at all.

Crime increased in the unnamed city, but the leaders would even find excuses for this and citizens would smile and nod and just accept the higher crime rates.

The unnamed city's budget was a mess as a result of many bad decisions. More justifications followed.

City leaders kept spending money on things that weren't needed--like a bike trail--while not spending money on things that were needed, and this further ruined the city.

Fortunately for the leaders, most of the people in the unnamed city had also been drinking dumb water, so these citizens just nodded their heads and gave slack jawed smiles as their leaders kept giving out platitudes.

"we hav da bestest citty employes of any citty," they would say and write, and the citizens would nod and smile.

"an we have the bestest citty in da state,"the leaders would say as they puffed up their chests. Again, the citizens would nod their approval and pat themselves on the back while smiling at each other with moist eyes because they were so lucky to live in such a great place.

One day, a visitor from another state drove through the unnamed city and noticed little things that weren't right--things that were stupid. Things that kept the city on the wrong side of the Bell Curve and the wrong side of the tracks.

Then, as the visitor drove on, he reached the unnamed city's border with the adjacent city where no one had been drinking dumb water. And, he passed into Newport Beach, ooops....


Some of the people from the unnamed city with the lowered IQ's read the short story (while moving their lips) and replied in letters to the local newspaper in the following fashion:

"you ain't foolin' me wif dis unnamed citty bidness i thinks you talkin bout dis here citty. if ya donut lik dis grate citty, youse shud moves sumplace else. i says luv it of leaves it!!!!!!"

"wese a citty wif a hart we dont wana be lik newpot beech, cause dey thinks dey to gud fer us."

So the citty wif a hart continued to fall to ever lower levels and the residents just kept drinking the dumb water and didn't really notice it. Crime increased. The Westside continued to rot. The middle class moved away. The city fell to Third World levels. This was okay, though, because IQ's also continued to fall, and no one noticed the decline of the city.

Being dumb means you don't notice many things and you just accept lower standards and you don't question city officials or speak out.

As we said, we went to the City Council meeting last night....
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Dhose is hour oppins. Tanks fer redding dem.

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  1. Man, that bell curve is depressing!

    gosh durn, know wundur tha hole wurld is a mes.
    thoz 2.1% smarti pantz r rekin evurthang.
    all hale tha avrage man! dummyz rull!

    Pas tha watur pleez!


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