Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CM PRESS # 750

North--Santa Ana--Man stabbed after he yells at taggers. LINK
South--Newport Beach--No one stabbed again today.
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It's been 11 days since a Latina said she was attacked by some white guys inside a gated community, and still there are no suspects. Very odd. You'd think the OC Register would be following up on the story, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Why no reports of fingerprints or DNA evidence from the perps? Hmmmmm? Can it be that there are no fingerprints and there is no DNA evidence? How can that be? Hmmmmmmm? We'll try to keep an eye on this and let you know if anything turns up. LINK
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Notorious trash can burner Steve Smith, who pens a column for the almost daily Daily Pilot, quotes Jana Ransom who heads up the Recreation Division for the City of Costa Mesa, in his latest column. Here.

We hope that Ms. Ransom has been misquoted, because her answer makes no sense. Here's the relevant portion of Smith's column:

"...I [Steve Smith]called Jana Ransom, the city’s recreation manager, and asked, 'Are there more maintenance costs involved with a greater number of people using the gym as a result of this permit?'”

“'No,'” Ransom replied."


Let's put this in other terms: So, if I drive the CM PRESSMOBILE ten thousand miles, it won't have any more maintenance costs than if I just drive it ten miles?

Or, how about if thousands of cars drive down Fairview Road each day as opposed to just a few cars? Wouldn't Fairview have more maintenance costs if more cars use the street?

What about carpet in your living room? If you have more people walking over it, will it wear out faster than if fewer people walked over it?

Look, this isn't complicated. The more you use something, the faster it wears out and the sooner it needs maintenance and repairs.

The answer supposedly given by Ms. Ransom is so absurd, that we feel silly to even have to give examples of why it's absurd.

Frankly, we don't believe Ms. Ransom said what Smith claims she said or, if she did say it, that Smith took it out of context.

We tried to reach Ms. Ransom by telephone this morning for comments but she was away from her desk.
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No doubt there are people right here in Costa Mesa who agree with this guy. Why, there may even be some of these loons on the commissions and committees and even in some City departments who have links to a couple of hate bloggers. LINK
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Our illegal population alone exceeds all the Irish, Jewish and British immigrants who came. Each year, we catch more people breaking in at the border than all the Swedes and Norwegians who came to America in 200 years. Half a million illegal aliens succeed in breaking in every year, more than all the Greeks or Poles who came legally from the Revolution to 1960.
-- Pat Buchanan in State of Emergency
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Yup. Read full column here.
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The U.S. has been going in the wrong direction for many years. Now, we're seeing the results.

To be prosperous again, we need to make things. We need to re-industrialize the U.S.

All the talk of a global economy with its usually unspoken notion that the U.S. can be some sort of garden like paradise without factories because our factory districts will now be in China and India is absurd. China and India are surging, just as the U.S. once did before we let the twits take charge of this country.

There's much more that could be written about this, including how we're in the grip of many false ideas that go against the way things actually work in our cause and effect universe, but we'll try to keep this short.

We linked to one example of false thinking in yesterday's CM PRESS but it's worth repeating.

Here it is. JEB Bush is pushing for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Does this make sense? Consider: The U.S. has an official unemployment rate of 9.5% right now, and some economists believe the actual rate is around 16%.

The unemployment rate would be even higher if the Obama administration suddenly stopped the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and released hundreds of thousands of military personnel back into the civilian economy. Our guess is that this is the main reason why peacenik Obama has now become a warmonger like Bush before him.

Back to amnesty. What would it do to our economy? It'd put millions of mostly unskilled workers into the economy who would no longer work for reduced wages under the table, but who would demand and get full wages and benefits. This would increase unemployment of native born American citizens.

As of this writing, the population of the U.S. is 304,059,724 (LINK) with approximately 150 million in the workforce. Do you honestly believe that with more than 300 million people in this country, we can't find people already here who are willing to do stoop labor so we must bring in millions more,which is what amnesty will do?

And, what are the approximately 150 million people now in the U.S. workforce supposed to do for work? Are they all qualified to be bank presidents and heads of computer companies?

The fact is that we can fill all employment niches with our own people.

Simply put, we need to start making things again in the U.S. and we need to look out for our own people. Period. Much flows from these two simple propositions.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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