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CM PRESS # 580


(And, no thanks to Improvement obstructionist Wendy Leece and the haters [spit])

Yesterday, in CM PRESS # 579 we wrote about the demographics being changed on the Westside by first improving the infrastructure and attracting small lot builders to risk their money.  HERE'S where you can read that column.

Today's column shows some of the nitty gritty of how this works. We're going to plug in some real numbers here, but they're easy to follow so don't run away even if you hate looking at numbers. If you don't like looking at numbers, yesterday's column says the same thing as this one, but without the numbers and in a more general way.

But, first, and before reading on, remember that this type of upward spiral is happening because of the work that Mayor Righeimer, Mayor Pro Tem Mensinger and Councilmember Monahan have been doing in implementing the Westside Plans.

The Westside Plans were just a dream. It is the Righeimer Council that is making them a reality and turning a crime ridden slum into a nice area of Costa Mesa. 

First there is the thought, then there is the talk, but what finally matters is the ACTION, and without the Righeimer Council the Westside Plans would have just remained a dream.

Consider just one area of the Westside. It is Census Tract # 06059063605.

This Census Tract is the area that has 19th Street to the North, Placentia to the West,  Anaheim and Superior on the East and Industrial Way to the South.

Approved right now, or about to be approved, for this Census Tract,  by the Righeimer Council are 3 new residential projects with a total of about 290 new detached homes. There will be approximately 1.9 residents per household (homeowners have smaller households).

What this means

Not one of these 290 new households will have less than $ 100,000+ household income.  How do we know this?  Because it will take that much household income to qualify for a loan to buy any of these 290 new homes.  Some of the incomes there will be much higher.

At the present time, that Census Tract has 1393 Households, but only 150 of these households have an income of or above $100,000. That's only 10.86%.

With the new 290 new Households, the number of Households with $100,000+ of income in that Census Tract will increase by an astounding 193%, but the number of households will only increase by a small 20.9%!

It's like cold fusion, folks, put in a little energy in the front of the machine and you get much more energy out of the machine than you put in!

Don't let your eyes glaze over, but below is a little of the math that shows the improvement and how the Righeimer Council is helping make the Westside the Bestside:

Here's how it all looks when you put all the numbers together and extend them out: 

At present there are only 150 households in that Census Tract with $ 100,000+ income.

Add the 290 new homes to that Census Tract each with $100,000+  income and you'll then have a total of 440 homes with $100,000+ income (290 + 150) and you'll have a total 1683 households in that Census Tract (290 +1393 homes).

Now do a little more math and you'll see that the percentage of homes that will have more than  $100,000 household income after the 290 homes are built out and sold will have increased to 26%: (440/1683=26%).

Bottom line: 

In an area that now only has 10.86% of the homes with household incomes of $100,000+ there will soon be 26% of the homes with household incomes of $ 100,000+ but this  income pump has been accomplished by only adding a mere 290 new homes to the area!!!

And, almost 100% of this is being done with private sector money.

If you're a site selector for a national or regional credit tenant with multiple locations, you're now going to start taking a look at this area because with the 290 new homes there will be a major increase in spendable income in the area.

And, by the way, the sales figures at the Trader Joe's that is already in that Census Tract should go through the roof.

Meanwhile the low I.Q. haters continue with their stupid nipping at the heels of the doers and they sound like this. 

The haters are in pink (naturally), and the CM PRESS is in red talking Marine to the haters.

"Oh, I wouldn't have done it this way, oh my, no." Hey, stupid, you've done nothing in your life because you're too afraid to take risks. Go crawl back under your rock you scumbag.

"He's just helping his developer friends." Hey you dumb ass, who the hell do you think built the home you're living in?  It was a developer. The small lot developers are taking a risk in building on the Westside.  It's their money that's on the table.

"He doesn't listen to us." Hey, you neurotic whiny piece of crap, he listens to you, but your stupid ideas aren't worth much.  Go get some psychological help, you dipstick.  He's not your damn mommy."
#                                      #                                                 #

In one, a 70-year-old White woman was raped and murdered by her Black neighbor.

Diversity is a failure.  White communities are safer.
#                                   #                                   #

This one is from The Spectator.  This is the fourth review we've linked to so far.

Can it be that the world is starting to wake up to the fact that genes matter and that the old lefty nostrums about all humans being the same under the skin is utter nonsense?
#                                          #                                                 #


This is a pretty good review from Real Clear Science.

The message in all of these reviews is simply what I've been writing about for years:  Race is real.  It is not a social construct.  Race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose.

And, human evolution has not happened all at once, but has followed the fundamental principles of evolution-including the reality that small, isolated groups of humans evolved differently than other groups and if they were successful, they grew into large populations as the beneficial  mutations in their small groups spread throughout the whole groups.  This is what happened to the humans who came to and evolved in Europe.  They became a new race--really a new subspecies--but even those who now are waking up and realizing that race is real are mostly still too timid to understand that in the case of humans, we not only have different races but we have different subspecies (some would say different species).  In time, even the dimwitted will come to this conclusion.

Not only has evolution of humans not stopped, there is evidence that it is actually speeding up among Whites (I've written about this before), and another thing that may be new to some readers is the notion that there can be rapid evolution (I've also written about this).
#                                                         #                                                      #

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