Saturday, May 17, 2014

CM PRESS # 591


Video (2:09 min.).

Notice all the other Black students laughing and egging the attacker on.
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Intelligent, awake and aware White parents who want the best for their White kids are moving them out of schools with many Blacks and non-Whites and putting them in schools with kids who have the same genes as them, who look like them, who think like them, who have the same cultural values as them and where they can learn for their future success in the safest and best possible environment.

Sounds good to me.This is good evolutionary move for Whites. It will help both with their success in life and in their reproductive success.

Whites are not here to satisfy the wishes of Blacks or other non-Whites.  We are not here to be less than we can be so others can keep up.  We're not here for their benefit at all.  We are her for our benefit and our happiness in life. Why would any sane and intelligent White waste even one second of his or her time or burn even one calorie of his or her energy in trying to determine the character of a non-White?  There is no return on the investment of your time or energy, there is only a potential risk either in the short run or the long view of history, so why do it?  It makes no sense either in a practical sense or in an evolutionary sense.

Wasting time and energy in trying to determine the content of the character of a non-White is like trying to determine the content of the character of a shark in the water.  Why bother? You gain nothing even if the shark doesn't want to attack you.  How is your day or your life made better by finding a shark that doesn't want to bite you?  You're not here and morally commanded to waste your time and energy in sorting out sharks.  It is enough to know that some sharks are known to attack humans, and since you gain nothing being around even those sharks that won't attack humans, why bother being around any sharks?
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Actually, the cab driver is Black and has a Latino  surname.  He says he's a Nazi.

Video (1:58 min.).

Interestingly, this guy isn't being treated too harshly by the media or others.  This would not be the case if he had been White.  It is only White's who get the harsh treatment.
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The group  gives this as their purpose: "TBON Costa Mesa's purpose is to educate residents by creating awareness about our group home properties and party/frat houses."

You can reach them and get more info HERE.

TBON says there are more than 300 of these group homes in Costa Mesa and the numbers are growing. The City gives a much lower number.  However, from some of the incompetence we've seen in the ever growing number of highly paid  Indian Chiefs on the top heavy fifth floor of City Hall we'll believe TBON for now.

TBON also says the city isn't taking the proper actions to rid our city of these nuisance homes.  And while the City has to be careful to stay within the law in this regard, we think TBON may have a point.

Costa Mesa's municipal government is growing too big and becoming too intrusive as well as being too incompetent

Generally speaking, the CM PRESS is not pleased with the way our municipal government keeps growing by hiring more and more top executives on the Fifth floor of City Hall.  And, in our view, not all of these people are competent.

It may be a case of too many cooks in the kitchen, but City Hall seems to be turning into a bureaucratic hodge podge full of highly paid people who don't know what they're doing and who seem to be treating residents of Costa Mesa as second class citizens.

We believe that there have been some poor hiring choices made  for top paid executives and even when some of these people are shown to be incompetent, they are not let go. Instead, new people seem to be hired to cover their incompetence.

We don't see the above problems as being directly related to the City Council. However, ultimately, the Councilmembers are the ones who will be held responsible because they're the only ones voters can put in office or take out of office.

We continue to think that Mayor Righeimer, Mayor Pro Tem Mensinger and Councilmember Monahan are doing a good job in improving Costa Mesa, but we think it's time for them to take a serious look at reducing the number of Indian Chiefs and cutting the bureaucracy.
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