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CM PRESS # 597

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Godzilla director Gareth Edwards has been signed to direct a Star Wars spin-off. HERE

Upon the news of the signing, Edwards said: "Ever since I saw Star Wars, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life--join the Rebel Alliance!"

Of course, if Edwards actually lived in a real world version of Star Wars, it might not be as clear to him which side is good and which is evil or which side he should join.

Take Costa Mesa  for example you will...In a Galaxy very close to home...

In Costa Mesa, the Rebel Alliance is composed of the three good councilmembers:  Jim Righeimer, Steve Mensinger and Gary Monahan.

No jokes now about Righeimer being Hans Solo, Mensinger being Chewbacca and Monahan being
Yoda.  Think this, say this, you will not, hmmmm!

And, of course, the Rebel Alliance is also composed of all the good folks in Costa Mesa who want to see our city improved so that our streets are safe, our homes retain value, our schools get better and so that we don't constantly just give away our money to out of town union people who work to elect puppets to the city council who will continue to rob Costa Mesa citizen Peter to give to non-Costa Mesa citizen Paul.

Yes, dear friends, in a galaxy very near to home, the Rebel Alliance has triumped and the good guys are now in power.  All the forces of evil are now arrayed against them and trying to take the power back. And a slimy and despicable lot are these forces of evil.

Here is  in costa mesa who comments constant hate against the good guys jabba the hut there is.  Yes, hmmm.  Herh herh herh.

Here too is robot man who at city council meetings shows up to drone on in a flat affect he does as well as other strange and revolting creatures who slimed their way out of the star wars bar to try to drool crazy talk to try to return costa mesa to the hands of evil doers. Yes, hmmm. Herh herh herh.
Well, rather than going on in this manner, I'd like to say that my point is that in the real world, good and evil are not always as easy to spot as in movies.

We are led in movies to identify with the good guys and it is very clear that that they are the good guys and we are led to despise the bad guys, and, again, it is very clear who they are.

However, in real life we have to wade through propaganda efforts from both sides  We don't have a movie screen showing the good guys being good guys and the bad guys being bad guys, and no one really looks cartoonishly evil.

In real life, we have to use our reason and our intelligence to discern who and what is good and who and what is evil.

And, how do we measure these things--good  and evil?  What is the standard we should use?  I say the standard should be based on who and what makes life better for us as responsible, productive, stable citizens, of Costa Mesa.  

The standard of good and evil should not be  based on the views of the pathological altruists, poverty pimps, charity bosses, out of town unions and those who want us to burden ourselves and our families in order to support people who want freebies or who want us to pay more than we have to pay on the open market for services we need performed to maintain and improve Costa Mesa.

The standard of good and evil, and I repeat, must be based on our values for us personally. Good must be defined, here in Costa Mesa, as that which helps each of us and our families live the American Dream.

The standard of  what is good, put in human form, is defined as those who are in power, or who have influence, who do what is necessary to make YOU feel comfortable and safe and not have a city that is full of slums and drive-by shootings and schools that are in the toilet.  YOU should feel safe and comfortable here and not yearn to be in some other city. 

But, you see, the way the evil doers--call them haters--see things is that they will often bring in some global idea of what is good. They'll say, for example, things such as: "We  have to help the poor," or "We have to help the homeless." Well, who is this We, in these cases?  This collective idea of a "We" being responsible for everyone else is, at heart, a religiously founded idea that has been corrupted from its original form and which is now used to justify keeping Costa Mesa downscale based on guilt for some being better off than others.

Charity is something that should be voluntary.  It should not be imposed on anyone by others, just as  particular religious values--often dressed up in secular clothes--should not be forced on others.

In Costa Mesa, I define good as anything and anyone who works to make Costa Mesa nicer and which or who improves the City in ways that improve the lives of the stable, productive citizens. And, in Costa Mesa, I define evil as those who do just the opposite.  Of course, evil rarely defines itself as evil.  In fact, evil usually defines itself as good.  However, it is not their self-definition that is important.  We, each of us individually, must define good and evil from our perspective.

 But, speaking objectively, how do we define "improvement" and "nicer"?  The answer is simple, we compare the relevant statistics of Costa Mesa with the five surrounding cities to see how we compare.  We could even put a simple letter grade on the cities.  For example, we'd probably give Newport an A on most factors and we'd give Santa Ana an F.  Costa Mesa would probably rate a C- or even a D+ on many factors as we are closer to Santa Ana in many of the statistics (crime, homeless people, illegal aliens, etc.). We need to raise our grade. A  B+ would be nice and we're heading that way with the good guys on the council.

Righeimer, Mensinger and Monahan are working to improve Costa Mesa and their efforts are showing results. Our property values are going up. Our infrastructure is being fixed. Slums are being removed.  These three are putting our money where it makes our city nicer. I thus define these three as good.

On the other hand, those who simply want to take our money and give it to out of town employees and unions are not helping improve Costa Mesa. They are simply sending our money to other cities in the form of pay checks. And, folded in with this evil crowd are those who want to increase charities and freebies for illegal aliens and people who flock here, not as contributing members of society, but as people who want freebies.

This flock includes criminals, mentally ill people, bums, more illegal aliens and everyone else who wants freebies.  But, of course, the evil doers, the pathological altruists and charity bosses will always find, from the ranks of the flockers, some innocent hard luck person or couple or child and use them on their posters as though they are representative of all those who want freebies, in an attempt to manipulate weak minded citizens into feeling guilty and into accepting conditions in this city that are bad for these weak minded citizens and all other stable and productive citizens.
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America has become a New Africa where Whites are daily oppressed by elites and where they are easy victims of non-White criminals.
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Video (2:26 min.).

Two more Whites receive a lesson about race.  Will they now be less naive and thus survive.  We hope so.
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This sort of thing happens all the time as the PC elites try to convince Whites that Blacks aren't a real and present danger to them and that violent crime is an equal opportunity employer.  It isn't.  Not by a long shot.

A few years ago a young White girl was murdered near San Jose and her body was left lying near a river. Her Black killer then took his friends (including weak-seed sicko Whites) to view her body.  This was later made into a TV movie, and guess what?  The killer in the TV movie was changed from a Black to a White.
#                                           #                                           #

The decline of the U.S. due to the browning and blackening of this country are being seen around the world as a signal that the U.S. is a slow moving train wreck that is going to fall apart at some point.  Just as there is White flight out of increasingly Black neighborhoods, there is money flight out of the U.S. and for the same basic reasons.
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Video (43:08 min.)

Good.  The only way to fight those who would limit free speech is to use your rights to free speech and not let the haters cause you to self-censor out of fear of being called names.

And, homosexuality is not normal.  We can know this because it does not produce offspring.  Producing offspring is the purpose of all living things.  You don't have to believe in the Bible's command to go forth and mulitply to know this--it is all around us in nature.  We are born to make more like ourselves and this applies to all organisms.  There is not one exception to this natural law.

The danger with society accepting homosexuality as acceptable and even normal does not lie in allowing homosexuals to be homosexuals, but in the fact that by seeing it as normal, there is an impetus towards it being propagandized to impressionable young people who may not be "born" homosexuals, but who will take the path of least resistance when their hormones kick in and thereafter never produce children.
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