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To ensure that mankind continues, God gave to every one of us a deep and natural repugnance for man on man, or woman on woman. To whitewash the sin by blackening the repugnance for it as "homophobia", is mentally and morally sick.
---Bishop Williamson LINK
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Steve Smith over at the almost daily Daily Pilot is sure to be a finalist in the dumbest column of the year award with his Sounding Off Column appearing in the PILOT today (HERE).

In the column, Smith sets out to defend Jim Righeimer from an attack by failed City Council candidate Chris McEvoy that appeared in the paper in April (HERE).

Smith's underlying theme that Jim Righeimer isn't bad for the city, as claimed by McEvoy, is correct.

The CM PRESS will go even further. We need more Righeimers to help jump start the revitalization of the Westside; which is the key to improving all of Costa Mesa including its schools and the quality of life for all citizens.

But instead of simply giving a logical defense of Righeimer, Smith then gets goofy as he writes this:

"The attitude that the city may not be worthy of Righeimer is really an inferiority complex and it has held Costa Mesa back for decades. The inferiority complex manifests itself in writings such as McEvoy’s, in the recurrence of a silly attempt to carve out some sliver, some connection, to the Pacific Ocean, even if, as was once proposed, that path is just 12 inches wide, and in the trashing of the city over the presence of illegal immigrants by, among others, its current mayor."

"Inferiority complex"? Huh? "Held us back"? What? Did you get that? Smith is actually telling readers that it's an inferiority complex to want a nicer city not infested with illegal aliens and one with a connection to the ocean.

Then, Smith shows he's been at the kookade bowl again when he writes:
"Costa Mesa ethnic mix that many other cities envy...."

Costa Mesa is envied by other cities for an ethnic mix? Exactly which cities envy us? Naturally, Smith offers no examples. It's just hogwash.

Say, Smith, have you seen the through-the- roof crime rate in Costa Mesa? Have you looked at the demographics of that crime? Hmmmmm? How about our schools that have student scores at Third World levels?

"Envy," is not the word to describe how some other cites look at Costa Mesa.

If this were Hollywood, Smith's friends would be urging him to take his name off this column and sign it Alan Smithee.
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