Saturday, May 23, 2009

CM PRESS # 703


HERE'S a link to a Daily Pilot story about a guy who robbed a bank in Newport Beach the other day.

When you look at the photo you can see that the guy is white. But, just in case you aren't sure, the Pilot tells you in words that the guy is white.

HERE'S a link to the OC Register report on the same incident. The OCR just lets the photo speak for itself and doesn't use words to tell you the guy is white.

What's our point?

The CM PRESS believes that all outstanding violent criminal suspects should be described as fully as possible and that race/ethnicity, if known, should be in every story. This includes outstanding criminal suspects who use threats or claim they have a gun or other weapon and say they'll use it.

In this case, the Daily Pilot did the right thing and the OCR didn't.

However, and this is a very big HOWEVER, the Pilot often seems to hide the race and ethnicity of such suspects except when they are white, and when they are white, as in this story, the paper always seems to put in that information.

We don't like that double standard and what appears to us to be an attempt to create the impression that violent crime is an equal opportunity employer. It's not.
We also don't like it when newspapers such as the OCR scrub crime reports and leave out race/ethnicity of such suspects.
Just report what you know for the safety of the public and let the chips fall where they may. Is that too freakin' hard?

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The Costa Mesa Police conducted a sobriety checkpoint on May 22, 2009, at Harbor Boulevard and Fair Drive.

During the hours of operation, 1,561 vehicles drove through the checkpoint and 516 of those drivers were screened. Police conducted 32 DUI investigations resulting in 4 DUI arrests. In addition there was 1 warrant arrest, 9 drivers were cited for driving without driver licenses, and 3 drivers were cited for driving on a suspended / revoked CDL. A total of 14 other traffic citations were issued for miscellaneous vehicle code violations and 13 vehicles were impounded.
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