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BACKGROUND (Our opinion and not from the WSJ article)
Obama is stepping in it by sending more troops into Afghanistan. It's not our fight and there's no way we can change the trajectory of history that is unfolding over there in the way we are trying to do it.

Our problem in the U.S. is that we often have a short view of history and we too often liken newer conflicts to earlier conflicts in our national memory--such as the war against Germany and Japan.

The big difference is that with Germany and Japan we did not fight against a very strong world view that values the religion of the people more than the individual lives of adherents.

Many Muslims have more of a bee hive world view than we are used to--individual bees are always expendable so long as the hive thrives. Muslims strapping bombs to their bodies and blowing themselves up? It's not much different than bees sacrificing themselves, by stinging intruders with stingers that rip the guts out of the bees doing the stinging, to further the interests of their hive. This is alien thinking to the U.S. and the West where we put maximum value on each individual.

When India got its freedom from Great Britain in 1947, Pakistan (which had been part of majority Hindu India) split off to become its own Muslim nation.The Muslims and Hindus do not get along and Pakistan and India see each other as enemies.

Still, all was relatively quiet in the three nations prior to 2001. The Taliban were in control of Afghanistan but were contained within the nation by Pakistan, which, as already mentioned, was also an Islamic nation, and the Taliban were busy running Afghanistan and implementing their fundamentalist Islamic ideas throughout the land. And, Pakistan and India were essentially at a stalemate along their border. Both nations have nukes and neither one is markedly stronger than the other. There was no reason for either nation to start a major war with the other. Things were in balance.

Then, in 2001, the U.S. did some meddling and booted the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan and put in a puppet government in its place. When that happened, large numbers of the Taliban moved into the mountainous and tribal regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan and began building up their strength.

By being in the mountains with tribal allies who do not recognize the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Taliban were now in a position where they might try to take over Pakistan with its nukes. And, if the Taliban didn't hate the U. S. before we kicked them out of power, they now hate us with a red hot hatred that can't be quenched.

This brings us to the events of this week. Under U.S. pressure, our puppets in Pakistan are moving troops and supplies away from their border with India to fight the Taliban on the other side of the country. This will leave their border with India weak while they fight their fellow Muslims. Will India take advantage of this? Probably not. But because of the tensions, the Pakistanis will probably leave enough troops on this border to weaken their efforts against the Taliban. And, if the Taliban win some battles (and if it is thought this is because the Pakistanis didn't put enough troops or effort into the fight), the U.S. will be pulled more deeply into the conflict to make up the manpower and perhaps willpower shortage; which will anger many Muslim fence sitters who will then become our enemies.

Also, despite talk by our bribed happy-face puppets in Pakistan about the Pakistani people not liking the Taliban, this isn't completely accurate. Some may not, but many of the Pakistanis support the Taliban, and with every air strike by the U.S. that kills more Pakistani civilians, the hatred of the U.S. grows throughout all of the Muslim world including in Pakistan.

Will Obama turn into as much of a bumbler as W? He's going in that direction.
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23 + 23 = 46

(Photo of Michelle Duggar with her 18 children--and counting--all conceived without fertility drugs.)

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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