Sunday, May 17, 2009

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8:40 PM Sunday 5/17/09--Sharp shaking felt in Mesa North. Preliminary report 5.0 centered in LA. USGS SITE
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Arnold has gone bad.

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Mayor Allan Mansoor has a nice column (HERE) in the Daily Pilot today in which Mansoor rails against the feds and the state spending too much and then taxing to pay for the spending.

We agree with Mansoor. Our guess is that most people who have looked at the issue also probably agree with him.

The problem we have with Mansoor is that he doesn't practice what he preaches.
Instead of making necessary cuts to Costa Mesa government spending, he just keeps rubber stamping any spending bills that staff puts in front of him.
At the last City Council meeting we told Mansoor that some of us are getting fed up with his sanctimonious whining about the state and the feds and their tax and spend ways and their big government views when he won't put into practice right here in Costa Mesa what he preaches.

We were particularly disgusted by Mansoor at that Council meeting when he broke ranks with Councilmembers Bever and Leece and voted with Foley and Monahan to pile some phony fees on the backs of the most vulnerable among us--the elderly--who are most likely to need ambulance and paramedic service, and to everyone involved in automobile accidents.

Under the scam approved by Mansoor, Foley and Monahan if you get into an automobile accident and the fire department shows up, and even if they aren't needed, you'll be billed on a time clock for how long they're standing around at your accident site doing nothing.
Of course, if you're an illegal alien and have no insurance, Costa Mesa won't bill you.
And, why do we have these phony fees? Because Mansoor, Foley and Monahan won't rein in spending, including, as just one example, the massive overtime pay that we're giving to firefighters.

So, if the tax and spend trio, Mansoor, Foley and Monahan, have their way and if Councilmember Bever can't convince one of them to revisit the issue at the June 2 City Council meeting, then count on being taxed to death here in Costa Mesa so we can pay some individual firefighters more than $ 60,000 per year just in overtime.
And, since our firefighters are paid so well, they don't have to live in Costa Mesa with the rest of us peons. Much of the money we pay them flies the coop and is spent in other cities rather than recirculating in Costa Mesa where it could help our local merchants.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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