Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CM PRESS # 700

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Saves more than $1 million. Sacramento County has done the same.
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Do the big government tax and spend three on the Costa Mesa City Council (Mansoor, Foley and Monahan) also get it? Will they roll back their stupid fees for basic services that they approved a couple of meetings ago? Will they try to have Costa Mesa's municipal government live within its means instead of taxing citizens to death? Stay tuned, we should know at the June 2, City Council meeting when the issue is revisited on an appeal by Councilmember Bever.
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Californians, fed up with their dysfunctional state government and politicians in general, defeated all propositions on Tuesday's ballot except 1F which prevents legislators from getting raises in any year there is a budget deficit.

California has become so dysfunctional that if the state were in South America there would probably have already been a clean-sweep coup to throw all the bums out of office and start fresh.

[Keep that car image in mind, we're coming back to it in the Bever story two down from this one.]
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If Governor Schwarzenegger follows thru on his pre-election talk, the state may raid Costa Mesa's coffers for about $3 million. This will push Costa Mesa's deficit from its present $19 million to $22 million.

Schwarzenegger also spoke of possibly selling the OC Fairgrounds.
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If you watched the City Council meeting last night, you saw Councilmember Bever sarcastically mentioning not using rubberized asphalt in some alley repairs, because Bever doesn't want cars speeding in alleys.

After this comment, which Bever apparently thought was clever, he gave a smarmy smile and laugh that, from where we were sitting, reminded us of the bug eating lunatic, Renfield, in Dracula. Think swallowed snort, gurgle and nervous nerd laugh all at the same time.
(Maybe it was just the light or poor sound in the room.)

Here's what that was about. Bever was trying to take a swipe at the CM PRESS.

A couple of City Council meetings ago, the CM PRESS spoke to the Council about the way it's wasting money on stupid ideas. One of the things we brought up was the Council's plan to resurface Victoria Street west of Placentia with rubberized asphalt.

Now, rubberized asphalt is more expensive than regular asphalt but reportedly lasts longer. However, the big plus for the product is that it provides a smoother and quieter ride for automobiles. Rubber tires on a rubber street.

Thus, with the pluses of rubberized asphalt it makes sense to use it where appropriate.

"Where appropriate" is the problem with using it on Victoria west of Placentia.

You see, the big problem on that stretch of Victoria is not that the road is rough or noisy, but that it's too fast and dangerous.

Victoria in that area has become a mini-high speed freeway through the Westside from Huntington Beach and there have been many serious accidents there.

You may recall that three guys were killed on Victoria about a year ago in a high speed accident at a curve in the road that should probably be called Dead Man's Curve. They were going too fast, came to the curve, centrifugal force took over and they hit a telephone pole. That's just one of many accidents on that street.

So, with speed being the major problem, why would the City spend money to make the road a smoother and quieter ride for automobiles? Smoother and quieter translates to faster.

Shouldn't the City be thinking about doing things to slow down traffic on Victoria? Maybe speed bumps? Maybe a less smooth ride?

Don't you slow down on rougher streets or streets with speed bumps? Ever drive on top of Botts' dots on the freeway for a while? Chatters your pearly whites, they do. Heh, heh, snort, heh, heh, gurgle, heh, heh, snort.

But, it gets even sillier. One of the reasons why the speeding cars that are crashing on that stretch of Victoria aren't ending up in some of the condos along the street or in the tot lot in Vista Park is because some of the cars are hitting telephone poles before they can get to the condos or the tot lot. And, we mean more than just the one that hit the telephone pole mentioned above.

So, what does the Council want to do in addition to making the street faster? You guessed it. Spend millions of dollars to remove the telephone poles.

That makes no bloody sense at all.

First you make the street faster and then you remove the only protection the condos and pedestrians have. "Did he say 'bloody'''? Heh, heh, snort, heh, heh, gurgle, heh, heh, snort.

Watch,after we have more accidents and lawsuits against the City, the City will find a way to make that stretch of Victoria slower--probably with the aforementioned Botts' dots.

So, first the City puts in the most expensive type of asphalt whose primary benefit is a smoother and quieter ride (read faster,remember) and then it will have to figure out a way to make the ride not so smooth and quiet for safety. Say, why not remove that rubberized asphalt and put in cheaper regular asphalt because it may slow cars down?

Heh, heh, snort, heh, heh, gurgle, heh, heh, snort.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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