Thursday, October 21, 2010

CM PRESS # 293


Let's boil down William Lobdell's  column that appeared in the Daily Pilot today (HERE) to two major points: 

1.According to Lobdell, good political candidates are ones who are lefties or they're ones who ran many years ago. Sure aren't any good ones around these days. Sounds a little like:  "Back in my day, good politicians crawled through ten miles of snow...."  Ho hum, yawn.

2.  Also, according to Lobdell, if citizens, who have been seeing the over the top negative campaign being waged against Jim Righeimer by some cops, happen to see some other things that seem questionable, such as what might possibly be an attempt by cops to intimidate people who back Righeimer--they're wrong.  "Why, you must have faith in the police. Amen."

All genuflect and repeat after me: "Hail the police, lefty politicians, and people who ran for office years ago, they are full of grace  and the Lord is with them. Amen."

Anyway, Lobdell  tries to make fun of the alleged cop intimidation reported by Councilmember Bever and another citizen, and in doing so minimize its potential seriousness.

Well, let's give Lobdell and other apologists a little more fodder about some actions by CMPD cops to see if they want to try to minimize these actions and maybe make fun of the people complaining:

What about the cops at the DUI checkpoint who talked to the press even though they knew they weren't supposed to do that?  We hear the apologists: "Ah, they just broke a little rule."

What about the cops who may have had an illegal sign in front of one of the candidate forums?  We again hear the apologists: "Oh, they didn't know about the law. And, it's okay for cops to break laws like that." Try telling a judge that you didn't know about some law that some cop gives you a ticket for and see how that plays.

What about the Costa Mesa cop who put a CMPD owned GPS device on a girl's car and then stalked her?  (We believe this matter is in court right now.) The apologists speak: "Gee that's no big deal.  Hey, she's probably just overly sensitive. Why, who would mind having a cop put a police department owned GPS device on their car so the cop could track them for personal reasons? Hey, the guy is a cop. Have faith, brothers and sisters."

How about the case where a former Costa Mesa big shot cop wrote a column in the Daily Pilot and then when an activist wrote a rebuttal, two cop cars suddenly showed up and parked in front of the activist's front door and didn't leave until the activist called the City Manager?  The apologists: "Hey that was probably just a coincidence that they parked there on that quiet cul de sac street where they had never been before and it was probably also a coincidence that they parked right in front of the activist's front door instead of near  any other homes. And, surely it was a coincidence that they showed up early on the very morning that the activist's rebuttal column appeared in the Daily Pilot. No, they weren't trying to intimidate the activist. You must do penance for thinking such a thing."

"O Ye of little faith.  You must have blind faith in the police.  They are selfless and they only want to help citizens of Costa Mesa out of the goodness of their hearts.  Why, they don't even get paid.  Yes, that's right, they just volunteer."

Oh, they don't just volunteer?  You mean many of them get more than $ 200,000 per year in total compensation? You mean they're trying to defeat Jim Righeimer because he wants to get their pay and benefits packages in line so the city doesn't go broke?  You mean, they're just out for themselves?

Lobdell and those like him aside, it'll be interesting to see the results of the investigation of the Bever incident being conducted by an outside investigator--if it's made public.  We have a suspicion that  CMPD brass may already think that something wasn't right about the incident, and that's why this has been given to an outside investigator. 
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Here's how some of the Improvers are voting this year, and this is the order of the candidates on your ballot:


Member, City Council
Vote for no more than Two

JIM RIGHEIMER---Cast one vote for Jim Righeimer
SUE LESTER        No vote

As we've written before, you do not have to use the two votes you have.  It says right on the ballot (as reproduced above) "Vote for no more than Two."  This means you can vote for fewer than two or none at all.

Voting for just one person and not two does not invalidate your ballot. 

If you think, as do we, that the way to defeat the haters and bigots and get a good person who will help improve Costa Mesa on the City Council, you may wish to only vote for Jim Righeimer and just not vote for a second candidate.

It's our belief that the above gives the greatest probability of electing Jim Righeimer.

We believe that Wendy Leece will also be elected and that she does not need the votes of the Improvers.
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Those are our opinions.  We've been right about Costa Mesa elections since 2000. We think we're right about this one also.

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  1. Great headline. Thank you for pointing out that Emperor Lobdell has no clothes. One correction, though. You wrote "... so the city doesn't go broke?" Too late - it's already broke.


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