Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CM PRESS # 291


Here's the complete press release issued by Chief Shawkey  today:

In response to allegations of possible police misconduct made by Costa Mesa City Councilmember Eric Bever and another citizen, the city has retained an outside investigator so the matter may be reviewed independently of the police department. The investigation will focus on whether any police department rules, regulations or policies were violated. Should the investigation reveal any criminal activity, that information will be turned over to the appropriate prosecutor’s office. The investigation will be conducted in accordance with the Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights and the City’s Personnel regulations as will any findings which may result.

Costa Mesa Chief of Police Christopher Shawkey said in a statement issued by his office, “While I certainly feel that the Professional Standards Unit within the police department would have provided a fair and objective review and investigation of the allegations, we recognize the need for independence of this investigation so all the parties involved, including members of the Costa Mesa Police Department and the citizens of Costa Mesa, have complete confidence in an impartial investigation.”
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Doesn't it seem that there are an awful lot of bad cops?
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You'll have noticed the hatred and bile that seems to be part of  some of these people's repertoire. 

Don't worry, though, it's just a small handful of nutcases and they change their anonymous names to make it seem like there's more of them than there really are.

According to this small handful of nutcases, Jim Righeimer is the devil incarnate.

Don't be fooled, folks.  The nutcases with their hatred and bigotry are trying to confuse you. 

They don't want you to vote for Righeimer. That's because he's been honest and said that some of the salaries and benefits of some of our employees aren't sustainable.

That's it.  That's the same thing that's been said by many honest politicians and economists.

Well, what some of these nutcases have done with their vile attacks is that they've awakened many voters in Costa Mesa to the reality of our situation. 

And, they've pissed a lot of citizens off with their attacks on a guy who lives here and is raising his family here (unlike many of them).

They're attacking one of our own.  They're attacking a family man just like many other family men and women in this city.

We don't like it, and we know many of you don't like it either. 

So, and as we've written before, we intend to ONLY CAST ONE VOTE  for a city council candidate this year and it's going to be for Jim Righeimer

By not casting our second vote, we think Righeimer will have a better chance of winning a seat on the council.  Then, he'll be able to work for us.

By the way, we at the CM PRESS have nothing to do with Righeimer's campaign.  We haven't donated any money to him, we haven't walked precincts, we haven't done anything.  We've never said more than a few words to him. And, we are not looking for a seat on a commission or any other benefit if he wins.

Our goal here is the same as it has been since the late '90's--TO MAKE COSTA MESA A BETTER PLACE TO RAISE FAMILIES. 

Every election year, we've tried to find the best candidates to help improve Costa Mesa. And, when we find those candidates, we try to let you know who they are.

This year, we think Jim Righeimer is the best choice to help improve Costa Mesa.

Yes, we also support Wendy Leece.  But, this year, unfortunately, because of the hate campaign being waged against Righeimer, a vote for Wendy will often work as a vote for McEvoy. 

So, we're not going to vote for Wendy, but we believe that Wendy is going to easily win election anyway.

If the citizens of Costa Mesa want improvement and if they get it right with their voting, we should wake up on November 3, with Wendy Leece and Jim Righeimer on the city council.
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It's mostly the potheads, the lefty kooks and the illegal alien advocates who support the cops in their attempt to stop the election of the only candidate who promises to help get our fiscal house in order?

And, have you noticed that it is mostly the cop union that is doing the mud slinging? 

Imagine that.  The police who are supposed to serve and protect the citizens of Costa Mesa  have dropped all pretenses of being public servants and are now slinging mud at a candidate in a city in which most of these cops don't even live and a city in which they can't vote.

Who do you think has your best interests at heart, Jim Righeimer, a family man raising his kids in Costa Mesa and whose family drives our streets, shops in our stores and sleeps here at night, or unionized city employees who don't want to live here and who don't care what happens here once they punch the time clock and head back to their safer cities and their families?
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Cop Accused of Assaulting 2 Female Cops
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SCENE: Medium sized California city of Almost Waterfront.  The year is 2010. The Brooklyn Dodgers long ago moved west and so have some others.

THE STORY: On the surface, Almost Waterfront looks quiet and peaceful. But beneath the surface are out of town  thugs who are trying to run the city for their own benefit.

Jim Reagan, a good, decent citizen of the city who is a regular guy, a father, a husband, a man trying to scratch out a living to support his family in the rough and tumble world of private enterprise sees some things wrong in the city and decides to run for the city council to try to make things right.

This doesn't please some of the thugs who control  Almost Waterfront and who immediately attack him because if he wins office he'll be a threat to the racket of ripping off the taxpayers of the city.

Thug 1: "Boss, dis schmo ain't gonna play footsy with us and he's gonna ruin da racket wese got goin."

Boss Thug: "How many times, I gotta tell youse. Don't call dis ting we got goin no racket. Capeche? Don't the schmuck knows we run dis town?"

Thug 1: "Dat's the point, boss, dis schmo says the citizens run the town, not us."

Boss Thug: "What is dis guy, a boyscout?  And, hey, I sez he's a schmuck and youse says he's a schmo. Which is it? Ah, never mind. Tell the schmuckschmo we'll back him in the election and help him win if he just does us a few favors. Make him a nice offer."

Thug 1: "Boss, we tried dat.  The schmuckschmo don't want our backing."

Boss Thug: "We got any dirt on the guy?

Thug 1: "Yeah, he had some bills a buncha years ago."

Boss: "Dat's the dirt? Da schmuckschmo had some bills? Dat's all ya got? Hey, the only ones who ain't hurt by the economy is us. Ah, awright, go with what youse got."

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Those are our opinions and some fiction.  Thanks for reading the CM PRESS.


  1. Phil said...
    CM Press, I find it laughable that the unions had a press conference yesterday to announce their endorsement of Vietnemese currency broker Phat Phuey, or Phu Nguyen for State Assembly against Allan Mansoor. Mayor Mansoor, a former Deputy Sheriff, is one of the toughest on crime elected leaders and presides over a City with record low crime rates currently. However, I guess the unions thought Phat Phuey was tougher on crime. Can it be? Or is it that Phat Phuey will give them the outrageous pensions that are bankrupting this State. The unions have lost all credibility in this town. Their endorsement of such horrible candidates is sad.

    October 19, 2010 11:22:00 AM PDT

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  2. Can someone send the press release to that idiot Cindy brenneman



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