Saturday, October 23, 2010

CM PRESS # 295


On his website, McEvoy has the following: "Finally I issue a challenge to all my opponents. Be upfront where your money comes from...."

He also has this:  "I do not accept donations and am personally funding this campaign."

Okay, fair enough.  And, he's probably technically correct. Still, one wonders if this isn't just a little Clintonesque as in "It depends on the definition of 'is.'"  Read on and see what you think.

McEvoy shows very little money going through his campaign account; just a couple of thousand bucks at that, and it appears that's all his own money. Just as he says. He seems to have spent much of it at Home Depot, presumably to buy boards, paint and wood stakes for those homespun signs he's putting up around the city. So far, so good.

However, and here's where it gets a little Clintonesque. As we previously reported, liberals Sandy Genis and Greg Ridge have formed a Small Contributor Committee called Costa Mesa First, I.D. number 1332564, headquartered out of Genis's home, that is helping McEvoy.

As far as we know, McEvoy hasn't told Genis and Ridge to stop helping him.  But, if he has done so, maybe he can let us have a copy of any letter he may have sent to Genis and Ridge about this. 

"No" means "no"  unless, of course, you don't say "no."

So, has McEvoy said "no"?  And, if not, and if he's elected, won't he be beholden to those who donated to him, er, who donated to Costa Mesa First, which then used some of those donations to pay for mailings for McEvoy? Hasn't he indicated in the past that he was funding his own campaign because he didn't want to be beholden to anyone?

Below is Costa Mesa First's latest 460 filing with the City Clerk.  As you can see, Costa Mesa First says it spent $ 8,000 for "Mailings supporting Chris McEvoy and Measure L."


Who has contributed to Costa Mesa First?  Here's page 3 of the same 460:

Now, as you may recall...

1. The DAILY PILOT reported that McEvoy was arrested for DUI (which he pled down to a lesser charge). 

2. Some in the CMPD made a big deal out of Jim Righeimer questioning what he believed was a misplaced DUI checkpoint.

3. Then, some in the CMPD even went to a City Council meeting and told just how bad drinking and driving is, etc. and how outraged they were about Righeimer daring to question the wisdom of having a DUI checkpoint that was backing rush hour traffic up on a 405 Freeway offramp.

4. A police union spokesman apparently told the DAILY PILOT that the union was not backing McEvoy.

So, if the CMPOA is against DUIs and isn't supporting McEvoy, presumably because he got a DUI, then why have they given $ 6,000 to Costa Mesa First which is paying for mailings for McEvoy? 

Okay, there is wiggle room here.  Can if be that the CMPOA isn't aware that Costa Mesa First is paying for  mailings supporting Chris McEvoy? Or, maybe the CMPOA thinks their $6,000 won't be comingled with the money being used for the McEvoy mailings and will only be used for Measure L mailings?

Unfortunately we don't have an additional breakdown of exactly where the Costa Mesa First money is going.  We don't know how much is going to McEvoy and how much to Measure L or to other candidates and causes.
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The CM PRESS has received a comment from a reader who wonders if we hate the police.

Let's put that to rest right now.  We are big supporters of the police and always have been.

[However, we do believe that there really may be a small "clique" within the CMPD that has a political and social agenda that is not in the best interests of the citizens of Costa Mesa.]

We're also big supporters of self-determination for the citizens of Costa Mesa. We don't like to see the political process hijacked by employees of the city (including police) who don't live in Costa Mesa.

If you work for the city and you also live here, then have at in the political arena (so long as this doesn't violate any professionalism, contracts or job requirements you may have with the city), but if you only work here and live elsewhere, we think you should stay out of our politics and our political campaigns.

A little later today we'll publish the latest campaign statements of some who are trying to defeat Jim Righeimer and we'll show where the money is coming from and the path it takes.  Stay tuned.
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Those are our opinions.  Thanks for reading them.


  1. So many men are out of work today. There would be no problem canning our entire police force and quickly restocking it at much lower wages. The cost of retraining would be more than offset by the lower wages.

    We have a family member who is 6 ft. 4 in., strong as an ox, smart as a fox, well educated, etc., who says he would be willing to be a cop for less than $50,000 a year, and not join any unions. Our police force is tainted from too many years of being spoiled. Too much of anything is not good. We need a police force that appreciates their jobs for a change.

    Right now we have a big case of the tail wagging the dog. That's not the way it should be. Also, new police recruits should be required to live in the community they serve.

  2. As far as I'm concerned, that's $13,000 spent pushing marijuana. It will serve no other purpose unless it's spent on Leece and Righeimer (which I'm sure it's not).

    Keep in mind that a contribution for the TOT tax is a contribution to the "public safety" unions, which in essence is a contribution for Chris McEvoy, which in turn is a contribution for legalized marijuana.

    What kind of a police force would contribute to the open use of marijuana? My answer is, "not a very good one". Leece and Righeimer are obviously the only worthy candidates in this election.

  3. Makes no difference whether he has said "no." If he took the money from CM First, he has already gone back on his word. Have you pointed this out to the Daily Pilot?

  4. they did a sloppy job of filling out the forms. note: contribution from an individual, Foley and Garlic, needs their occupation and employer name filled in.



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