Friday, October 8, 2010

CM PRESS # 280

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This nutcase was randomly shooting people, including one he killed. We ask again: Don't police departments have their officers undergo proper psychological testing? A bad cop or two on a department can make the whole department look bad.
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We saw a recent comment from someone who said that Jim Righeimer shouldn't have tried to help with the recent dangerous DUI checkpoint situation and should have called the watch commander.

We did that once. That is, we called the watch commander. All we got was a guy who wouldn't do anything and who tried to just have us go away.

Here's what it was all about.

We had noticed that young grammar school kids--hundreds of them--were leaving Davis School through the back gate of the campus on to Presidio Square--a narrow long "u" shaped street with cars travelling both east and west. There was perpendicular parking (head in) along the side of the street farthest from the exit, and a long red curb nearest the school gate.

Many kids would dart between the parked cars (with engines running) illegally parked in front of the red curb, then run into the street from between the illegally parked cars while dodging cars travelling on the street. At the same time, some of the cars parked perpendicularly would be backing out of their spaces, and some of the cars parked along the red curb would also be moving.

Got it? There were cars moving in all directions, all at the same time, and kids leaving school were running between them. It was as close to a carnival dodgem ride as you're ever likely to see on a street.

We thought it was a dangerous situation, so we tried to get the CMPD to do something.

That's when we called the watch commander. He told us that it was okay for cars to park against the red curb (we kid you not) and that he wasn't going to do anything about it. Just to be clear on this point, it is NOT LEGAL for cars to park along a red curb. We even read the law about red curbs to this guy, and he just laughed at us.

So, we ratcheted things up and brought this to the attention of higher-ups including the city council. After much discussion, the city finally made the street one way and started enforcing the red curb law.

Could a kid have been hit or killed if we hadn't gotten involved? We think so. As far as we know, of all the hundreds of people who saw the same thing we saw, we were the only one to get involved.

We think that's kind of like what Jim Righeimer did when he saw what he thought was a dangerous situation with the misplaced DUI checkpoint.

Of the thousands of people who went through that dangerous checkpoint, only one stopped to try to keep people from being hurt. Only one. That's the kind of person we need on the city council.
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The CM PRESS got another anonymous message last night saying that the information about the Costa Mesa city council DUI candidate who we mentioned in an earlier CM PRESS (but not by name) is about to be splashed all over Costa Mesa along with a blown-up mug shot from the candidate's arrest.

We also have an official copy of the DUI case details.

All we will say right now about this person's identity is that the DUI candidate is NOT Jim Righeimer or Wendy Leece.

We'll also say that the DUI candidate seemed to get a lot of applause from members of the cop union who were at the last candidate forum when this candidate went negative on Jim Righeimer.

Now, why do you suppose some cop union members sanctimoniously talk about the dangers of DUI and make such a big deal about Righeimer questioning an ill placed DUI checkpoint and then actually applaud a candidate who was arrested for DUI? Hmmmmmmm?

We'll tell you why. Some in the CMPD are way too political. They seem to be obsessed with Righeimer and in defeating him, so they can have a puppet on the council, yet most of the cop union members don't even live in Costa Mesa and can't vote here.

And, these union members who appear to have an unhealthy and unprofessional obsession with Righeimer know that we are going to elect two people to the city council this year--no matter what. This means they need to support and build up some other candidate.

The cop union has to convince you to vote for some candidate other than Righeimer.

So why isn't the cop union openly supporting a candidate other than Righeimer? After all, they actively supported puppet city council candidates in past elections.

Here's why: Their dilemma is that these other three candidates aren't electable.

And, the one who may be the most electable of these three candidates--and the one they seem to favor--has a DUI arrest.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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