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Age old Jewish law says child must have a Jewish mother. Court says this is racist.
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North--Santa Ana--Man found shot to death in alley.
UPDATE--North--Santa Ana--Another man found shot to death,this one on a street.

South--Newport Beach--No one found shot to death in any alleys.
UPDATE--South--Newport Beach--Still no one found shot to death, not even on a street.
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We know the almost daily Daily Pilot is just a local rag and doesn't attract the brightest minds in the world to write editorials, but you'd think they'd have some folks over there, in the back corner at the LA TIMES building where the Pilot's staff has been shoved, who are able to think in a straight line.

Alas, this is apparently not the case. At least not in the editorial department. The lefties there--who mostly don't live in Costa Mesa--just don't care much for the rights of Costa Mesa citizens, and don't fully understand the concept of what a City is supposed to be and what it's supposed to do for its own citizens.

Consider today's editorial (here) about Liga Azteca Basketball of 2422 S. Shelton Street, Santa Ana, 92707.

The Pilot is glowingly agush that the Parks and Recreation Commission kicked Costa Mesa residents out of the gym in the Downtown Recreation Center and rented it to this basketball league from Santa Ana.

To the Pilot, it all comes down to money. You see, the Santa Ana organization is willing to pay more to use the gym than Costa Mesa citizens are willing to pay.

Silly Costa Mesa citizens believe that they paid for the Center to be built and that they continue to pay for its maintenance through their taxes and thus have a right to use it with just a minimal further payment for each use. How silly of them.

You see, according to the lefties, you get no privileges for living in Costa Mesa and paying your taxes here. You only get the responsibilities and all the negatives of a soaring crime rate, Third World level schools, growing gangs and slums. People from other cities, on the other hand, can come in and cherry pick the best facilities for people from these other cities.

Okay, we're getting blue in the face over trying to teach some know-nothings the basic concepts of civics, but here it is one more time. The Downtown Recreation Center is owned by the citizens of Costa Mesa. It's not a commercial hall that is rented to the highest bidder. Costa Mesa citizens paid for the facility originally and they continue to pay for its upkeep. That's how it works when you live in a city. The city is yours.

Back to the inky stinky thing. As seems to be the usual practice over at the Pilot, its editorial jumps to conclusions based on no facts.

Here's some gems from the Pilot's editorial today that would not pass muster at a grade school newspaper:

Daily Pilot--"...About half the league’s teams include Costa Mesa residents."

CM PRESS--They do? How does the Pilot know this? It doesn't. There is no hard evidence in the record of this fact and the league has never submitted its roster of players to the City, or to anyone else, as far as we know. In fact, the City isn't even requiring this to be submitted. But, if we have it wrong and the Pilot has the roster, the paper should let the public know the names of the actual teams and the names of the Costa Mesa players on those teams.

Daily Pilot--"Two other Costa Mesa teams wanted to join but couldn't because of lack of space in Santa Ana, and there’s more room in the Costa Mesa gym."

CM PRESS--This statement is apparently based on an off the cuff remark made by the head of the Santa Ana leagues who seemed to be well rehearsed when he made his comments. The Parks and Recreation Commission did not follow up by even asking the names of the teams or for rosters. BTW, some have commented to us that it seemed like a PR move when the head of the leagues showed up at the PRC meeting wearing his National Guard uniform.

Daily Pilot--"It would have been a terrible shame if our Parks and Recreation Commission passed up a chance to make a $40,000 profit while providing more service to local residents."

CM PRESS--Say, maybe we can rent out the Police Station and City Hall and make some more money. Maybe we can find someone in Santa Ana who might like the deal.

Also, it is not "providing a service to local residents," as claimed by the Pilot. It booted out local residents to provide a service to people who mainly live in Santa Ana.

Look, let's cut through the BS. The Costa Mesa Downtown Recreation Center is owned by the citizens of Costa Mesa. It is not owned by the Parks and Recreation Commission and it sure as hell isn't owned by people from Santa Ana. It exists to serve the people of Costa Mesa, not people from Santa Ana. If Santa Ana can't accommodate the recreation needs of its residents, it needs to build more facilities.

The Costa Mesa citizens booted out of this center that they own have no comparable alternative location in which to play.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.


  1. How come no one is asking if all these players from Santa Ana are even in the country legally?

    Are U.S.and Costa Mesa citizens being driven out of this center so illegal aliens can use it?

  2. According to Bob Graham Fairview Park is underutilized. I bet we could make a lot more money renting it out to Santa Ana soccer leagues. Then they could charge us if we wanted to go into the park. What a deal for the City.


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