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CM PRESS # 719


Here's the link to our column, which is actually a shorter version of the one that appeared on this blog.

Silly comments are in black, my answers are in red:

galitski wrote on Jun 10, 2009 5:42 AM:

" Mr Millard- In the last commission meeting your position and questioning had nothing to do with wear and tear on a facility. WRONG. My comments, in the short 3 minutes allowed, were all about the Commission not having enough information to make an informed and intelligent decision. I stated this as clearly as I could given the time constraints. Perhaps you have difficulty understanding things?

There was no way I could bring up all the questions that should be asked in such a short time. How many leagues? How many players? How many audience members? Will there be traffic problems? Will players and audience members also want to use the pool and library that are in the Downtown Civic Center? Is there enough parking? Will wear and tear on the facility mean we get a short nickel but have to pay a long dollar down the road? And, there are other questions that an intelligent person who wants the best for Costa Mesa residents might ask. Of course you didn't ask such questions, did you? Hmmmm. That speaks for itself.

Of the five commissioners, only Commissioner Galitski wanted to move forward with no facts. The other members seemed to be more thoughtful and probably realized that the Staff Report didn't tell them much at all except that the space was being pulled from presumed Costa Mesa residents and given to a higher bidder.

Galitski tried to muscle (LOL) this through without thinking this through. Ready, Fire, Aim seemed to be his approach here and on some other matters we've witnessed.

In fact, you wanted the city to spend more money investigating each and every person of the league to make sure they were not convicts. WRONG. Absolute rubbish. I never said that. I did indicate that we needed to know more about the leagues.

The reality of your comments and questions to commissions and city council are well calculated attempts to run every person out of the city that does not share the same skin color as you and unfortunately that makes you the minority. " WRONG. This comment seems to be an assertion of fact rather than an opinion. The fact asserted is incorrect. Galitski here seems to think he's a mind reader. Galitski, see if you can find someone brighter than yourself who can explain it to you. It's all about trying to get political hacks to start doing the right thing for Costa Mesa citizens so our City will be a nicer place for all residents. You know, a city with lower crime, higher property values, better schools and all the other things that make a city desirable.

Geoff West wrote on Jun 9, 2009 11:21 PM:

" We can all thank Millard for demonstrating that some of the elected and appointed leaders of our city, with his "guidance", continue to be supporters of his brand of intolerance. He’s demonstrated, once again, that he can bully some in this community to bow to his demands. I wonder when this community will finally say “Enough!” to Millard and his racist pontifications? "
This character hides behind his computer and calls names all the time. Yawn. Most people just ignore him the way they ignore some guy standing on a street corner yelling at cars going by. And, intolerance? Nonsense. I'm one of the most tolerant people you'll ever meet and have an open mind for new ideas.

It might be that this guy doesn't have a solid grasp of what words mean so he probably doesn't know the definition of intolerance. It's just one of those standard words thrown around by intellectually bankrupt lefties.

Most people who have read this guy's stuff realize he has nothing to do with his time and that he seems to desperately want to be noticed and to be thought to be somebody in his declining years.
And what about this word "racist" that West constantly throws around? Here's the definition of the term from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary: Racist: One who believes that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capabilities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

That doesn't fit my beliefs and it's not reflected in my writings. Yes, genes are the primary determinant etc.--that's just basic science--and I've written thousands of words about genes. However, no living thing, and no human race, has an inherent superiority over other living things or races. Thinking that way is just anti-science and anti-nature. It makes no sense. One always has to ask: Superior at what? Superior where? Superior when? Superior how?

Is a human being superior to a fish? On land, sure. But in the ocean, nope.

How about basketball? Do statistics indicate that some people with some characteristics are better at the game than others? Maybe those who are born taller, born faster of foot, born with this or with that, might be better at the game than others who are not born with these traits.

How about foot races? We once had a lefty tell us that blacks win more foot races than whites because bigoted white cops chased blacks in the ghetto and this gave blacks more training in running. It's nonsense, of course, but that illustrates the lengths some dimwits will go to in trying to deny that genes matter.

West and his lifeless fellow travellers are the types of people that Attorney General Eric Holder probably had in mind when he said that the U.S. is a nation of cowards when it comes to talking about race.

But there may be more than mere cowardice with West on the subject of race. Perhaps he fits a term I invented: Noblesse Oblige Racist. This is a white person who feels superior to non-whites and who goes out of his or her way to be more polite to non-whites or who will avoid talking about race, but who will--through transference--attack other whites as "racists" if they are not cowards and if they do talk about race. And, it doesn't matter if these other whites aren't exhibiting any hatred or superiority--the mere fact that they dare to talk about race as one might talk about any other subject in nature, instead of treating it as a taboo topic, leaves them open to being called racists by the likes of West and his low I.Q. pals.

Race to Noblesse Oblige Racists is like a wart on someone's face that you don't want to look at. They wrongly believe (sometimes subconsciously) that white is the norm for humans and any deviation from white is a defect. The reality,however, is that white is not the norm, and white people are barely ten percent of the human population on Earth.

Get over it West. If the above describes you, grow some gonads and realize that race isn't like a wart or a defect. It's a natural part of existence as genes cause changes in people to allow them to survive and prosper under different conditions. It's called: EVOLUTION.

To some of us--call us naturalists, if you will--race is not something that we are preoccupied with, or at least not in the way some may believe, but which we think about in pretty much the same way as we think about breeds of other animals and varieties of plants. There is a sort of scientific detachment about the subject in our minds, but also, paradoxically, there is an intense interest in what it all means and can mean to our future evolution and how all aspects of life fit into the bigger picture of existence.

I thought I explained all of this to West in the CM PRESS a couple of years ago. Perhaps he's a slow learner or is incapable of understanding.
Geoff West wrote on Jun 9, 2009 11:21 PM:

" There is no evidence that any, much less all, of those Sunday users are, in fact, Costa Mesa residents. Millard saw that name, "Aztec Basketball" and decided HE didn't want those Latinos from Santa Ana using our facilities, just as HE decided he didn't want Latinos kicking a soccer ball around Paularino Park not too long ago. Obviously, he found an easy mark in the Parks & Recreation Commission. When Galitski made his motion the other four commissioners turned to stone and it was clear exactly why. (Cont.) "

Wrong. As with Galitski's comments above,this guy seems to think he's a mind reader. I've been very clear on my position and it involves putting Costa Mesa and Costa Mesa residents first in the city where they live and pay taxes.

Anyone with half a brain who reads my blog or who has heard my comments to the City Council, the Planning Commission or the Parks and Recreation Commission over the past years would understand this.

Those who live and vote in Costa Mesa should come first. It's just common sense. And, if anyone thinks otherwise, then explain why we even have an incorporated city at all. If we're going to put residents of other cities before Costa Mesa residents, we'd better have good reasons for doing so.

Geoff West wrote on Jun 9, 2009 11:20 PM:

" The issue presented to the commission was not whether the Aztec Basketball League was a satisfactory tenant - it was whether the commission approved displacing the 22 people (on average) who used the facility to play walk-in volleyball and basketball - a decision that would net the city slightly less than $40,000 in additional rental income over a year's time. Millard speculated that all those displaced folks were Costa Mesa residents and, as he put it, "all part of the club", and therefore entitled to use the facility and not be displaced by outsiders. (Cont.) "

Wrong. The real issue is whether or not a facility owned by the citizens of Costa Mesa and paid for by them should go to the highest bidder even if the highest bidder displaces presumed Costa Mesa residents who are using the facility.

It may turn out,when all the facts are known and a proper balance of interests is determined, that displacing Costa Mesa residents is the most appropriate thing to do to raise money, but more details are needed concerning the proposed use and any additional burdens the proposed use, by a group not from Costa Mesa, will put on the backs of Costa Mesa residents.

The Staff Report simply didn't give enough information. Frankly, if we had been on the Parks and Recreation Commission, we would have been insulted that Staff thought they could give us such a fact free report and expect that we would simply rubber stamp it. Commissioners are supposed to think things through. Citizens aren't paying them to just rubber stamp whatever is put in front of them.

There were simply not enough facts to weigh the pros and cons of booting out the presumed Costa Mesa residents and putting in out-of-town "leagues"(sic) (we know the group wanting to rent the Costa Mesa facility uses "leagues" in its name, but we don't know how many leagues are involved or how many players and audience members attend each game).

The larger issue that the CM PRESS discovered while trying to get some facts, is that the Recreation Division doesn't even require a rental application to be filled out by those who want to rent citizen owned buildings in Costa Mesa.

This is unheard of in the private sector. Doubt it? Go try to rent a store in any strip center in Costa Mesa, or try to rent an apartment . No responsible landlord will let you rent his property unless he knows enough about you and your proposed use to make an intelligent decision. And, the primary source of the landlord's information is the rental application that you fill out. Uh, except of course if you want to rent a building owned by the citzens of Costa Mesa. In this case, to repeat again what Galitski and West don't seem to understand, you don't fill out such an application and the City doesn't know very much about you or your proposed use.

But there's even more here. Those who understand a little about real estate know that when you rent out retail space--which is roughly analogous to renting out parts of the Downtown Civic Center--you need to check for issues of compatibility with other users. In a strip center, for example, you don't want to rent out space to tenants who will negatively impact other tenants or uses. For example, does a prospective tenant require so much parking that this one tenant will fill most of the parking lot and other tenants will have no parking?

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