Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CM PRESS # 731


North--Santa Ana--Latino gang members being charged with murder.
South--Newport Beach--No Latino gang problems to report, once again.
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Here's the link to a know-nothing column about the budget written by one local Know-Nothing who never seems to tire of showing just how little he knows about everything and who thus provides constant entertainment to locals who can say they're sure glad they're not this guy.

Here are a couple of telling lines from the Know-Nothing's column:

"Monahan and Mayor Mansoor seemed not to care that they were cutting programs that form the fabric of our community."

Programs that form the fabric of our community? Huh? What are those? Never fear, dear intrepid reader, the Know-Nothing has answers. We'll just focus on one of them.

"In addition to many youth after-school [programs suggested to be cut]...."

Oh no, those meanies Monahan and Mansoor tried to cut many youth after-school programs.

Those are the "fabric of our community"? The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Actually, since this Know-Nothing has never had any children of his own and has never raised any children and thus has never had any children or grandchildren in any of Costa Mesa's schools, or any other schools for that matter, or in any after school programs, we feel safe in saying that he probably knows nothing about what he's talking about--as usual.

Maybe this guy has pet dogs or pet cats and he considers them to be his children and is using them as his knowledge base about human children. Got us.

Our guess is that this guy has never even been on a school campus in his adult life when such programs are operating and has no idea of how the City runs these programs.

Look folks, the fact is that over the years, the City of Costa Mesa has worked hard to find ways to spend all the revenue that has been coming into the City's coffers from South Coast Plaza and other major tax payers in this city as well as the money flowing in from ordinary citizens.

That's the way government works. It will always find ways to spend every penny it can take in and will then complain that it doesn't have enough. And the way the lefties in Costa Mesa have spent this money is on social programs that benefit many suspected illegal aliens instead of spending it on removing the slums in this city and making the city a nicer place for citizens.

Now that there is less money coming in, the City is being asked to cut nanny-state programs that have accumulated over the years and live within a realistic budget.

The budget is just full of lard. After school programs? Check out these programs for yourself as the CM PRESS has done. You'll find that most are just free baby sitting programs for suspected illegal alien parents who let the City watch their kids while the parents stand on street corners looking for day jobs or who otherwise take casual jobs where they get paid under the table.

And, are such programs cutting down on crime--which is one of the claims always made by the know-nothings? Nope. Take a look at Costa Mesa's soaring violent crime rate.

What many of these progams really do is make Costa Mesa more illegal alien friendly and act as magnets attracting people here, for the freebies, who can't afford to live here and who are being subsidized to live here with such programs. This just helps destroy the real fabric of our community and increases the downward spiral.

Who are you going to believe? Gary Monahan has six kids and says we should cut these programs. The Know-Nothing has never had any children but says these programs are the fabric of our community.

Frankly, Costa Mesa has become distorted after years of lefty social thinking in which people are treated like helpless stray cats who are unable to take care of themselves without local government cat-ladies rushing in and taking care of them.

It's time for self-reliance and frugality and it's time to let people move to where they can afford to live instead of trying to subsidize them to live in Costa Mesa.

You want to talk about the fabric of a community? Costa Mesa lefties have woven a nanny state fabric, one strand at a time, over the years that has now given us a fabric that has made Costa Mesa more like an inner city than an Orange County beach close city.

It's time to weave a new fabric that benefits the citizens of this city. This means we need to get rid of the old rotten fabric that has led, in part, to a 35% increase in our violent crime rate and schools that are at third world levels.

It's time to re-think Costa Mesa and put it back on track to being a place where upwardly mobile young families want to be instead of a place that they want to flee.

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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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  1. Mr. Millard, you have identified the key message that all in government must be compelled to comprehend:

    It's time for self-reliance and frugality and it's time to let people move to where they can afford to live instead of trying to subsidize them to live in Costa Mesa.

    That is the best sentence you've written in a very long time. Thnk you. Hopefully lots of Costa Mesans are reading the CM Press.


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