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The North Korean Navy is considered a brown-water force with smaller ships that mostly stay within 50 miles of the shore. Our guess is that the Kang Nam will hug the shore and that the North Koreans will send out some of their smaller ships and subs to try to stop the USS John McCain from boarding the Kang Nam. It also wouldn't surprise us if North Korea began massing troops along the border with South Korea to raise the stakes. It's a game of chicken and face saving. One wrong move on either side and the new Korean war might start.
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The Costa Mesa Police Department will be conducting a sobriety / driver license checkpoint on Tuesday evening, June 20, 2009, from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. The checkpoint will be located northbound Newport Boulevard, at 22 nd Street.
The cops could save some gas expenses if they just stood at Monahan's door and checked everyone leaving. We wonder if Monahan loses any business as a result of these frequent DUI checkpoints near his joint.
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"Having small kids, I never feel unsafe being out there [in Irvine], even at night," said Ana Camargo. "When I drive to Costa Mesa or Santa Ana it is a different world."

The above is from an article in the OCR (here) that claims to have the answers as to why Irvine is the safest city in the nation.

Hey Costa Mesans, how does it feel to once again be lumped in with Santa Ana?

Most of the article is BS and has the police taking credit for the low crime because of their wonderful policing and City officials taking credit for the low crime because of their wonderful governance.

Still, there is some truth in the article. Read down to comments from Irvine's Police Chief where he talks about not having any territorial gangs (read, no Latino gangs) in the city and how the cops focus in on certain areas whenever graffiti shows up.

The real reason for the low crime in Irvine has to do with demographics and the fact that the city has no slums that dumb-ass city officials let fester year after year after year, as in Costa Mesa, and which become the safe havens and habitats for territorial gangs.
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(It's just the latest scare attempt by the status quo bunch to try to stop improvement of the Westside)

The flaccid eunuch and the other know-nothings are now whining that the Planning Commission is allowing too much density on the Westside Bluffs and, in their (uninformed) opinions, this will ruin the Westside. Ruin the Westside? Are they nuts? You know the answer. Most of these whiners have never built anything in their lives and some have never even owned any real estate or run their own businesses.

The first thing folks have to understand is that a little extra density is not necessarily a bad thing. "Density," per se, is not the problem.

Some of the most expensive properties and best neighborhoods around the planet are a lot more dense than anything possible on the Bluffs. The problem with density is when it is downscale density.

If you put up cheap barracks style apartment buildings with no amenities and you pack them with people who double up to make their rent payments you'll end up with density problems.

You'll get slums. Think Shalimar, an area near Wilson, the Fillmore-Coolidge slum, the slum in Mesa del Mar.

If you put up buildings with modern amenities and near the ocean or in desirable areas where you can sell them as condos to upwardly mobile people, you won't have density problems.

Check out some of the dense high rises in Beverly Hills. Many of those buildings used to be apartment buildings and they've been converted to condos. Some of those condos in those buildings sell for millions of dollars. Do you think those buildings are slums?

The second thing folks need to know is that the Westside Bluffs are stagnant.

The Westside Bluffs should be the best part of Costa Mesa, and they should be attracting upwardly mobile young professionals who want a beach-close lifestyle but who can't afford Newport Beach.

The third thing folks have to know is that developers aren't in the charity business. They need to make a profit. So, how does the City attract small lot developers to take a risk and build on the Westside Bluffs to help revitalize the Westside?

It's by doing what it is doing. It relaxes some rules, it reaches out to small lot developers, and it gives these developers an economic incentive by allowing them to build a little more densely and thus turn a profit on small lots that would not ordinarily turn a profit.

The present plan as outlined above is the alternative to putting the whole area in a redevelopment zone and using eminent domain to bulldoze the Bluffs and much of the Westside. This was hashed out in many meetings of CRAC, WROC and Westside Improvers.

Some of the same know-nothings who are now whining about density are the same ones who whined about possible eminent domain. These people just don't want the Westside to improve. They want it to remain slum central. Ignore these buffoons. Evolution happens, and it's going to happen on the Westside Bluffs.


If things go as envisioned, the Westside Bluffs will evolve to be an eclectic mix of lofts, condos, small stores, and light industrial units and will become an artsy-craftsy somewhat bohemian destination location that will bring visitors and money to the Westside and help the area prosper.
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Ho hum. Read the story HERE and see what you think.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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