Thursday, June 18, 2009

CM PRESS # 727


You can say one thing about that flaccid eunuch and the other know-nothings: they're sure stupid.

Among other things, we're hearing and seeing a lot of speculation about whether or not In-N-Out will take the former Kaplan's Deli location on Harbor after the Planning Commission put some reasonable conditions on the use of the property.

We're even seeing some know-nothings pointing fingers at the Planning Commission and saying that they're blowing the chance of In-N-Out opening at that location.

What a bunch of nonsense.

Anyone who knows anything about site selection for fast feeders (as we say in the trade) knows that the Kaplan location is almost a 100 percent location for such an operation.

Here's just a few reasons why In-N-Out is going to take this site and would take it even if more conditions were put on them:

1. It's upstream of McDonalds and near Burger King and other fast feeders.
2. It's the first restaurant one will hit after exiting the 405.
3. Traffic on Harbor at that location is heavy.
4. It'll get lunch trade from the law school and industrial area to the north.
5. It's near a school and active sports fields.
6. It backs up to a motel and to a residential neighborhood for walk-in trade.

There's more, but that's enough for now. Once this unit opens, it wouldn't surprise us if it quickly becomes one of the highest grossing stores in the chain.
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North--Santa Ana--Latino gang members attack man in his front yard. LINK

South--Newport Beach--No Latino gang attacks in Newport Beach again today.
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Some soldiers coming forward with details of attacks on very young children.
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The CM PRESS is getting reports from folks on the Westside about more Latino gang graffiti in the area.

And, at the City Council meeting this week, a Councilmember spoke about the "graffiti problem."

With all due respect to the Councilmember, Costa Mesa does not have a graffiti problem. It has a Latino gang problem.

We do not live in a Disneyesque world where inanimate objects have personalities and intelligence. No, the forks and spoons in your kitchen do not suddenly come alive at night and dance around the place. But, I digress.

By not seeing the human element involved, successive City Councils have never ended the graffiti in this city. All the Councils have done is spend more tax money to rush out and cover up the graffiti which is usually replaced within a few hours.

Graffiti is the symptom. It is not the disease itself.

Rid this city of the gangs which, according to police reports, are almost exclusively Latino and which infest the slums on the Westside, Mesa North and Mesa del Mar and the graffiti will go away and our crime rate will drop.

Just keep treating the symptoms and Costa Mesa will never be able to stop the graffiti or lower the extremely high violent crime rate in this city.

As we've written many times, the way to proceed is as follows:

1. Have the CMPD prepare a scatter map (read, pin map) showing the locations where gang members live, where violent crimes occur and where graffiti is found. We believe the map will show just a few well defined areas where the problems originate. We also believe that these well defined areas will have rows and rows of barracks style apartment buildings that are functionally obsolete.

2. Then, concentrate on thinning out the slum apartment buildings in those areas and in ensuring that the apartments that remain are not overcrowded. And, at the same time, step up policing in those areas. Thinning out the slum apartment buildings will give us long term relief, while the stepped up policing will give us some short term help with violent crime and graffiti.

The mistake the City is now making, in addition to thinking that graffiti is the problem and not just a symptom, is in thinking it can make nice with gang members and give them activities and freebies and the problems will go away.

The City also wrongly believes that the functionally obsolete apartment buildings can remain and will somehow magically turn into places that will attract upwardly mobile people. This is nonsense. The functionally obsolete apartment buildings need to be razed.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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