Friday, June 12, 2009

CM PRESS # 721

You may recall that the CM PRESS suggested a genetic component when the swine flu was all the rage in the news and was hitting some people in Mexico harder than others.
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Here's a newspaper story that says that Binyamin Netanyahu may accept a two state solution because of the pressure being put on him by Obama.

This is such a transparent negotiating strategy that it's laughable.

Look, of course Israel will accept a two state solution. That's the only logical solution. Netanyahu and most Israelis have long known this and secretly accept this fact. But, they want something in return. And, it's that something in return, as we wrote before, that is the deal killer.

But first, one has to understand that the art of negotiation is almost like a ritual dance. Both sides have to appear to be reluctantly giving up something.

In this case, Israel wants to appear that it is being dragged kicking and screaming to finally accept a two nation strategy. It's really a straw man for the Israelis.

And, the Palestinians want to appear to be giving up their claim to the land that is presently occupied by Israel.

Now, to the deal breaker. What the Israelis want in return is for the Palestinians to say that they accept Israel as a Jewish state. That's the clinker. You have to read way down in the above article to see this even mentioned, and it's presented almost as a toss away line--it's in the small print, as we say on the used car lot--but it's the most important point in this whole deal.

For their part, the Palestinians don't mind (at least in the short haul) accepting Israel as a separate secular state, but by saying that Israel is a Jewish state, the Palestinians would be saying that the religion of Judaism and the land of Israel are forever one.

If they agreed to this, the Palestinians would have great difficulty in taking over Israel by simply sending "immigrants" into Israel to "find better lives for themselves and their families," and to gain Israeli citizenship and eventually vote out the Jews and install an Islamic government.

Here's how the dialog works out in simple terms if the Israelis have their way:

PALESTINIANS: We demand our own state right next to Israel with secure borders.

ISRAEL: No, no, a thousand times no, we will never ever in a million years accept a two state solution. Do you think we're meshugenah?

PALESTINIANS: Then we will never have peace.

ISRAEL: Arrrgh, you've got us in bind and you know it. Why, just read the newspapers and you'll see that the U.S. is putting us under terrible pressure. Terrible, terrible. And, the U. S. is our best friend. That President Obama is a tough cookie, by golly. He's twisting our arms until we cry. Tell you what. If you Palestinians agree to sign a document saying that you recognise Israel as a Jewish state, we'll reluctantly agree to let you have your own country."

And, if the Palestinians don't so agree, the Israelis will say that the Palestinians want war and they'll say to Obama, "See, good friend, we really tried but the schlemiels just don't want peace."

As you've probably guessed from this talk of schlemiels, dear reader, the above now brings us to the negotiations being carried out between the Costa Mesa City Council and the City's employee unions.

With the City Council doing the negotiating on behalf of the citizens of this city you might want to hold on to your wallet and lock up your daughters. Successive City Councils have given away the store more that once and claimed it was a fair deal.

That's part of the reason why the City is in such a financial hole right now. And, you can't dig your way out of a hole. The smart thing to do is stop digging. Someone please tell the City Council that.

Get ready for new taxes on the citizens of Costa Mesa to buy every city employee a new Bentley and a mansion in Newport Beach.

But, we exaggerate. Ah, we hope.
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