Monday, June 29, 2009

CM PRESS # 736

City needs to rethink its look the other way policy.
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NORTH--Santa Ana--Yet another man found shot to death. This one on a sidewalk.
SOUTH--Newport Beach--Another day without anyone found shot to death on a sidewalk or anyplace else.
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Says they were discriminated against because of race.
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Before we get to Costa Mesa and its problems, you should read this column (here) by Pat Buchanan on the mess we call California.

Costa Mesa is California writ small.

When a few good Costa Mesa politicians try to improve our city and cut fat from the budget, the lefty loons begin peeing in their adult diapers over the fact that some children of illegal aliens won't get all the freebies they have been getting because of the budget crunch.

Then, the Parks and Recreation Commission kicks Costa Mesans out of the Downtown Community Center, that the citizens of Costa Mesa own, and replaces them with basketball players from the most illegal alien friendly city in the nation--Santa Ana.

And, those are just two things that should disgust you, as they do us.

Here's something else that disgusts us. We get contacted frequently by Costa Mesans who support strong borders and who go to various events and talk-fests sponsored by groups that want illegal aliens sent back to their own countries. So far, so good. But, when it comes to being active in Costa Mesa and helping turn this city away from being an illegal alien sanctuary, many of these folks hide in their closets.

Look, this really isn't very complicated. Even the likes of prissy Kurt Galitski, on the Parks and Recreation Commission, should be able to understand that the problems we have in Costa Mesa--high crime rate, Third World level schools, gangs, lower than they should be home values and slums, all have a connection to the city being illegal alien friendly.

Well, okay, maybe Galitski isn't able to understand this. But, our guess is that most half-bright people get it. If you welcome illegal aliens into your city, you'll also welcome gangs, high crime rates, failing schools and many of the problems we see in Costa Mesa today.

You may have noticed that the CM PRESS has started a new feature that we call TO THE NORTH AND SOUTH OF US, in which we highlight the almost daily murders in Santa Ana to our north and the lack of such murders in Newport Beach to our south.

So, why is Santa Ana so bad and Newport Beach so good? Hmmmm? The answer is demographics. When you have problems caused by people--and, yes, it is people who shoot other people; it is not bad Mr.Gun who does it--you have to look at the people involved.

The lefty loons, who have many Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers in their ranks, figure all they have to do is mother the criminals and the problems will go away. This is nonsense.

In Costa Mesa we have many examples of these neurotic emoticon GWMs and GWFs and their various charity efforts that have been going on for decades. Have they helped? Nope. The crime is getting worse, the gangs are getting larger, the student success rates are dropping, the slums are still here, upwardly mobile citizens are fleeing.

Still, these Mother Teresa wannabes walk around with moist, heaven-cast eyes claiming that what has never worked will work if they just have more money and can spread their love.

"Remove the slums--the habitats of the criminals and the gangs--oh no, daaaahling, we can't do that, why let's just plant flowers in front of them and that'll fix things."

And to try to convince people that their goofy programs work, these sad sacks will trot out this or that poster kid who they say they've turned away from a life of crime.

We have a better idea. Take those magnet charities to Newport Beach and run them there. If you say that there aren't enough poor people (read illegal aliens) there, don't worry. If you put your charities there, they'll come as surely as pigeons will come when you throw bits of bread in your back yard.

Don't count on Newporters welcoming you, though. One demographic statistic tracks education levels--much higher in Newport than in Costa Mesa--and many Newporters are too bright to buy your crap that you're selling to numbnuts in Costa Mesa.

We live in a cause and effect universe.

The effects--high crime rate, gangs, Third World level schools and the rest--are all around us.

One of the causes, if you still haven't caught on, is because we have a city that has welcomed illegal aliens here for years with many programs and benefits that most citizens aren't even aware of.

We've had the welcome mat out, and the citizens of this city are being walked on.

Maybe it's a good thing that Costa Mesa has a budget problem, because it's forcing the City to get out of the Illegal Alien Welcome Wagon business.

Meanwhile, we have some public officials, and others, in this city, like the aforementioned Kurt Galitski on the Parks and Recreation Commission, who claim that trying to improve Costa Mesa by, in part, making the city less illegal alien friendly, is the equivalent of trying to chase brown people out of the city. This guy Galitski should stop opening his yap and go back to styling his hair.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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  1. The corner of Placentia and Victoria has been a major spot for hiring day workers and/or illegal immigrants for some time. Some mornings I see over 20 people milling around the payphones or sitting on the curbs looking for work. Recently a firework vending booth was put in the same parking lot. It wouldn’t surprise me if this stand is targeted for vandalism or robbery.

    There has been graffiti in the alley next to the 7-11 on several occasions.

    This morning 7:00am a CMPD car was circling the 7-11 of this shopping center as trucks picked up their daily labor.


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