Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CM PRESS # 158


Rush Limbaugh, 59, married Kathryn Rogers, 33 this past Saturday.

Let's see, deduct the 3 from the 9 and...the 3 from the 5...that's a 26-year age difference.

However, the age difference is less important (in the big scheme of things, and if you ask me) than the fact that the new Mrs. Limbaugh is of child bearing age.

A couple of years ago I penned an article "Rush Limbaugh Died Today."

The main point of the article was that nature's basic command to all living organisms is that they must make more like themselves so that their genotype will survive and expand. This command is implanted in the DNA. If there were no such command, life would have died out long ago.

The second point I was making was that many humans override this command of nature and do not follow it, and thus become Dead Enders. In evolutionary terms they are not the fittest.

"Fittest," as in "survival of the fittest" just means that one reproduces one's genotype and sends it into the future.

Thus, the parents of every person alive today were the fittest among humans of their generation; because they produced those of us alive today. They were nature's winners because they handed off their genes for the next leg of the race into the future.

And, every human alive today is (for the time being) also the fittest, just because we are alive.

However, if we who are alive today do not have children, our genotype cannot survive into the next generation. Then, nature redefines us as not being the fittest.

I used Limbaugh as my example because of his high profile and because he has achieved much in material success in his life. But my point was that Limbaugh would ultimately fail in life--and be a Dead Ender--if he went to the grave without leaving his genotype to carry on his line.

Maybe Rush read my article. Maybe not. It doesn't matter to me. Maybe he listened to the message from his DNA. Maybe not. Maybe he hasn't heard the message at all. Time will tell.

This will be Rush's fourth marriage. None of the prior three produced any children. Maybe that was intentional. Maybe not. If Rush did get the message (and no matter how he got it) then it's my guess that this marriage is primed to produce children.

Give it a few months and we should know whether Rush Limbaugh has heard the inner message from his ancestors stretching all the way back to that first molecule of DNA:"Make more like yourself, don't let us die out."
NOTE: According to the above linked article, the new Mrs. Limbaugh is a direct descendent of President John Adams (1797-1801). You did well, President Adams. Your line continues.
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Those are our opinions. Thanks for reading them.

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