Monday, June 7, 2010

CM PRESS # 157

(Say, did we mention that this guy seems to comment on other men's hair a lot?)

As usual, what has to say seems to us to be on a third grade level, but judge for yourself.

Here, in relevant part (we removed the name calling), is what had to say: "So... re: #1 - I guess that means cutting Police, Fire and EVERY other city service, right? [Snort, snicker, yuck, yuck] I mean, they might benefit illegal aliens in some way...." [Snort, snicker, yuck, yuck]

What do you think? Do West''s comments add anything to the request by the City Manager (See CM PRESS # 156) for comments on what to cut from the budget, or do they sound to you, as they do to us, like the silly childish prattling of someone with nothing to say?

Can it be that actually doesn't understand the use of bullet points in making succinct suggestions, and can it be that he doesn't realize that such bullet points aren't supposed to be full dissertations on the subject and that a reader is expected to have normal intelligence when reading them?

Can it be that really thinks that someone would suggest cutting all essential services?

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  1. Geoff is one of the worst things to happen to the city of Costa Mesa. His actions have made city council meetings inhospitable to many city residents who wish to express concerns affecting their lives. He belittles and puts on display city residents with the courage to address our City Council in a democratic fashion. His website has been used by several people in the community to spy, harass, and keep tabs on certain residents with opposing views to his own including the Cmpress.



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