Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CM PRESS # 665


In March of 2009 there were 43 ICE detainers issued. Thirteen were for felonies.
In March of 2008, by contrast, there were 19 ICE detainers issued. Six were for felonies.
That's 43 more criminals that the Census won't have to count.

Good work CMPD and ICE. You're making Costa Mesa a safer city. Now, if we can just get the City Council to do its job of reducing the number of slums in the city and freebies for illegal aliens, Costa Mesa will really start moving forward.

Funny how you don't see the ICE stats reported in the almost daily Daily Pilot which is billing itself as a "hyper-local" newspaper, isn't it?

Guess the folks at the Pilot don't care about the things that most voters in Costa Mesa care about. Well, you already knew that. The Pilot puffs charities for illegal aliens and hides the race/ethnicity of violent outstanding criminals unless they're white.
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Tonight is the night that the City Council will vote on how to cut about $20 million dollars from the City's budget. If you can't be there, be sure to watch on TV. We'll have a report after the meeting.

What to watch for

Some are suggesting that citizens are going to have to take reduced essential services because they claim Costa Mesa has been on a tight budget for years.

What some may do at tonight's meeting is claim that police and fire services are going to be cut way back. It's a ploy to get the know-nothings to say "Oh, we can't have that, let's raise taxes on citizens."

This is baloney. The city spends our money like a drunken sailor on many fluff items--including on services for illegal aliens. We have staff just trying to think up things to spend your money on in order to make their jobs seem essential.

Here's one example of waste and stupidity that we find particularly galling. The city has a problem with speeding cars and accidents on West Victoria Street. So, what is the city going to spend big bucks on? Resurfacing already smooth West Victoria Street with rubberized asphalt so cars will have a smoother ride (read faster ride).

If the city wants to stop speeding cars on a street, they should install a rougher road or speed bumps, not turn the roadway into a racing track. Good grief!

And, what about the federal stimulus money that we've reported on before? It's not going to things we really need such as a tunnel from the 55 to 15th Street. The city isn't asking for a single penny for this. Instead, the city wants to do things like resurface roads that are already in fine shape and do other easy things and busy work jobs.
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Remember the Tenth Amendment? It gives states all the powers not specifically given to the federal government. If you don't remember it, you're not alone. The Tenth Amendment has been constantly eroded since the '60's as the feds grabbed power away from the states and tried to manage fifty states from Washington, D.C.

Many states are now saying that enough is enough. The latest is Texas. Link
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