Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CM PRESS # 658


Apparently, GM is getting together with Segway to produce a sit down version of a Segway. Yeah, that's going to save GM. Good grief! Look, this type of vehicle may have a limited appeal, but it's mostly just a novelty item. LINK

And, yes, we know what GM is doing. It's releasing press releases about this at this time to get the Obama administration to think that GM with its new leader is now really, really serious about coming out with better vehicles.

The fact is, though, that if GM wants to get back on track, it'll have to declare bankruptcy to get out from under its union contracts, and it then needs to stop producing cars that people don't want and come up with cars they do want based on realistic designs and solid engineering.

One thing that GM should do is focus on one basic compact car with the proper lines and with high durability. And, it needs to stick with it for a few years while backing it up with long warranties. A new car for the masses.

In advertising such a car, the company needs to emphasize quality and durability and get rid of its present "sell the sizzle not the steak" type of advertising.
Such a car won't be a big profit center for the company, but it should let customers know the company isn't going to produce junk anymore.

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Here's a report from your hyper-local almost daily Daily Pilot that has been hyper-scrubbed of any descriptions of three gunmen who broke into an apartment on Fairview and Adams on Saturday.

Thank you for hyper-hiding relevant information that could help capture the perps and make our streets safer.
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  1. That area seems to be a magnet for criminal activity. Could it be the proximity to OCC?


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