Tuesday, November 21, 2006



This is what the start of dredging would look like below the Westside bluffs if the City Council decided that instead of just having another park--of the sort that you can have thousands of miles away from the ocean--that Costa Mesa should have water adjoining our land.

Stick a sharp stick in the dirt below our bluffs and you'll find water.

Alas, dear readers, the CM PRESS despairs of being able to convince the Council that this makes sense.

At the City Council meeting tonight (11/21/06) the CM PRESS suggested to the Council that they hold off approving a Memorandum of Agreement for Orange Coast River Park that a group calling itself the Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks wanted the Council to sign.

We pointed out that the park envisioned by the group might benefit Newport Beach and Huntington Beach (you see, they already have water adjoining their land and don't need any more) but it wouldn't do much for landlocked Costa Mesa except create another dry land park. The "river" part of the appellation apparently refers to the nearby concrete Santa Ana River that no one can get to because it's 15 or so feet below sheer concrete walls and behind permanent chain link fences.

Unfortunately, the Council voted to sign the agreement.

So, what the C0uncil did tonight was sign on to throwing parts of Fairview and Talbert Parks, which are both in Costa Mesa, into the pot to become part of this "river" park.

Sure, Costa Mesa can opt out of the deal with a 30 day notice, but jumping into this without a full public airing sends the wrong signal and starts us down a path that may not be in our best interest.

Hey, all you people who live in Marina Highlands and you who live in Newport Terrace and you others who live near the bluffs, why weren't you at the meeting tonight? Don't you want to see water near your land? Don't you know that this would increase your home values?

Marina Highlands was built to look down on a marina. It has never done so. It just looks down on dirt. Newport Terrace was built to be adjacent to water. It never has been. It just faces bushes where homeless people live.

As far as we can tell, this river park won't change things.

If you want further information on this, contact the City Clerk's office and ask for Item Number VI-5 of the November 21, 2006 City Council meeting. You can also contact Carol C. Proctor at (714) 754-5688 and get a copy of the report
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