Monday, November 27, 2006




("We don't have any crime," say the supporters of Katrina Foley and Linda Dixon)

The Daily Pilot is reporting today that two Hispanic males (citizenship status can only be guessed) shot at Timothy Smith, 21, of San Francisco and his three passengers who had stopped at a red light at Placentia and 18th Street around 10:50 p.m. Friday night. No one in Smith's vehicle was hit, but the car has a bullet slug in the door (not a bullet "casing" as reported by the Pilot). Here's the link to the Pilot, but as of press time for the CM PRESS, the Pilot had not updated its website:

Smith then drove his passengers to the Newport Beach Police station to report the crime. Why not the Costa Mesa Police station? Well....

Here's a suggestion that might help find the shooters: check some of the midnight basketball type of charities on the Westside.

Meanwhile, the man who was found beaten(?) on Arlington the other day and who at last word was still in an induced coma is in critical condition.

Also, the CMPD helicopter was doing tight donuts in the sky and using its spotlight over the Fillmore slum at around 2:30 a.m. today (Monday, 11/27), for about an hour. No further information was available as of publication

Crime? Foley and Dixon and their pals are busy trying to deny that we have much violent crime in Costa Mesa and some are writing letters to the Daily Pilot saying they've never seen any crime. One guy even wrote that another citizen who had complained about crime must just have bad luck, because this letter writer hasn't seen any crime. Right. And, what about the five murders we've had over the past few months? Maybe they just didn't happen. After all, Foley and Dixon and their supporters apparently didn't see anyone murdered.

What we need are some more charities full of Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers to love and nurture illegal aliens and tell them that it's not polite to shoot at citizens but we sure do want more illegal aliens in Costa Mesa.

Of course, the libs such as Foley and Dixon probably consider even mentioning the high violent crime rate in Costa Mesa to be (here come the cliches) "divisive," and "pitting neighbor against neighbor." We have to pretend that our high crime rate, our failing schools, our deterioriating neighborhoods, our fleeing middle class, don't have any connection to this city being turned into an illegal alien sanctuary.

If you're fed up with crime and other problems in this city, let the City Council know your feelings. The Council is supposed to work for you. Here's the email address:

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