Tuesday, November 14, 2006



The CM PRESS believes that one of the most important issues now before the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach city councils is the matter of Banning Ranch and surrounding areas.

Both cities want Banning Ranch within their borders. Both cities seem intent on putting in fairly standard housing developments on the ranch if they prevail. Both cities are fighting over who gets the land.

Both cities may be missing the boat...literally.

As we've written many times before, Costa Mesa has a tremendous opportunity to add value to this city by not turning our back on what nature has given us--closeness to the ocean.

Newport now also has a similar opportunity with a slight twist. By putting in a marina and pocket beaches along the Santa Ana River up to Victoria Street, and appropriate homes with views of the marina, both cities would benefit.

A past Costa Mesa city council lacked vision. It took the short nickle instead of the long dollar by turning down a marina proposal on a 3 to 2 vote.

Will the new Costa Mesa city council see the potential and transform Costa Mesa into a true ocean community and at the same time help Newport establish another boating oriented community in a new marina?

Do our negotiators on the city council have a proper vision? Are they smart enough to make a case for a marina? Time will tell. The CM PRESS believes that the window on this opportunity will close forever if Banning Ranch goes to either city without an agreement on a marina vision set in stone first.

The CM PRESS thinks this is a win/win situation for both cities.
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