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Now that the feds are saying they'll put an ICE agent in the Costa Mesa jail to check on the citizenship status of those who are brought to the jail, lefties are crowing that those who want illegal aliens arrested and deported have suffered a defeat because now Costa Mesa won't train our cops to check on immigration status.

If we understand this program correctly, it appears that the ICE agent will only check the status of those who are actually checked into the jail; not those who are brought to the station and then let go. This could be a major distinction.

In addition, could there be, as a writer to the CM PRESS has suggested, a small clique of CMPD officers, including some brass, who are left over from a past administration, who have a don't ask, don't tell policy regarding illegal aliens such that they'll arrest illegal aliens for major crimes and bring them to the station, but they won't bring people to the station, where they might come to the attention of the ICE agent, if the cops suspect them of being illegal aliens and whose offenses are minor or if they lack proper ID, drivers licenses, proof of auto insurance or registration?

Will we now see fewer illegal aliens arrested and checked into the Costa Mesa jail by officers who were active in the just past election in trying to defeat candidates who want Costa Mesa to be less of an illegal alien sanctuary and more of a law and order city?

In other words, are some local cops going to play politics with citizen safety and allow our city to remain an illegal alien sanctuary city or are they going to be professional and protect the citizens of this city from the ever rising violent crime rate that is largely being fueled by those with some nexus to illegal aliens?

Here's a link to the Daily Pilot's website that has a breaking news story about an ICE agent in Costa Mesa's jail. http://www.dailypilot.com/
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Here's a link to a current article that says illegal aliens kill 12 Americans each day. It's worth reading.


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